PVC film for the pool: selection criteria and features of mounting

PVC film for the pool: selection criteria and features of mounting

PVC film for the pool is modern covering which is widely applied at its finishing. Material at the same time performs two functions: waterproofing and decorative. It turns the reservoir into hermetic bowl of dark blue-light blue shade. About what kinds of product exist as it is correct to pick up film for the pool and to execute its finishing, it is in detail stated in this article.

PVC film for the pool: characteristic of waterproofing material

Modern covering which fastens to reservoir walls is the film from polyvinyl chloride. It has one more name – the liner. The film is made of dense PVC between which homogeneous layers the reinforcing layer in the form of polyester fiber keeps within. At production of the liner special stabilizers are entered into mixing ratio thanks to what the final product shows the increased resistance to influence of ultra-violet radiation.

The product is processed by fungicide and antimicrobial structure that protects material from influence of pathogenic bacteria, microorganisms, fungi and dispute which are in water. PVC the film intended for pools undergoes certification that testifies to safety of its use. That the covering had brilliant exterior, several layers of acrylic which also improves strength product characteristics are applied on product.

To buy film for the pool, it is possible 3.05 wide; 6.1; 9.15; 12.2; 15.2 m. Product length usually is 15.2; 30.5; 45.75 and 61.0 m. Material is delivered in rolls.

Kinds of finishing material for the pool from PVC

Distinguish three kinds PVC of film:

  • single-layer;
  • multilayer;
  • butylrubber.

Single-layer blue or blue the film for the pool is provided to PVC by product 0.65-0.8 mm thick. Such covering is often used for the folding pool and goes with it in set. Covering frame basis, material perceives on itself pressure from the water which has filled the pool. The outer surface has rough covering thanks to what the antiskid effect is created. All components of material compactly develop, taking small-size form. Product weight – only 1 kg.

Multilayer to PVC the film for pond, to the touch reminds linoleum. The film is presented in the form of three-layer material 1.5 mm thick. The liner consists of two layers of PVC between which there is fabric layer with kevlar fibers. Layers are connected by welding method. Such strong material is used for stationary pools. The outer surface can have glossy or relief covering. The liner is characterized by wide color palette. The product can be monophonic or with the put ornament in the form of mosaic, imitation of natural stone or the facsimile. Such finishing will become the real decoration of the yard.

Folding pools are completed with PVC bowls. For stationary reservoirs it is necessary to cut out material and to weld it on site. However both options can be used if the folding reservoir has big dimensions. In this case the film for the frame pool which is included in the package is mounted at once, and then the surface becomes covered by bag insert from the reinforced cloth which cooks and by means of bandage tape fastens on design perimeter.

The strongest, wearproof and reliable the two-layer butylrubber membrane without reinforcing is. Material shows the raised mechanical stability and to sharp temperature drops. The liner is capable to maintain high and low temperatures without violation of integrity of structure. The film is characterized by high elasticity thanks to what does not demand special efforts when veneering the pool. Such liner is used for large-size volume reservoirs.

Liner merits and demerits for pools

Qualitative PVC the film has operation term about 20 years. Thanks to elasticity and ability to extension material is quickly and easily applied on reservoir framework, accurately repeating its contours. In the course of production the film becomes impregnated with special substances that does it resistant to biological and chemical influences. In comparison with other finishing materials which are used for finishing of the pool the film of PVC has the lowest cost.

There is no risk of clinking, chips which are possible in case of use of ceramic tile or mosaic. If there was violation of integrity of product, its repair is expedited and is inexpensive.

When facing surface of PVC film there are no sharp edges that excludes traumatism probability. Thanks to wide variety of design of material the liner is not only reliable waterproofing of the pool, but also its real ornament.

Helpful advice! By means of the liner it is possible to liquidate small leakage of the pool.

It is possible to distinguish the following from shortcomings of material:

  • probability of developing of scratches and scrapes on product surface;
  • labor-intensive process of cleaning of the pool;
  • impracticality for reservoirs with difficult configuration;
  • violation of integrity of surface at influence by the cutting or pricking elements;
  • it is impossible to use in heaving soil;
  • visibility of butt welds breaks harmonious complete type of surface;
  • the liner without acrylic covering does not transfer low temperatures that is the reason of emergence of bubbles and cracks.

As it is correct to choose PVC film for pools

The PVC film for pond or the pool has to correspond to the following criteria:

  • to be strong, not to screw up the face and not to crumble;
  • to show resistance to ultraviolet rays, low and high temperatures;
  • to maintain big pressure without significant deformations and violation of integrity of material;
  • to be steady against mechanical influences.

Choosing suitable material, it is necessary to pay attention to thickness, execution of film and the producer of product. For optimization of expenses on material and providing rather strong, reliable and long-lasting covering it is necessary to take pool bowl depth in attention. If it is in limits of 2 m, the film has to have thickness of 0.5-0.9 mm. It is necessary that in other cases material was not thinner than 10 mm. For pools of difficult configuration the liner has to have thickness not less than 15 mm.

Helpful advice! For reservoirs of relief form it is reasonable to buy thick expensive products in the form of bubbly film for pools. For small constructions with smooth bottom it is possible to use the budgetary options.

The film has different execution which influences operating ability of material. The normal liner differs in the lowest cost, is characterized by low durability. It is reasonable to use it for combined small-size pools. The liner with reinforcing maintains considerable loadings, has high utilization properties and can be used for any reservoir.

For safety it is necessary to buy for the pool of PVC film with antiskid covering which price will exceed other analogs. Liners with acrylic covering possess bactericidal protection. Material does not spoil. On its surface microorganisms, bacteria and fungi do not breed. Such products are characterized by the highest period of operation that, undoubtedly, influences their cost.

To choose quality material, it is necessary to execute cut on product end face. If the structure of material crumbles and exfoliates, it speaks about low-quality film which long will not serve. The qualitative product has homogeneous structure with evenly located threads. Fabric has to be extended evenly extensively. The relief drawing has to be uniform.

Popular producers and the prices of PVC of film for the pool

Today the liner is provided in broad specific variety. The product is issued in rolls therefore the film price for the pool is defined for square or running meter of product. The cost of product depends on type of material, its thickness, elasticity and the producer. Most cheaper the single-layer covering costs.

It is possible to distinguish the following from popular producers which have proved from the best side in the construction market: Elbtal (Germany), AlkorPlan (Belgium), Flagpool (France), Ceplastik (Spain), Azure (Russia). The German company releases the wide range of high-quality PVC of covering with reinforcing, light-reflective effect and the decorative drawing.

The Belgian company specializes in covering with imitation under natural stone. The French and Spanish producer offers less various range. Here mainly monophonic models of different shades of blue color are provided. The most available products at the price are offered by the Russian producer.

PVC film for the pool: selection criteria and features of mounting

How to make the pool of film: main production phases of works

Today it is possible in short time by means of PVC of film to execute facing of the pool the hands cheap, both quickly, and it is very simple.

Mounting consists of the following stages:

  • preparation of the basis;
  • devices of geotextile substrate;
  • cuts of film;
  • mounting of the liner;
  • processings of seams.

Before starting film PVC mounting, it is necessary to be convinced available necessary characteristics for pool bowl. The design has to have plain and smooth surface. It is necessary that regions of walls of the pool had sufficient durability and could sustain drilling. The reservoir has to be equipped with appropriate protection against underground waters.

For performance of work it is necessary to have the following materials and tools:

  • polyvinyl chloride film;
  • substrate from nonwoven fabric;
  • corner or fixing strip;
  • the welding thermohair dryer with necessary accessories in the form of iron brush and nozzles;
  • silicone roller;
  • screws, dowels;
  • pressure roller for abutting connections;
  • elastic glue;
  • perforator;
  • screw driver;
  • tape measure;
  • construction knife or scissors.

The pool from film PVC the hands: preparatory stage

Before performance of work it is necessary to smooth out pool bowl carefully. It will help to reveal all surface defects which has to be ideally equal. If walls are laid out brick, they should be plastered previously with the subsequent grinding. If surface concrete, it it is necessary to putty. In case of serious surface damages of bottom it is recommended to fill in the self-leveled tie. Special attention should be paid to sides and corners. In these parts it is necessary to provide the maximum coupling of solution with the basis.

All embedded parts of the pool have to be located aflush with surface and to be equipped with the condensing flanges which provide airtight joint. Flanges get out of stainless steel or plastic with the rubber gasket steady against chlorine influence. Further it is necessary to put away all garbage from the pool.

Helpful advice! If reconstruction of old construction where the waterproofing is broken is carried out, mounting of PVC of film can directly be carried out on earlier laid ceramic tile.

At this stage charting of fastening of fragments of substrate and installation of fixing strips is carried out. The standard option does not exist as all pools differ in configuration and linear parameters. However it is necessary to observe one recommendation: strips are placed so that to provide the minimum quantity of abutting connections.

The general lay-out of fastening elements for geotextiles (and respectively for film) is selected individually, proceeding from geometry of the pool and quantity of strips of facing material. The liner keeps within with an overlap with allowance of 5-10 cm at dock apron, 4-5 cm – on walls of construction and 15 cm – in design corners.

Creation of reliable insulating layer in the form of geotextile substrate

In use the film for the pool which can be bought in any hardware store will be exposed to considerable loadings owing to what the term of its operation can be reduced considerably. For protection of the liner against damages and at the same time for creation of the condensing layer on all surface of the pool the substrate from geotextiles is equipped. Material will promote decrease in losses of heat through bottom and walls of the pool that will promote slower cooling of water in the reservoir.

For fixing of geotextiles the metal tape provided by fixing strip with plastic covering is used. The film from PVC will be welded on it afterwards. Therefore it is extremely important not to mix top and bottom of tape. Length of product has to be 2 m, width – 8 cm, thickness – 2 mm. The film fastens to inside face of the pool by means of screws which twist in previously established dowels from plastic. The distance between fixing parts has to be 10-12 mm that will provide reliable fixing of the liner to pool bowl surface on all its area.

If the construction has roundish sites, in metal tape the triangular cuts in several places allowing to provide reliable adjunction of strip to surface are carried out. If the pool is equipped with steps, on their edges it is better to use corners, but not strips. With their help it is possible to fix film pieces with great reserve that will reduce quantity of fixing points of material to concrete. In certain cases the tape can be fixed to bottom. It will prevent the movement of ground sheets and formation of folds on the liner.

According to the chosen scheme in concrete openings are drilled and dowels are hammered. Further on all area geotextiles fragments, since pool walls are displayed. Strips have to adjoin densely to each other, without forming gaps and folds. Special glue for film PVC for the pool is pointwise applied on reverse side of material that will prevent the shift of separate elements. On dock apron of strip keep within freely.

Important! In the presence in the pool of embedded parts in substrate it is necessary to execute the corresponding openings.

Completion phase is installation of metal strips and their reliable fixing by means of screws. To protect geotextiles from melting when performing welding of film to plastic fixture, places of connections should be covered with self-adhesive foil.

Performance of finishing of the pool by film from PVC the hands

Before laying of PVC of film which price depends on type of product it is necessary to execute cutting that is important and responsible stage. Here it is necessary to consider that when filling bowl water the liner will stretch. Therefore fragments of film keep within with an overlap on 5-8 mm that depends on product thickness. Strips have to be located freely on surface without excess tension. It is required that the overlap for T-joints made not less than 12 mm.

The placement operations of material begins with dock apron. The quality of all other stages will depend on the accuracy of performance of mounting. Finishing of walls of the pool is carried out by the hands from film from below up. Fragments of the liner are leveled by means of plumb.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to begin works on finishing of the pool of PVC as film in hot season. Material at ambient high temperature becomes more elastic that provides its easy mounting on reservoir bowl walls.

Laying of the liner is difficult action which requires special attention and accuracy of execution of actions.

After performance of laying it is easy to eliminate defect it will not be possible. It will be necessary to change the whole piece. At once adjacent strips which should be leveled and taken one of the next ways keep within. If the thin liner is used, it is possible to execute pointed connections, having used solvent. It will melt material in places of contact and reliably will stick together it. It is possible to heat by means of the construction hair dryer film in certain places then to record.

At the following stage welding of fragments of film is carried out. Sites of joints should be warmed the hair dryer, having used necessary nozzle (depending on material installation site). Hot air which temperature is regulated melts seams. Having pressed adjacent elements to each other by means of silicone roller, after cooling of material it is possible to receive their reliable soldering. When performing this stage it is necessary to consider the following rule: the ambient temperature is lower, the more hotly there has to be air. Besides when soldering fragments of film not such hot air, as among themselves will be required when soldering the liner to corners or fixing tapes.

Helpful advice! The nozzle of the construction hair dryer should be cleaned periodically from the formed deposit, having used special metal brush.

After facing of bottom it is possible to start finishing of walls of the pool. Sheets are located with necessary allowance. Fragments are soldered to fixing tape on all perimeter of the pool at once. Then connection of transitional seam between vertical wall and bottom of construction is carried out. In the last turn welding of fragments in corners is carried out.

Completion phase of work in finishing of the pool by the liner

After completion of laying of finishing material for the pool and performance of all welding it is necessary to examine each seam attentively. At detection of their defects it is necessary to correct immediately. After careful check it is possible to pass to consolidation of abutting connections. Special sealant in the form of liquid mix is for this purpose used. Substance has to stay within 30 minutes until formation of plasticine state in the open air. Sealant covers all face of joint. It should be applied on vertical strips from below up thanks to what the additional pressurizing layer is created.

Helpful advice! Sealant for seams can be picked up in tone of the liner.

After sealant has completely stiffened that will come in 30-45 minutes, the pool is gradually filled with the hot water having temperature of 40 °C. At once it is necessary to gain no more than 30 cm. It promotes good tension of vertical film strips. At this time openings are carried out and also flanges on embedded parts are installed. Further decorative elements then the pool is up to the top filled with water are mounted.

Today the choice of facing materials for pools quite extensive. However PVC film is the most popular option. It is explained by the available cost, environmental friendliness, high utilization properties, ease of mounting and unpretentiousness in leaving. That the covering was pleasing to the eye for many years, it is important to choose the qualitative, certified product from the famous producer.

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