PVC wall panels: price, catalog and properties of products

PVC wall panels: price, catalog and properties of products

In this article the PVC wall panels will be considered in detail: the price, the catalog of the photo ideas and features of right choice of products taking into account microclimate of rooms where their installation will be carried out. It is possible to find in the text descriptions and characteristics of the main groups of products, quotations on them and also photos with successful examples of decorative registration of rooms with the increased level of humidity and temperature differences – bathrooms, kitchens, balconies.

PVC wall panels: rules of purchase of material for finishing

Having chosen polyvinyl chloride lamels for repair in the house, the person asks question: where to buy the PVC panels for finishing work?

Options can be a little:

  • online store;
  • construction supermarket;
  • specialized salon;
  • market.

In catalogs of wall panels of photo, the price and the description can provide substantial assistance when choosing finishing material. But online stores post not all information on the websites. Part of important data from the producer is available on packaging and in documentation which can be attached to products. Besides images in photos are not always true.

Before buying the PVC panels for the bathroom which price on the website is reduced through sale or seasonal action it is possible to visit specialized shop, in detail to study finishing material on site, to consider it regarding quality, durability and other not less important characteristics. It concerns as well panels for other rooms.

As it is correct to pick up and buy the PVC panels for walls: choice of quality material

The modern photocatalogue of the PVC wall panels contains huge number of products with different decor and level of quality. The first what it is worth paying attention upon purchase of finishing materials for rooms to – structure of polyvinyl chloride products. High-quality panels comprise particles of chlorine, hydrogen and carbon.

Helpful advice! There is optimum combination of components of the chlorine which is contained in structure of panels. This element for 57% has to consist of the connected particles of chlorine, other 43% have to fall on ethylene.

Producers use the connected lead for production of qualitative polyvinyl chloride lamels. It performs function of the stabilizing element. Thanks to it at fire emergence indoors under the influence of high temperature of the panel do not emit hazardous and toxic agents in air.

Specialists recommend to get lamels from solid plastic – they are incapable to ignite and also have the excellent soundproofing properties and high resistance to temperature influence.

On photo of the PVC wall panels defects are not always visible. Finishing has to fit well into interior and have perfect exterior, otherwise all registration of the room will look cheap. For this reason many buyers will prefer to buy plastic panels for the bathroom, kitchen or balcony in specialized shops, than to try to estimate quality of product according to several photos.

Signs of qualitative lamels:

  • uniform coloring;
  • lack of black points on paint;
  • identical width of panels;
  • lack of differences, roughnesses and waves (the light roughness is longwise admissible – after mounting it will disappear).

Quite often buyers deal with fakes. The chance to come across low-quality panels in specialized real shop is much below.

Variety of the PVC wall panels: catalog, sizes

The main advantage of polyvinyl chloride lamels consists in their ability to effectively hide roughnesses on wall surfaces. For carrying out finishing work it is not required to prepare and level the basis. For this reason to buy the PVC wall panels for repair in the house the increasing number of consumers shows willingness every year.

Helpful advice! This type of material is suitable for masking of elements of electric wiring. With the same purpose it is possible to buy the PVC wall panels for the bathroom to hide communication systems and to execute bathtub covering, having built around it peculiar box.

In the market panels from 1 mm thick (sheet, mosaic) up to 40 mm (sandwich) meet. The average indicator of thickness is 8-10 mm. This parameter is optimum as products with such thickness have average weight and at the same time provide the high level of durability. The price PVC sandwich panels depends on the lamel sizes and also its thickness.

Characteristic of the PVC wall panels for interior finish

The choice of panels for internal finishing work has to be based not only on quality, but also on technical characteristics of products. The important value has also design. Presence at composition of material of polyvinyl chloride of secondary processing significantly reduces firmness of covering, its durability and life cycles. It is not so difficult to determine such panels by exterior. At their surface there will be inclusions of dark color.

Conscientious producers use only quality raw materials for production of finishing materials and do not save on coloring of lamels. As a result the color basis turns out without spots, drawings are not greased, and connection parts look accurately and provide dense docking of panels to each other when mounting.

Pay attention! Speakers on the surface of material of stiffening fin – strong indication of low-quality raw materials.

Depending on operational conditions of the room lamels with certain properties and technical characteristics are selected. For example, purchase of the PVC panels under tile for the bathroom is caused by resistance of this material to continuous influence of large amount of moisture. In addition, lamels with imitation of tiled covering resemble tile superficially, but stand much less.

Hygiene, resistance to temperature differences and influence of moisture will be useful not only in the bathroom, but also in kitchen. In addition to the elements imitating tiled covering for finishing of such rooms the PVC glossy panels white and other flowers and also the laminated materials are used.

Features of the PVC panels under brick for interior finish

The style the loft is very widespread today and quite often meets in registration of studios and normal apartments. But if industrial naked walls from concrete are not so popular, then brickwork always in mode. Thanks to modern production technologies it is possible to refuse creation of decorative facing in the house buying the PVC panels under brick. This option of finishing in many respects exceeds normal material.

Advantages of the PVC panels under brick:

  • economy of space at the expense of small thickness (the decorative brick takes away too much useful area from the room);
  • simple system of mounting;
  • universality (the similar PVC wall panels for internal finishing work can be used for halls, halls, corridors, living rooms, kitchens and loggias);
  • wide range of coloring, invoices and sizes.

Besides the price of the PVC panels for walls is much lower, than the cost of decorative brick and services of the master who will perform work on its laying. Such lamels have rectangular shape and is very realistic imitate brickwork. Depending on the size one panel can cover the area from 3 m² up to 8 m².

Pay attention! Material well gives in to cutting and is easy to use. Thanks to it joining of finishing on corners does not cause difficulties.

If you have decided to buy the PVC decorative sheet panels for walls, their cutting can be carried out by means of clerical scissors or knife. The thick lamel will require hacksaw for work with metal surfaces or the electric fret saw.

Some consumers will consider style the loft rough and brutal. However, in assortment of shops it is possible to find the PVC panels imitating white brick and also products of other light coloring for creation of the English, Romance styles and also country and gothic style.

Characteristic of the PVC panels under stone for interior finish

Hardware stores offer tens of the PVC different panels under stone, is realistic imitating natural stone surface. This material is most often applied to finishing of living rooms, halls, kitchens and corridors.

In some shops it is possible to buy the PVC panels for the bathroom with moisture resistant properties. Such imitation of stone will perfectly prove even in rooms with the increased humidity.

The existing catalog of the PVC plastic panels for walls with the decorative drawing is presented in the form of stone:

  1. The PVC rack panels for walls for interior finish – externally lamels have the same dimensions, as wooden rails. This type of finishing is the narrowest and facilitated option in spite of the fact that width, thickness and length of elements can be different.
  2. The PVC tiled panels for interior finish – material has appearance of square and has the small sizes. This kind of lamels is considered the most convenient and widespread.
  3. Sheet products – in width these elements exceed 1 m, in length – more than 2 m. It is the most reasonable to buy the PVC sheet panel in that case when it is required to cover the big area.

Helpful advice! Panels with decor “fragmentary limestone” are used to registration of fireplaces, columns and arches. Their use even for external finishing of buildings is allowed. Very favourably the PVC sheet panels for bathrooms with the drawing “Jurassic stone” look on photo. Chipped relief surfaces effectively will emphasize interior of any bathroom.

Advantages of such PVC panels to the bathroom consist in firmness of covering and the drawing on it. Products do not burn out in the sun, do not contribute to the development of mold and putrefactive processes, are steady against moisture and also are not afraid of temperature differences at all.

PVC wall panels: price, catalog and properties of products

Features of PVC panels under tile: normal products and lamels with frieze

The tile is used for finishing of bathrooms and kitchens. This material in addition to the advantages is characterized also by high cost and also complex system of mounting. For this reason many consumers prefer to buy PVC panels for the bathroom under tile which very authentically imitate tiled covering. In this case finishing work becomes budget and simpler performed by.

In the same category of products it is possible to carry the PVC panels with frieze for bathrooms. These lamels are made on the basis of the same polyvinyl chloride which by means of unique technology foams. Thanks to it the covering turns out easy, but at the same time high strength characteristics remain.

At the assortment there is large number of the PVC panels under tree and artificial stone. All of them rather authentically repeat natural texture of natural and artificial materials. At the same time the artificial stone has small weight and occupies space minimum, and plastic “wood” is not deformed over time and at all is not afraid of moisture.

Besides, consumers can buy the PVC panels with frieze for bathrooms under tile. On completion phase of production drawings become covered by the special varnishing structure with waterproof properties. This layer protects the image from deleting for many years. At appropriate leaving of lamel will keep the attractive exterior up to 10 years.

Pay attention! Some producers make drawing the drawing to order. Certainly, in this case the price of PVC panels for the bathroom under tile increases, but the buyer has opportunity to independently choose the drawing for frieze.

Features and prices of the 3D PVC wall panels

In assortment of the PVC wall panels for the bathroom and other rooms unusual options of products meet. Lamels with 3D – the image belong to discharge of such coverings. Images repeat landscapes, various textures. Some companies carry out production of the PVC wall panels under brick, wood, boulders.

This finishing has appeared in the market relatively recently. Nevertheless have already strongly located in the PVC bathing panel, as well as in other rooms of the house. It is all about variety and advantages of similar material. Panels perform the decorative and adjusting function.

Advantages of the PVC plastic panels to the bathroom with effect 3D:

  1. masking of roughnesses on walls;
  2. additional sound and thermal isolation of the room;
  3. zoning of space;
  4. expansion of space.

Today it is quite often possible to meet on photo of design of bathrooms of the PVC panel for the bathroom with effect 3D though this material is successfully used also in other rooms.

Zoning of the room can be visual. Game with space is carried out at the expense of difference in coloring of finishing materials, differences in decor or texture. In this case presence of the PVC wall panels for the bathroom in combination with lighting allows to broaden the room and to add accents.

Also zoning can be made at the expense of partitions of gypsum cardboard. Plasterboard designs are not capable to maintain big weight. Therefore use of the 3D PVC wall panels for the bathroom for the purpose of finishing of boxes and other elements of the room will bring double benefit.

Pay attention! It is possible to find the PVC panels for the bathroom in sale mosaic with smooth surface. They can be used even for finishing of furniture and elements of interior.

How to pick up and favourably to buy PVC panels for the bathroom: recommendations

Having studied the catalog of the PVC panels for the bathroom, it is possible to come to conclusion that any imagination can be realized in interior, and the most budgetary way. The main thing at material selection – not to be mistaken with coloring and decor.

Experts recommend to pay attention to light coloring. As the simplest decision the PVC white glossy panels which look esthetically will approach, visually expand space and are easily cleaned.

For creation of unusual effect it is possible to buy the PVC plastic panels in several options of decor and to arrange elements in the correct order.

It is possible to distribute material on wall, creating at the same time:

  • diagonal;
  • chess;
  • geometrical forms.

For these purposes it is possible to buy the PVC panels mosaic which are issued in different coloring. At combination of the lamels differing from each other on decor it is important to avoid presence of large number of patterns. It is enough to be limited to 2-3 options.

You should not saturate the room with the decor consisting of very small elements. This type of covering will quickly become soiled and can become the reason of forming of mold. It is necessary to buy panels with the simplest patterns or the large decor placed leaky. The PVC sheet panels mosaic in this case are exception.

Characteristic of PVC panels for kitchen: features of products

On photo the PVC sheet panels for kitchen look rather accurately and esthetically. For finishing panels, the narrow lining and special sheets decorated with photo printing are used.

Pay attention! Thanks to high-quality technology of drawing the photo printing steadily floats products. Nevertheless cleaning of panels by means of abrasive means and rigid brushes is not allowed.

Buyers can independently select the image for drawing on the surface of finishing material. The size of the PVC wall panels for kitchen in the form of sheets can be miscellaneous, but the following formats are the most widespread: 600х3000 mm (thickness of 1.5 mm) and 600х200 mm (thickness of 1.5 mm).

On many photos of the PVC wall panels for interior finish it is possible to see kitchen aprons on which great views of the night cities, colourful landscapes, bright flowers and juicy fruit flaunt. Images of coffee beans or appetizing food enjoy considerable popularity. Though there are no significant restrictions on registration. Quite often in small kitchens light monophonic products are used. The materials imitating tiled covering and complemented with frieze are also demanded.

Advantages of aprons from PVC:

  • simplicity;
  • big life cycle by the standards of the budgetary material – 5 years;
  • products have almost invisible seams or can be completely seamless;
  • process of installation and dismantling is most simplified;
  • preparation of wall before finishing is not required;
  • resistant covering (the drawing and coloring are steady against fading and deleting).

Properties of the wall laminated PVC panels

Thanks to high mechanical resistance of the wall laminated PVC panels, this kind of material is allocated in separate category. In the strength characteristics they are similar to high-quality plastic.

Pay attention! Concerning scratches and firmness of the image the laminated products PVC quite can compete with the MDF panels. In both cases on production the same kind of protecting film cover is applied.

On the websites on design examples of interesting registration quite often meet: on photo the laminated PVC panels for balconies look not only beautifully, but also is practical. Lamels with laminate covering belong to premium class coverings. For this reason similar material in the form of wall and the PVC ceiling panels can be bought only in special studios or decorative salons. This kind of finishing can be made to order.

The laminated panels optimum are suitable for interior finish of space of loggia or balcony at the expense of the excellent technical characteristics:

  • modern and various design;
  • resistance to influence of the sun and low temperatures (material does not burn out, is not exposed to deformation changes, does not become covered by cracks);
  • lack of unpleasant smells;
  • extensive color gamma;
  • full compliance to standards of safety and hygiene.

Extensive application is found by the laminated PVC sheet panels for the bathroom which can also have the design imitating tiled covering.

Technical features of the PVC ceiling panels

In addition to wall finishing for any repair, it will be required to buy the PVC panels for ceiling: the price of these plastic products depends on covering, decor, technology of drawing the drawing and also the constructional structure of lamel.

The range of the PVC plastic panels for the bathroom conditionally is divided into two groups. In one of them there is covering with opaque surface, in another – glossy products. Similar materials are used for finishing of the ceiling basis in other rooms of the house.

Helpful advice! Specialists recommend to buy for high ceilings the PVC panels with glossy covering. Their surface well reflects light at the expense of what it is possible to improve lighting in the room.

Advantage of ceilings from PVC panels in the bathroom is also that the covering easily understands thanks to what at any time it is possible to get fast access to elements of communications, lighting system. Plastic products allow to carry out installation of the surface built-in mounted luminaires trouble-free.

Selecting polyvinyl chloride panels for finishing of walls and ceilings, you should not forget about quality of the drawing. Printing patterns are applied on the surface of material using the special roller. Such options will be suitable for living rooms of the house. In film the technology of drawing thermofilm under the influence of high temperature is used. It is better to get similar finishing for kitchens and bathrooms as it is steady against abrasion and is not afraid of cleaning agents.

The modern range of finishing is rather various. It is possible to find many interesting options in catalogs of the 3D PVC panels for the bathroom – the photo of products in interior can be used for inspiration. The simplified scheme of mounting allows to execute repair indoors the hands.

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