Repair in kitchen the hands

Repair in kitchen the hands

Independent repair — compulsory measure. Many would like to employ masters and to order “turnkey” work, but alas — the prices here “dray”, and here quality — opposite. Having ordered work as one of numerous crews, the owner does not even know — that it will receive as a result. Masters quite often are swindlers. Everything that they are able to do well — so it to convince the owner of the apartment of refinement of crookedly put tile and need of additional financing.

It is possible to trust in one of the civil engineering firms guaranteeing high quality and skill of the workers. Unfortunately, guarantees remain the beautiful words which are not issued documentary (or issued — but very much streamline syllable). Generally — the prices in this sphere are surprisingly high at doubtful quality. Willy-nilly it is necessary to undertake behind performance of task and with surprise it is difficult to understand — task not so.

The kitchen is very important. Here all family gathers, the food is cooked and guests are quite often received. There is nothing to be ashamed here — it is perceived by the majority as certain sacral place, the center of “home”. Certainly, about so important room follows cares.

Unfortunately, the kitchen quickly enough takes unattractive form as one of most (on an equal basis with the bathroom and toilet) the operated rooms. Temperature drops, the oil poured on floor, roar of the fallen frying pan — the phenomenon usual in this place. Respectively — repair needs to be done, considering all features of the room — the most practical.


  1. To take all measurements — here the first about what it is necessary to attend. Not only “classical” it is long, but also availability of ledge or niche, the sizes of window and other. Further it strongly will help.
  2. We make the approximate plan of works: what you want to change what materials you are going to use where there will be furniture and other. All this is exactly approximately. It is only basis from which you also will make a start.
    Having made the initial plan, we begin search of necessary materials both in normal outlets, and by means of the Internet. Some material was pleasant? Be not too lazy to look at comments on him. You are not lazy to consider pages in Network — they will help you to orient quicker and will push on the interesting ideas.
  3. It is possible to start design when you consider all pluses and minuses of each material, financial opportunities and certainly — own construction talents. You should not “raise” at delicacy if top of your skill is with own hand pasted wall-paper in the hall. However, to you it is not necessary and to belittle own talents so find compromise between the imaginations and real opportunities.
  4. The estimate is formed only after design. By the way, after it you should introduce some amendments … Make it with some stock — on case of contingencies. You should not think that they at you will not arise — it is normal even for professionals. The stock undertakes from 10 to 30% — depending on personal experience.
  5. Inform acquaintances that some specific materials or tools are required for you. Do not hesitate — it will be apprehended by adequate people quite kindly. If you are not lazy and will make lists (having handed them to all acquaintances) — quite perhaps that to be connected to business of supply also the acquaintances of acquaintances who have seen interesting opportunity to get rid of the collected junk. Agree — often happens it is a pity to throw out some thing, it still can be useful (rather theoretically), and here the appeal to offer for a good cause something unnecessary is perceived usually very favourably.
Repair in kitchen the hands

Beginning of work

  1. Dismantling works — noisy, dirty and rather long occupation. Can seem that in them there is nothing difficult — know, destroy to yourself! Certainly, it not and actions can strongly delay repair because you should correct effects. Prepare strong bags (the best all paper), it is a lot of bags. Council quite serious and most likely you strongly are surprised, having found out — how many to you it is necessary to take out garbage!
  2. Sanitary works after dismantling — the most optimum time. It is possible to hollow and pick quietly walls and floors, without being afraid of something to spoil. It is desirable to use pipes plastic and metalplastic. It is possible to save very many place, having hidden them in walls. Let’s tell at once — to strobe rather hard, but there is nothing supernatural in this task.
    Be not fond and remember that shutoff valves have to be removed to available places. By the way — it needs to be considered when you plan — where exactly you want to put furniture.
  3. Distributing of electricity needs to be carried out right after completion of sanitary works. Here important not only most qualitatively to put wires (better copper), but also as much as possible carefully to measure their arrangement. Agree — very offensively if calculations are not right also wall cupboard or regiments will block the socket at least partially.
    Remember that the kitchen has the increased humidity and incidents are possible everyones here — install the switches and sockets protected from water.
  4. Windows in kitchen “will almost inevitably be led” — if you put normal plastic. Continuous influence of moisture, heat, contrast with street temperature will very adversely affect condition of window. You should put expensive option, or to reconcile to almost inevitable micro airing of which it is impossible to get rid.
  5. Ceiling it is possible to paint, bleach, glue wall-paper. “Delicacy” in the form of stretch and false ceilings — at your own risk. Various “accidents” happen usually in kitchen, in the bathroom and toilet so chances of “long and happy life” at such ceiling a little. Even if neighbors over you — the sweetest and intelligent people, then it is necessary to remember — water can filter through several floors.
  6. It is desirable to do walls combined: part at washing and plate is trimmed by tile, and other space — the washing wall-paper. However is exactly the offer. Quite perhaps, your ideas are much more interesting. However you remember — it is extremely desirable to do walls of tile or the washing wall-paper. Otherwise the unattractive look is guaranteed — and very quickly.
  7. Floor in kitchen can be any, but the main ideas — tile, laminate and linoleum. The continuous contact with oil and the washing substances will be put quickly out of commission by other types of coverings.

Heated floor and other “goodies” remarkably but to make it independently — is rather problematic and even more problematic — it is good to make work.

For fans of high-quality finishing the ceramic tile looks the most interesting option. Here it is required to be careful and to choose it very carefully — not all it conforms to necessary standards.

In addition

1) The extract still is considered luxury and many leave its installation for later which everything does not come. Having decided to establish after all (it is normal under pressure of children, grandsons or more progressive friends) it, it becomes unclear — as we did without it earlier?

It not only lack of soot on furniture and ceiling. It also lack of smells (sometimes there are enough heavy) on all apartment. The most important function of extract — maintaining health.

All the picture of puffs of vapor in kitchen is well familiar to us at open window. The kitchen often turns into similarity of the gas chamber when the person is forced or to open windows wide open, risking to catch a cold, or to breathe heavy evaporations, or to open door and to allow smell to impregnate the apartment. As you understand — all options are no good so extract — the only exit.

2) The choice of furniture is quite often made only because of its design. Even the women spending at plate there is a lot of time, quite often forget about own convenience or just wave away.

Effects are deplorable, let and not all realize them: if it is inconvenient to you to move or furniture “has fitted” into kitchen not ideally — to be to trouble. The main effects — constant bruises, the ware dropped on floor, decrease in convenience of work and respectively — the accumulated spleen vented upon relatives.

Being in search of complete kitchen, it is necessary to pay attention not only to dimensions and to watch closely that they were ideal for you, but also on “injury prevention”. Try to get up “very tightly” and to move to and fro. If there is feeling of discomfort (you cling to something or you will come across) — look for further.

The most optimal variant — furniture under the order. However here it is necessary to be attentive as not all organizations do it in time and by the sizes. So — you watch reviews of each firm.

3) The additional luminous source superfluous will not be. The soft bulb over finishing table will save your fingers from cuts. The chandelier has to be such that it could be washed easily.

4) Design the decision — yours and only your prerogative. You remember simply that excessively gloomy, cold situation can look very stylish, but it rather seriously presses on mentality. “To recover” kitchen very important, the collected negative anyway will be splashed out on relatives.

Having made the decision to do repair independently, you by all means will regret about it. Fatigue, irritation and drowsiness will become your satellites for some time. Not once you will begin to abuse yourself for the precipitate, unreasoned decision and to promise yourself that tomorrow you by all means call some master from “rather decent” and will order to it “turnkey” work.

Having finished repair, you with surprise will find out that you are capable of bigger — much bigger, than it seemed to you earlier and the spouse with children look at you absolutely other eyes, and the authority on family has considerably grown.

Having decided to count the saved means, you will strongly lighten the mood to yourself and to all family, it is possible to spend them in more interesting ways now. With what? To solve to you!

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