Repair in the bedroom the hands

Repair in the bedroom the hands

Independent repair in the apartment — task quite real, though not too simple. If you are able to work hands or want to learn, our article will help you.

One day you come into the room and understand — it is time. It is time to roll up properly sleeves and to undertake repair. For someone this fascinating occupation, and for the majority — the severe necessity caused often by lack of decent alternatives.

It is not enough good masters and they take much for the services oh as. Most of finishers do not pull on proud rank of “masters” in any way and everything that are able to do skillfully — so it to extend from you money and to tell then — for what reason at them there was no fact that you wanted. Here it is also necessary to perform repair works with own hand.

Repair of the bedroom — business extremely responsible and it is necessary to approach it as much as possible carefully. Yes, it is not the living room where the family spends time and receives guests. However in the bedroom we carry out not less than a third of our life. Here we fall asleep and we wake up, luxuriate early in the morning. Whether the situation influences our mood and health?

Plan of works

1) To think over future repair as much as possible carefully — taking into account all important factors. These are the room sizes (it is necessary “to remove” as it is possible more precisely) and the apartment, availability or absence of “soulmate”, finance, own habits and preferences, art taste, personal skill and so on. Besides — the bedroom of the young girl or married couple who has lived together years twenty just cannot look identically — and it needs to be considered.

You make the preliminary plan — preliminary! In the course of repair you can review several the ideas so the rigid binding should be avoided. Just find on the Internet options which seem to you the most interesting and the main thing — implementable.

2) The estimate of the forthcoming works — extremely important stage. Certainly, it is impossible to provide literally everything, but if you have decided to paste over the bedroom with wall-paper of certain type and have not decided only on coloring yet, then approximate cost can be counted. Consider — excessive optimism is not too appropriate here and for calculation it is desirable to take the prices of the maximum level. Some additional expenses all the same will appear so it is necessary to be ready to such development of the situation.

You do not hurry to buy tools — quite perhaps that your relatives, friends or neighbors already have them. Most it is possible to tell also about putty, cement, boards. You also know how thrifty can be our compatriots! The main thing — not to hesitate. Make the list with necessary things and distribute to all acquaintances. Very much can be that some neighbor in garage will be happy to get rid of overlooked bag with cement.

If you needed to buy any materials or tools — do not stint! Cheap cost too often is wrapped in “cheap” quality. However, it is not necessary to show also “lordly” wastefulness. If there is opportunity to take quality goods cheaper — do not miss it.

3) Preparation of workplace — important stage about which quite often forget. To remove chandelier, to take out furniture, to cover windows and doors film — it is obligatory! Can seem to you what it excesses and you have thought over the ideal plan by means of which it is possible to do without “excess” gestures? Believe – it is not so. Remember proverb “It was smooth on paper and have forgotten about ravines, and on them to go”. If not to free the room, then some works it is essential to become complicated, and furniture at the same time can be damaged.

4) Dismantling of wall-paper, plasters from ceiling, plinths and everything that you want to replace. Procedure this not the easiest and rather long (and very dirty!).

5) Re-planning of the room — not only demolition of some partitions or construction new. It is possible to make arch aperture in door or window, to replace heating and other. Here it is necessary to be very careful as some (very interesting!) design decisions remarkably look on pictures and are no good in real life at all. Having conceived to make something serious, previously collect responses of those who have already realized this idea.

6) Replacement of window on plastic became less popular phenomenon in recent years. The myth about its exclusiveness is discredited. He is not afraid of moisture and does not miss street noise. However plastic does not “breathe” and at such window condensate, and the atmosphere gathers in the room a little musty. Besides, over time it quite often warps and appears effect of constant micro airing.

Options of the combined type are most interesting: tree aluminum, tree of plastics. They are more expensive, but and the quality is much better. It is possible to put plastic windows in kitchen or in the hall, but it is undesirable to save on the bedroom — your health more expensive.

7) To level ceiling — occupation heavy, demanding serious eye estimation, and unlimited amount of hard putty. In certain cases soffit slabs so curve that level can fluctuate on 10 (also absolutely terrible distortions meet) centimeters. So terrible differences need to be leveled, but if they are more moderate, then it is possible to cover flaws of builders with ceiling tile or wall-paper. Each method so read about them more attentively has advantages and shortcomings and decide that it is more convenient to you (to you!) — whitewashing painting, wall-paper or tiles.

Irrespective of the fact which you will choose method, the old covering needs to be removed — and very carefully. Occupation this simple also does not demand qualification. However we warn — it VERY dirty and tiresome. If there are any problems with neck, backbone or shoulder joints — with such work of “sore” by all means will become aggravated. Respectively — try to entrust performance of this task to someone else.

8) It is desirable to check wiring, and it is possible — it is necessary and to replace. New buildings steadily “sin” low-quality (more often — frankly slipshod) with work. Naturally, as in old houses wiring requires attention.

At this time it is possible to be defined at the same time — what lighting you want. Each lighting instrument demands to carry out wiring, and if necessary you should establish also additional exits for sockets and switches.

9) Having begun to be engaged in walls, do not forget about possibility of their warming and sound insulation. If the wall goes outside or in cold entrance with eternally broken windows, then polyfoam or mineral wool will help to correct situation. However be not fond: all this “eats” internal room volume.

10) Floors should not be creaking and cold. In your interests to correct similar situation — if you want to sleep “like the dead”. Creaking floors should be opened and solved on site — whether you want to replace (to correct) logs or to solve problem otherwise.

The heat-insulated floor in this case is more important, but you should not think of heating coils or something similar. They are good, here only demand permanent care and solid (and regular) the financial investments. Think of good linoleum or laminate on special substrate better. It is possible to put also parquet, here only in the normal bedroom it not too to the place.

11) Doors are chosen not only by the principle “it is pleasant – it is not pleasant”. It is important to pay attention to sound insulation. Agree — sounds should not reach to the bedroom, differently about normal dream out of the question. And sounds from the bedroom somehow … are inappropriate.

12) It is desirable to establish lighting so that to have opportunity to regulate it. Ideally sources of lighting has to be a little. Soft diffused light will help not to fly in the dark on furniture and will not wake at the same time the loved one.

Repair in the bedroom the hands

So, you have made “draft” option of finishing and now has come it is time to talk about design. It will inevitably differ — depending on the one to whom exactly the bedroom is intended. However it is anyway important to think of safety of any materials. It is obligatory to check for environmental friendliness. We remind — here you carry out not less than a third of the life so it is impossible to neglect safety categorically.

It is necessary to remember that safety of the bedroom — not only absence poisonous (or doubtful — even if it is a little) substances. Not less important — lack of sharp paints, sharp angles and other. Bright colors and motley patterns can amazingly look. So that guests (and you) you will admire actually the interesting decision. Here only the dream in such bedroom can be unhealthy.

The psychology became stumbling block for many of us: someone trusts this science unconditionally, someone considers it charlatanism. Anyway, statistical data are saved and they unconditionally tell — in the bedroom not the place to sharp colors, excessive diversity. Word — to everything that our sight will excite (and respectively — subconsciousness) before going to bed.

Knowledge of different styles will be useful to you


The Provence style differs in deliberate gaucherie of registration. Pastel colors with small impregnation of brighter shades. Furniture is rough, a little grounded, squared, and part (bed back, for example) — by all means carved. Fabrics only natural — sateen, calico, batiste.


Style vintage — combination of modern and ancient objects of objects. Parent materials here — textiles, natural wood and shod metal. We warn — style very difficult and the uncommon artistic flair that it looked adequately is required.


The design of such bedroom a little teatralen, is graceful and light. This mixing of modern styles, ethno-styles and separate elements of old times. Basic colors — light green, lilac, orange and blue. Bed — by all means spacious — “scaffold”.

Modernist style

The plasticity, lack of broken lines and sharp angles, refinement is characteristic of this style. It is important to show unity of space that is very difficult. Materials for finishing actually any — plastic, glass, tree and even stone (natural). Any colors.


The style is possible, only if the bedroom enough impressive sizes. Otherwise it will grotesque look. Provide: bed which it is possible to call only the word “Bed”; abundance of large parts with gilding; pictures with natural motives. All this pretentiousness can look splendidly well, but — only in really big bedroom.


One of “classical” styles. Convenience, but without the slightest hint on pretentiousness. Furniture is rather simple, but its quality has to be evident. Some things made with own hands (lacy napkins, pictures) and houseplants are obligatory.


Rather unusual style, ideal for those who do not understand “pack rats”. In the bedroom — the minimum availability of home decoration, but at the same time — any asceticism.


The style created “based on” any bright culture — Asian, African and so on. The coloring characteristic of this culture (and it is rather — for our idea of it), some sculptures, souvenirs and other “sign” things.

What style

It is created only from natural materials (at least — externally). Warm colors and colors close to natural. The quantity of furniture and jewelry is rather small.


The harmony of light and space is the cornerstone. Basic colors — white, gray and black. It is possible to combine them with other flowers — yellow, blue and red. Surfaces of ceiling and walls — clean and brilliant.


So-called “rural” style. Several main directions — English, American, French, Russian, Scandinavian are allocated. Steadily deliberately simplified “rural” furniture, scrappy blankets and rugs, use only of natural materials is the cornerstone.

The directions there is a lot of and to choose most interesting option not so difficult. It is important to remember only that you do repair for yourself, but not “for people”. Respectively — it has to be convenient to you. Planning repair, it is not obligatory too to adhere rigidly to any design direction — many are very not bad combined with each other.

Beginning work, you remember — common sense and own comfort are much more important than orders of the day and opinion of recognized “authority” from the next department.

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