Repair in the children’s room: what to consider

Repair in the children's room: what to consider

Children – the most significant that is in life. They give to our life special sense. Each of us aims to give to the child only all best. Therefore in the children’s room it is necessary to approach question of repair work responsibly. For a start it is necessary to choose the correct interior for the room of your child, considering all nuances.

We choose design of the room of the child

It will be under repair necessary to solve the problems connected with zoning, decor, safety of the room, it is also necessary to consider peace of mind of your kid. The number of children in family, their age, sex, hobbies have significant influence on design, design, and facing of the children’s room.

It is necessary to remember that the room of your child at the same time performs functions of the bedroom, game, is also the place for study. The mentality at children is especially sensitive to surrounding situation – lighting, personal space, color gamma, furniture. Therefore not all facing materials is suitable for use.

If you have two or three children, it is necessary to issue the room of your kid different styles, thereby creating each of them the world.

It is the best of all to choose furniture to the children’s room neutral color. In the room of your kid there has to be as little as possible the reflecting objects, mirrors, the glass as they can promote sleep disorder of the child.

The child spends 80 percent of the time in the room as it was told earlier, the room performs at the same time functions game, bedrooms, and the place of study therefore the interior indoors should not cause feeling of irritation and fatigue in the child. Therefore each of these zones should be allocated with different color gamma of wall and floor covering.

Buying furniture to the children’s room it is necessary to remember that it has absolutely other dimensions and proportions, than adult. Furnishings should not possess sharp angles, they have to have the simple form and large parts.

Healthy nervous system of your child is the positive emotions got by him during the game and research of the device of furniture. Respectively furniture has to be reliable and multifunction. The aspiration of your kid to hide, retire it is quite normal.

Not accidentally, many options of furniture for children with the additional closed, game sections are thought up presently. It is also possible to meet the furniture made in the form of small lodge.

Design and planning of the children’s room

Planning of the nursery should be begun with the choice of the room corresponding by the sizes and natural illumination. Best of all if it is the western or southern parts of the world. At opportunity the separate room of the kid should not be less than 6-8 sq.m. It is desirable that it has been rather removed from the living room and kitchen.

Lighting indoors has to be more upper and dot, it is also necessary to think of night illumination. It is also necessary to provide illumination of work table and game zone, considering age loadings and sight of your kid. Diffused light visually expands space.

Being engaged in design, it is necessary to consider that colors of facing materials need to be chosen light and moderate and bright tones. At the same time materials of covering have to be not combustible and environmentally friendly.

Repair in the children's room: what to consider

As floor covering it is the best of all to select laminate or parquet, it will help to tide up the nursery easier. Carpets should be laid in game zone or at bed.

Walls in the children’s room are recommended to be glue best of all wall-paper. Today the huge choice of wall-paper is provided for the children’s room, with drawings of different subject. Wall-paper should be glued in two tiers. On one third of height of walls of floor wall-paper of one color gamma, further another. Transition between wall-paper needs to be separated border which will be combined on color with the lower and upper wall-paper.

Walls of the nursery can also and be painted and drawn different animated heroes. If all of you have chosen option of coloring of walls, then it is recommended to use structure which is made water-based, has almost no smell when drawing. Besides to this paint household cleaning agents are not terrible.

One of options of finishing of ceiling in the room of your child is ceiling in the form of the star sky. It is possible to execute such finishing having painted ceiling in blue color, having pasted on it paper asterisks, or having just bought wall-paper of similar subject.

For children of absolutely small age it is recommended to choose the warmed linoleum or quality laminate which is not afraid of wet cleaning as floor covering. Children of advanced age best of all will be suitable natural carpet with short or average pile, for the smallest collecting dust.

Also it is recommended to equip the nursery with sports complex in the form of the Swedish ladder, rope and gymnastic rings. If your child already goes to school it is necessary to choose the place for desk with boxes for educational accessories.

When choosing color gamma for the room of your child it is necessary to consider the fact that with age color preferences at children change. At smaller age children love all bright: red, yellow, etc. Maturing, children give preference to less bright tones: orange, blue, green. Also when choosing color options it is necessary to consider the room illumination, the general color background, color of furniture.

And so we will sum up the small result: All surfaces of the room — ceiling, floor and walls have to be light tones, furniture to the children’s room should be ordered slightly less dark tone.

Rules of registration of the room

Safety of your child: in the room there should be no sharp or acting interior elements about which it is possible to stumble or come across. When choosing furniture the tree will be the best option.

As in the room the child needs to have a rest after the active day spent at school or garden indoors there has to be atmosphere promoting lowering of excessive mobility. Therefore psychologists advise to use warm colors: yellow, pink, or olive.

If you want that your child grew at more independent, take care that he could reach everything interesting and necessary to him that is in its room.

Specialists claim — studying of difficult patterns on carpet or wall-paper contributes to the development of imagination in the child.

The table of the child has to be such that were located on it any album in expanded form, support for handles and pencils, desk lamp. Also there will be no bedside table with several boxes superfluous and, but it is necessary to remember that under work table there has to be enough place in order that the child could extend legs quietly.

The cabinet has to be low in order that your kid could sort the things independently.

Upon purchase of bed the best option is not folding bed with low back or sofa with folding design or pull-out system.

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