Repair in the hall the hands

Repair in the hall the hands

It is considered to be that the most important under repair apartments — the living room. Rather logical arguments convincing us of it are adduced., It seems, everything is correct, here only so powerful arguments bring also in favor of kitchen, the bedroom … All this question of personal preferences, but not “severe” reality. All apartment, but not its some scrap needs finishing. Just it is necessary to think before repair and to do it with full understanding of the real, but not expected role of the room.

The hall — on it judges the person all apartment. It would seem — here it, the “ceremonial” room! Certainly, it not so — the hall is evaluated, but not the rich grace of finishing is more important here, and it is rather expediency. Here people lean against wall in attempt to pull together hard boot (women — familiar situation?) or not to fall, being undressed after the brisk party (it is better familiarly with men)). Guests crowd in the evening, trying to leave at the same time not to be late for the necessary transport and owners of the apartment in the mornings, wishing to get for work in time.

The picture familiar nearly to all of us, but here trouble — all this often is not taken into account before repair. Owners (not all, but many) for some reason consider that traces from dirty footwear or attrition from clothes will not appear — they have so great finished the hall! It is supposed, probably, that guests and owners of the house will consider each movement not to spoil finishing …

The main part of repair can (and it has to) to be carried out by own efforts. The reason is simple — economy. It is no secret that civil engineering firms demand too the impressive sums for the services, but here the quality of the last not always is on the ball. “Free” crews take less, but frank clumsies, drunkards and even speculators occur among them. Word — it is simply more reasonable to do repair of the hall by the hands.

Plan of repair

  • Room measurements — also should be begun with it. Yet you have no plan of the hall, to make some calculations — lost labor. Standard “hall” in our country represents very narrow corridor or incredibly “broken” space abounding with some ledges and niches. Word — simple decisions will help a little here.
  • Having near at hand carefully verified sizes, it is possible to start planning, but so far — only on “draft”. Try to provide — where there will be cabinet for outerwear where — box for footwear and other pieces of furniture. If the idea seems to you a little doubtful and you cannot understand — whether it will be convenient, try to resort to the cardboard help.
    “Trick” is rather old: the most primitive model is constructed from normal cardboard box and set up on the “doubtful” place. Now it will be simpler to you to provide — whether your idea is rather convenient. Important addition — is required “appraiser” from outside who will evaluate only from positions “Conveniently — inconveniently”. You remember — first of all the practicality is required here, and design delicacy — is secondary.
  • Having finished preliminary design, it is possible to start material selection — now you have some idea of the end result and have opportunity to be engaged in the real planning. It is important to remember — it is impossible to evaluate materials “one-sidedly”. It is necessary to take into account the price, availability, ease of processing, esthetics and so on. Whether he “will fit” into the general style of your house — it is the most important.
  • Carry out the careful analysis of financial and craft opportunities. Now you can count — how much some idea will cost to you. Means not only in the monetary relation, but also in volume of work, its complexity personally for you and so on.
    It is important as too many “swing the arm” on impossible tasks and then or get into solid debt, or stretch task for months and years, or just stop work at some stage. Such room frankly “obscenely” looks.
  • The design includes not only the choice of finishing material or arrangement of furniture, but also question with wiring. Free access to switches and sockets is necessary. The switch (socket) which is inconveniently located or partially closed by furniture are not admissible. Only imagine that you constantly should make difficult manipulations … Very inconveniently! It not only continuous loss of time, but also small injuries.
  • Importance of sound wiring cannot be revaluated – it is your safety and convenience. Having cleaned the room, pay attention to its state. Most often it is rather deplorable, especially in new houses. It is desirable to replace it with copper, having left certain stock at sockets and switches — it great will help you in the future as wires have properties to fuse. It is much simpler to bring up them, than to hollow wall or to primatyvat some pieces.
  • Cleaning of the room is represented usually not the most difficult occupation. Alas, but the opinion it in root is wrong. Who seriously was engaged in repair, perfectly knows how many garbage it is possible “to remove” from the empty, apparently, room. In this case business is complicated by what members of household will interfere with you. To involve them in this case not the most sensible thought — the room not the biggest and hindrances it can appear more, than advantage. However — here depends much on specific situation so you should resolve this issue independently.
  • Expensive and refined materials in the hall not too suit for floor. The parquet or galley remarkably look, but we remind — on floor will be trampled down in street footwear.
    One of ways of solving the problem — part of floor directly before door and cabinet makes less “choosy” material. For example — natural or artificial stone.
  • The ceiling in the hall does not demand special delicacy — if you were not fond with excessively bright lighting. Beauty of stretch or plasterboard ceiling at the recommended light just will not be estimated by neither guests, nor owners. Normal whitewashing painting or the washing wall-paper will descend with great success.
  • Lighting in the hall — question special. There are no windows here so it is possible to hope only for artificial light. Bright lighting is extremely undesirable as it will highlight all scrapes and the soiled places (and they inevitably will appear — and soon), dirt from footwear on floor and other. However and the dimmed light is no good categorically as because of lack of lighting it is possible to allow “mistakes” with make-up or dirt splashes on trousers.
    Optimal solution — several luminous sources. For example — additional illumination of mirror.
  • Wall-paper is chosen expensive, qualitative. To save and get “ABBA that” categorically is not recommended — if there is no desire to redo work in year – another. Ideal option — dense washing, with possibility of painting. Such approach will allow to keep the hall in good condition without special efforts and even times “to refresh” it by means of paint.
    It is undesirable to paste over walls with gypsum cardboard, plastic or something in too style. The space is indoors already small.
  • Minimum of accessories — the correct decision. Various racks for umbrellas and other “prettiness” can look very effectively, but in close room they will only disturb.
  • Furniture it is desirable to use built-in. Certainly, at everyone the preferences. Just only she can use the free area literally to centimeter. Especially relevant it sounds for rooms with “broken” space.
    Oar or roller doors at furniture — depends on your taste and the design decision. Just you remember that it is desirable to place emphasis on practicality and convenience, the rest for the second time.
Repair in the hall the hands


The idea of the light room is rather popular. Visual expansion of space is valid to eat and therefore supporters of this direction will never be translated. However the idea rather doubtful because of one simple reason is hall in which people are trampled down in dirty footwear, and at times and in dirty clothes, lean on walls and furniture. Constantly it will be pleasant to do not to everyone the cleaning and minor repair. It is possible “to divide” instead space into dark lower and light upper zones.

Putting shoes on and being undressed, owners and guests lean usually on one piece of wall. If to decorate it plastic, the laminated plywood or something like that, then repair is required several years later.

Not every color will be suitable for registration of the hall. Excessively light will show any error and the problem with cleaning will be rather serious. Dark — too not option because of “depressiveness” the room without windows and visually decreasing space. Not everyone approaches soft pastel, but: combination yellow, blue and green not too are good according to psychologists. Generally, you should “play” with color palette seriously.

You should not be fond of the detailing of the room, accessories and exquisite finish. Guests just will not evaluate graceful parts and their most part soon will become fairly shabby. Your motto — simplicity and convenience.


Repair of the hall the hands is quite possible. Moreover — it is also necessary to begin with this room if you have not enough experience. Some “flaws” are inevitable, but the thought-over design “forgives” them.

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