Repair of the living room by own efforts

Repair of the living room by own efforts

Very few people are enraptured with the terrible word “repair”. The majority rather reluctantly comes off favourite sofa, sit-round gathering in garage and “shooter games” in the computer. However kind of we did not treat this task — it is necessary to speak to himself: “It is necessary!” and to start.

Services of builders cost much, very expensively. Most often masters work for some intermediary who agrees with clients. Slightly more rare — services are provided by civil engineering firm. And the last option — crew is employed independently.

In each of above-mentioned ways there are shortcomings. In worthy civil engineering firm, theoretically, there have to be workers of all specialties and, respectively, all stages of repair have to be carried out ideally. Alas, it is unattainable dream of employers. Most often here the low-skill personnel for rather modest (from here high percent of guest workers) salary work. Having accumulated experience (that turns out not at everyone, also the talent is necessary), they go to some crew or to independent “swimming”. Exceptions happen, but very much is rare, however each firm will assure of exclusive professionalism of the employees to attribute excess zero to the account.

Intermediaries offer more reasonable prices and qualified personnel, but the percent “threw” in this sphere is extremely high. Such person can take money and disappear for several weeks — or forever. Additional reasons for pulling of means and so on can be thought out.

If the crew is employed independently, it will cost to you considerably cheaper. However here it is necessary to be careful and to employ only those who worked with your acquaintances. Here meet both deceivers, and just frank potboilers. Many crews are known not how many construction skill how many the ability to convince the owner of the apartment that curve stretch ceiling — trends is modern design and requires to pay in addition for it. Do you smile? Are firmly sure that it never happens to you? In vain, quite solid, successful men come across trick of such “hard workers”.

Work of “mercenaries” or costs much, or quality frankly low. Often both options meet.

Everything is better to make. Yes, to you, completely independently (with some family support). It is quite real even if all your experience consists in whitewashing of ceiling couple of decades ago.

Not so everything is terrible how it seems: tasks can be carried out in the different ways. The first, usual all — so-called “clever fingers”. It means that the performer owns tens of specialties and is capable to master new “on the run”. There is also the second — it is called “to include the head”.

There is Internet where it is possible to gather the mass of the interesting ideas and useful tips. If attentively to read and treat them it is rather critical (to check information), then it will become clear — everything very simply. Yes, to you hardly will some specific operations, like alabaster stucco molding on ceiling are available. However it is possible to find information and on it in Network!

It is clear, that you should not be fond of similar things and it is desirable to think over repair so that as much as possible to simplify it, to adjust to the opportunities.

Repair planning

You should not forget about so important thing as planning. Strangely enough, but such forgetfulness is inherent more often to people to masters. Alas, but it self-confidence effects. “Clumsies” realize the insignificant opportunities and try to think over the ideal scheme.

Let’s begin with design. No, not from search of interesting decisions in fashionable magazines. Decide at first on your family — its interests, financial opportunities, “attendance”, habits, etc. Only after that begin to look for basis for future design.

It is blind you should not copy — take basis. Be not afraid to bring something special if it is pleasant to you. Finally to live in the apartment to you, but not the editor of the “glossy” magazine or the captious neighbor with long tongue.

Having finished with design and calculation of finance, look what demands serious approach and that will manage cosmetic dabs. Whenever possible do everything at once, but without dragging out repair in infinity. Many operations are all the same interconnected also special saving of time and means it will not turn out.

Having made the plan of works, you sit down at calculations: money, necessary materials, tools, time for performance of each stage of task. Data come not from “ceiling” and from the same Internet, and are constantly checked in other sources!

Do not hesitate to ask acquaintances and relatives about any help. However, it is necessary to understand whom and about what to ask. The majority with hunting will share with you tools for a while if you have normal reputation. Many will be able to help also some materials or even directly with repair.

Often it becomes clear that relatives just it is not aware of your problems and requirements. Yes, it happens more often than you think. You look for several boards for “zoning” of the room? Your neighbor everything will not throw out such in any way. They are not necessary to him, but good things.

To ask it is necessary to be able — not to mutter tongue twister something unconvincing, but also not to read the detailed list of your needs, “breaking out” hands. Just make the list of what will be required to you and unpack in tens of copies! At meeting with some friend just inform him on the needs and hand the list. But you remember, it is necessary to do it in good time, not everyone will go to the dacha or garage “right now” just because you so wanted. People come to the rescue more willingly when it is possible to them.

Repair of the living room by own efforts


Usually repair is begun with windows. Look whether you need to replace them with more modern? If you already have quite good window of modern type, but recently it became bad to be closed, try to change accessories. Most often problems on it come to an end and it will serve a decade more quite safely.

Replacement is required? At first pick up suitable option. Choice today very wide: tree, plastic, metalplastic, aluminum, etc. All of them have both advantages, and shortcomings about which it is necessary to read attentively. However before to make the decision, remember the habits and the idea of design: if you have constantly drawn curtains and you lead “vampire” life whether then so you need expensive option?


Batteries can be replaced, painted or even to sheathe something — it is a high time. However you do not hurry with replacement, look at first at reviews of users of specific models. Many of them look very esthetically, but heat frankly badly.


If you have not taken out furniture yet, take out it before repair of ceiling. Kind of you contrived, but the room by all means will be splodgy, and is very strong.

Whitewashing is washed away by wet rag or brush. Let’s tell at once, the procedure very labor-consuming, and because of constantly raised hands and the head joints and neck will hurt. If there is opportunity, do it with someone from relatives alternately.

Do not try to leave floor more or less clean, working accurately, is almost impracticable task which will just increase complexity and duration of the epic.

As soon as the ceiling dries up, there comes puttying time, then cleaning. There is no wish? Do suspended or tension option — in this case roughnesses and cracks are not too important. However suspended and tension demand though some professionalism or the increased patience. Therefore it is possible just to paste wall-paper here — they not bad hide minor defects, and can look very effectively.


Having unhung old wall-paper from walls, evaluate forthcoming “scope of work”. If it is required, it is necessary to putty some roughnesses, to shtrobit them under new electrical wiring, to warm.

Be not fond! Many aim to make work ideally. What for? Small flaws will not be visible under wall-paper so if you not the perfectionist — it is not obligatory to bring walls to perfect condition. Moreover — there are cunnings “for lazy”. For example — if you already know, where exactly there will be placed your furniture, then the site behind cabinet can be processed less carefully.

Warming of walls became rather popular phenomena, but attentively read responses at forums before purchase. For example, polyfoam is rather popular material, but he considerably “eats” space. Besides, many complain, including its “stuffy”.

Wall-paper, gypsum cardboard or paint? To solve to you, but you remember, gypsum cardboard “eats” space. Paint “cools” walls and gives the strengthened echo. However to solve only to you and the decision has to depend on future design and common sense.

Wall-paper — ideal option. There are so many their types that you can pick up ideal. The main thing to look for.


While you are engaged in walls and ceiling, remember about lighting. This ideal time to carry out additional (or just to replace old) wiring, to put new sockets and switches. It is desirable to provide several alternative sources of lighting even if right now you do not need them. However couple of sockets in “strategic” places of the living room superfluous will not be explicit.


Updating of floor is necessary only if you have with it problems. Problems usually are available in those apartments where there are wooden logs. They terribly creak, disturbing you and people around. It is interesting to suffer it to very few people, and people even more often do tie of cement. However, solve.

There is a lot of options of tie, but try to avoid “economic” options. As practice shows, economy comes out quite doubtful, and here the quality of repair can suffer.

As floor covering use usually floorboard, parquet board, parquet or laminate. It is better to exclude options with stone, tile and other exotic at once — you have normal apartment and it will not “look”.

What option is better, to tell quite difficult. It is possible only to advise to avoid too cheap materials of doubtful origin. However, you should not “be conducted” and on advertizing in Will Stay Decades style — in the modern apartment it is obviously not relevant.

Linoleum usually to descent is swept aside — for the living room it and really somehow not really. However in some case also it will approach. For example — small, hyper active children and the same animals.


Zoning of the living room — rather effective and effective reception doing of one room at once a little. Not the most cunning, but very efficient psychological trick. Zoning options weight: by means of different wall-paper, decorative arches, screens, curtains. Reception is especially important if the living room as it quite often happens, combines several functions at once: bedrooms, office, dining room. So before to be engaged in zoning, decide what it is necessary for you for.

The color gamma depends on use of the room: whether the family gathers here in the evenings or it is rather bedroom; whether there take place noisy parties or quiet “sit-round gathering”.

Furniture is chosen not only because of beauty and suitable design, but also because of functionality. The sizes of the average living room are absolutely small so you should not litter the room with massive unnecessary things.

The decor will help to decorate the room, having emphasized some important features of the room or owners. Remarkably not only various knickknacks, pictures or figurines, but also the retouched photos of owners, boxing gloves on wall (if someone from owners played the corresponding sports), cold weapon and so on look.

Many articles on interior design are advised to observe the chosen style to trifles. To some extent it is correct — the room will look more stylish and elegantly. However it is more important — identity print, but not beautiful, but a little lifeless picture.

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