Repair of tile the hands
Plain surfaces of pavements and the areas in the cities, glossy walls of bathrooms,
How to remove old oil paint?
Those who faced need of independent repair, know, the process of preparation of surfaces
How to make floor in the house with own hands
Starting construction of floor in the house, it is necessary to remember the main
Liquid wall-paper – the practical decision for interior
Originally and beautifully room walls where as finishing liquid wall-paper is used look. But,
Mounting of wall panels
Wall panels are associated at many with the cheap plastic suitable only for registration
Plaster of walls
Plaster of walls – one of the most important stages of repair work allowing
Painting of ceiling from gypsum cardboard
Any registration of ceiling has to be faultless, and that is why. Walls are
Selection of material for walls of kitchen
Repair of kitchen — the most popular place in the house — demands especially
How to raise apartment sound insulation
Probably, all who live in panel houses especially in houses of old construction, know
Ceilings from PVC of panels
About the device of ceilings is written not so a little. But generally it
Two-level stretch ceiling
Stretch ceilings give the chance to create difficult multilevel ceiling designs by means of
Pith floor: kinds of material
Linoleum, wooden parquet, laminate and different types of tile – tile, ceramics, porcelain tile
Children's room by own efforts
Own room is very important for the child – it is axiom which cannot
3D panels: simply, it is practical
Repair or finishing of the new house stimulate interest in novelties in the field
Laying of laminate on diagonal
When planning repair there is always a wish to achieve ideal result from use
Stretch ceiling from curtain fabric
The possibility of independent repair for many is very attractive. Not always the reason
We choose way of finishing of walls
Concerning ceiling and floor it is necessary to be guided, at their finishing, by
Bulk 3D floors: unique charm of the house
Standard standard repairs when in the bathroom the tile kept within, and in rooms
The combined floor coverings
Combination of floor coverings in one room allows to zone accurately it, at the
Plinth for floor: we select frame
Mounting of plinth is a completing chord of repair work, but to relax early.