Salt panels: refined esthetics

Salt panels: refined esthetics

Health is always put by us on the first place. For this reason at construction and repair works important attention is paid to ecological characteristics of materials. Producers of finishing components willingly support this trend and in return make many efforts to achieve in rooms of really optimum microclimate and useful composition of air. Emergence of salt designs — panels, bricks, puzzles, blocks, pictures – became really interesting option for builders, designers and owners of houses.

Types of salt designs

Hydrochloric finishing materials have received the name thanks to natural mineral – rock salt. Builders distinguish two main types of salt products:

  • Blocks
  • Panels

Blocks or bricks salt is the completely natural material received by way of processing of the salt extracted from earth subsoil of pieces. If to consider bricks from the point of view of applied technologies, then it is worth noticing that in the course of production they are given always the correct geometrical forms. It allows to use actively blocks in construction and facing jobs. Most often salt bricks are demanded at construction of saunas and baths, however their relevance also increases in registration of interiors of rooms.

Apply salt bricks of small thickness to design experiments – to 70 mm. The ideal translucency of material giving soft diffused light at competently picked up illumination of tiles is only in that case reached. For achievement of full-fledged light of optical effect build in rooms of partition or sites of false walls behind which dot lamps are located.

Sometimes at production of salt bricks use not array of rock salt, but its pressed analog. The usefulness of material and its esthetic properties sharply decrease that needs to be considered upon purchase of salt blocks. However it is recommended to buy the salt pressed bricks for creation of caves and rooms with microclimate of the sea coast. In such rooms always use salt generators therefore it is quite possible to save on material of walls.

Salt panels are used only as type of decorative finishing. They are the layer of rock salt which is raised dust on the wooden or plastic basis. As frame material often use the grades of trees known for the medicinal properties – cedar or linden. The panels manufactured on such basis differ in the increased usefulness that it is impossible to tell about the products created on the basis of plastic. Of course, use of plastic reduces the price of the cost of unique salt designs, but at the same time neutralizes all their advantages. Any plastic under effect of light and temperatures inevitably “grows old”, emitting chemical elements and toxic substances in air.

Carry to salt panels also the pictures created from color crystals of salt. When choosing such product it is worth specifying whether the put pattern has natural coloring. Usually rock salt has the following natural shades: white, gray, orange, green and gentle-blue.

For fans of exotic and experiments producers offer salt puzzles which allow to create different combinations of images.

Advantages of salt products

All salt designs are appreciated thanks to unique set of properties, useful to the person, which are shown most actively at heat and light impact. Among advantages of blocks and panels from rock salt It should be noted the following:

  • Ionization of air and saturation by its rich complex of microelements;
  • Improving effect and increase in immunity of the person;
  • Prevention of neurosises;
  • Help in treatment of number of diseases of thyroid gland, gastrointestinal tract, solution of dermatological and pulmonary problems.

It should be noted that all positive characteristics of salt designs are connected with medical impact of rock salt on human health. And as the whole complex of microelements, useful to human body, constantly adjoins to this natural mineral, it is worth mentioning also their efficiency and advantage:

  • Iodine – qualitatively improves functions of thyroid gland and promotes metabolism;
  • Calcium – regulates activity of blood system, helps to deal with the neurologic problems, increases immunity;
  • Magnesium, sodium and potassium – are responsible for work of cardiovascular system;
  • Selenium – makes the rejuvenating impact on skin.
Salt panels: refined esthetics

It turns out that installation of salt panels promotes emergence in the house of most real “doctor” which softly and unostentatiously helps to improve health of residents, their dream, mood and also returns attractiveness and vitality.

At the same time nobody cancels such advantages of panels as:

  • environmental friendliness;
  • simplicity of mounting;
  • durability;
  • esthetics.

At them there is everything that is especially appreciated when choosing finishing material.

Ranges of application

As the main advantage of salt elements in their treatment-and-prophylactic impact on the person, is not present anything strange that originally panels and blocks have been widespread only in medical institutions. Today, when there was opportunity to apply natural material in private construction and at the organization of repair finishing work, the field of use of salt elements has increased.

Salt blocks and panels can be met:

  • In baths and saunas – as element of facing and as separately issued rooms (salt rooms);
  • In living rooms, corridors, halls – during creation of light niches, partitions;
  • In bedrooms – as decorative element and also for prevention of health and improvement of sleep quality;
  • In office rooms – for prevention of respiratory diseases and medical ionization of air;
  • In cafe, restaurants, shops, gyms – for esthetic and improving effect;
  • In medical diversified institutions – for holding medical procedures;
  • When paving floor – effective design and advantage for health.

Thus, one may say, that salt designs differ in high universality, bringing at the same time benefit and creating unique esthetic effect.

It should be noted that the builders understanding specifics of this material advise to work only with elements from array of rock salt – tile, brick, blocks. They equally well are suitable also for construction of baths and saunas and also during creation of light niches. As for medical and optical manifestation, products from array implement them most fully. Unfortunately, it cannot be told about panels where salt represents only layer of vapor-deposited crystals.

Mounting and leaving

Salt panels differ in really very simple mounting. To fix one panel, picture or puzzle, the master will need only four fastening elements – the self-tapping screw or screw.

If it is about creation of light designs and niches, then efforts it will be required slightly more. But not for strengthening of panels or laying of bricks and competently to install necessary lamps and to bring electrical wiring.

Separately it is worth mentioning use of salt bricks at wall construction in bath. Usually for achievement of medical effect bricks just mount in wall near zone of the maximum heating or collect from them in sweating room. If salt blocks use as decorative element, then connect them among themselves by means of special set of fixtures. Solution is less often used. Availability at the master of any vocational training also does not mean both of these methods.
Anyway work with salt bricks or panels does not demand special skills or abilities.

Light panels does not demand any special leaving that significantly facilitates their operation.

So, if you have decided to take care really of own health, then information on salt designs will be undoubtedly useful. Now when choosing between salt blocks and panels, bricks or puzzles of problems will not arise. And it means, it will turn out to make optimal solution taking into account all characteristics and features of materials, their cost and properties.

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