Sealant for the bathroom: universal material for many tasks

Sealant for the bathroom: universal material for many tasks

Sealing of butt connections can be carried out in the different ways. The easiest, reliable, cheap and universal option is sealant for the bathroom. Means is carried out on a silicone, acrylic or polyurethane basis with addition of anti-fungal components. How to choose suitable structure depending on the nature of works? What types of sealant exist? How to apply substance? Answers to these and other questions are stated in article.

Sealing of butt connections can be carried out in the different ways. The easiest, reliable, cheap and universal option is sealant for the bathroom. Means is carried out on a silicone, acrylic or polyurethane basis with addition of anti-fungal components. How to choose suitable structure depending on the nature of works? What types of sealant exist? How to apply substance? Answers to these and other questions are stated in article.

The main directions of use of sealant for the bathroom

The pressurizing means in the bathroom can be used for various butt connections, including between a bathing or shower cabin and a tile on walls and a floor, a toilet bowl and a floor, the wall surface and a back board of the wash basin.

In the first case if the surface uneven or a gap reaches considerable width, in addition in places of an adjunction it is necessary to establish plastic corners. The structure is applied to fixing of a border. For this purpose waterproof glue-sealant for plastic is applied directly on a wall in the place of an adjunction of a corner. If the border is not used, under a shelf of a bathtub it is worth pasting a narrow strip from polyfoam which will prevent running off of the pressurizing substance.

Important! Use of sealant between a toilet bowl and a floor well influences uniform load distribution (from the sanitary device) on a surface.

The pressurizing means often is used for gluing of a tile on a concrete or brick surface, plastic, metal, plywood, gypsum cardboard or chipboard. The structure is applied directly on a tile on the diagonal and perimeter. Then the tile nestles on a surface. However such option is justified only for walls as the floor tile experiences considerable strain owing to what needs other means for installation.

Thanks to the good gluing properties such structure well proved as material for sanitary connections. Sealant can be used during the collecting sewer pipes, installation of shower cabins and pallets for prevention of outflow of water from gaps.

The pressurizing means can be also applied to processing of intertiled seams. For this purpose it is possible to buy color polymer. In comparison with a usual grout material is characterized by the best adhesive qualities, good elasticity and wear resistance. For protection of a surface against pollution it is recommended to use a painting adhesive tape.

Acrylic sealant for the bathroom: characteristic of structure

The acrylic structure is the most budgetary option among other pressurizing means. It does not contain toxic and other dangerous components, is chemically neutral. The structure is characterized by good adhesion to metal, glass, concrete, a brick, wood and its derivatives. For achievement of the maximum result it is better to process a surface before drawing primer. Material can be used at a temperature from-20 to +80 °C.

The structure is capable to sustain long vibration fluctuations with a low amplitude. After full hardening the seam will not differ in good elasticity. Therefore at stretching can collapse for 10-13%. It is possible to paint or varnish the dried acrylic surface.

Important! Acrylic sealant should be used in zones where material will directly not contact to water.

Such white sealant for the bathroom in the best way is suitable for filling of cracks and emptiness in surfaces from any material, connection of inactive or motionless elements, such as ceiling or floor plinths. It is also admissible to be applied to a grout of wide seams. Structure it is possible to process safely the unprotected edges of elements of furniture in the bathroom. It will be suitable also for a joint embedment between a wall and a sink. For filling of a gap between a wall and the bathroom you should not use it as the seam is characterized by high rigidity and will begin to collapse at fluctuations of a design.

Important! For the bathroom it is necessary to choose waterproof acrylic sealant.

The fact that he creates a favorable environment for reproduction of bacteria and a fungus belongs to one of the main shortcomings of acrylic waterproof sealant for plastic and other materials. Such originally white seam will shortly turn yellow. Therefore it is recommended to use colourless or color structure.

Characteristic of silicone waterproof sealant for the bathroom

Silicone sealant for the bathroom is the most popular material. Depending on structure it can be neutral and acid. The last option is characterized by simple manufacturing techniques therefore has low cost. However such sealant differs in a pungent unpleasant smell until hardening that complicates its use in the enclosed space. It should not be applied on metal surfaces as at once there is an oxidation process.

Important! Material grabs in 30 minutes and completely hardens after 7-48 hours that is defined by the layer thickness, temperature and humidity indoors, producer of sealant.

Neutral structures do not interact with metals thanks to what are characterized by wider scope. As such sealants differ in the difficult production technology, their cost is high. A kind of neutral silicone means is sanitary sealant for the bathroom as a part of which there is a fungicide thanks to what material shows resistance to influence of a mold and a fungus. It is the best option for sealing of the joints which are constantly contacting to water.

Silicone waterproof sealant can be single-component and two-component. The first option as it simpler in application, does not demand mixing of structures is mainly used.

This means has the good gluing ability owing to what it is widely used at installation of the wash basin in a table-top. It can be used for sealing of butt compounds of different materials. And also it is applied as sanitary sealant to sewerage pipes. Thanks to high resistance to moisture influence it is suitable for sealing of adjunctions of shower cabins, bathtubs, wash basins and other sanitary devices.

The main advantage of silicone sealant is the good elasticity of a seam after polymerization. It does not burst at fluctuations therefore it is possible to fill with structure a gap between a wall and the sanitary device.

Important! For the bathroom with the increased humidity, in order to avoid development of bacteria and a mold, on seams it is necessary to use silicone sealant with antiseptic additives.

Features of the polyurethane pressurizing structure for the bathroom

Polyurethane sealants, thanks to good technical properties, are demanded in bathrooms, bathrooms and kitchen. Having the sufficient gluing ability for reliable connection, the structure interacts with any surface, except plastic. After completion of process of polymerization the seam is quite elastic therefore at oscillating motions of surfaces does not collapse.

Sealant for seams in the bathroom is characterized by the increased moisture resistance, lack of deformation changes after drying. The ready surface can be painted or varnished.

It is possible to refer low stickiness with plastic surfaces to shortcomings of structure that limits the sphere of use of glue. It is ideal for sealing of connection between a wall and the pig-iron or steel bathroom, the glass or porcelain wash basin. It is not the best sealant for an acrylic bathtub or a shower cabin as the seam will proceed.

Helpful advice! It is better to apply colourless structures thanks to which accurater seam turns out to visible butt connections.

The polyurethane structure, in comparison with acrylic glue, is the best sealant for the bathroom as differs in good elasticity. It has no smell that is characteristic of silicone adhesive, however cannot interact with plastic surfaces. Among above-mentioned structures this sealant has the greatest cost.

New kind of sealant: glue on the basis of MS-polymers

Promptly the new type of sealant on the basis of MS-polymers gains popularity. Material combines qualities of polyurethane and silicone materials therefore reliable and elastic connections which are not deformed are formed, do not collapse and do not proceed. Full hardening occurs in 10-15 minutes. The best sanitary sealant for the sewerage is presented by structure with MS-polymers.

Important! This ideal means for sealing of any connections in rooms with high humidity.

Such waterproof sanitary sealant has excellent adhesion to any types of material, does not demand use of primers for increase in reliability of connection. The structure does not contain solvents and other dangerous components. Sealant has no smell, quickly dries, does not change color and does not burst. It differs in the increased moisture resistance. The elastic accurate seam after polymerization can be painted.

The main lack of such sealant is its high cost, however it is justified by reliability and durability of butt connection. Such seam will begin to turn yellow after a while. It is possible to solve a problem by means of special structures which process a surface. It is possible to remove an educated seam only mechanically.

Sealant for the bathroom: universal material for many tasks

Sealant for the bathroom: what is better to choose structure

The choice of type of sealant for this room is defined by an objective. For a joint embedment between a wall and a shower cabin or the bathroom the structure on the basis of MS-polymers will become the best decision. It is possible to use polyurethane or silicone waterproof sealant for the bathroom with anti-fungal impregnation.

That in the bathroom to paste a mirror, it is better to apply neutral silicone to the bathroom. It is possible to cover with this structure cuts and edges of furniture which is established indoors with the increased humidity. For gluing of the disappeared ceramic tile in the bathroom use of polyurethane structure or sealant with MS-polymers will become the best decision. Thanks to the high gluing qualities fast and reliable fixing of a product on the place will be provided. In this case the risk of damage of a tile as these structures do not provide shrinkage is excluded.

During the choice of the pressurizing means for connection of pipes it is necessary to pay attention to material of their production at once. For steel and pig-iron products polyurethane, silicone neutral sealant or structure with MS-polymers is used. For metalplasticity and plastic pipes sanitary sealant will be ideal for threaded connections on the basis of silicone. Polyurethane means should not be applied.

In case of registration of the bathroom in the wooden house of a wall often sheathe moisture resistant gypsum cardboard. For a joint embedment between material and a ceiling the silicone structure or sealant with MS-polymers thanks to which the elastic connections which are not deformed at shrinkage of the building are formed will become the best decision.

That the tight seam did not turn black as a result of development of a mold and a fungus, for the bathroom structures with antibacterial additives are selected. It is possible to use safely the sanitary sealants gluing means for aquariums which are characterized by the increased adhesion to the majority of materials at the same time do not blacken from moisture influence.

How many silicone sealant for the bathroom dries: major factors

How many does sanitary sealant dry? Time of full drying of sealant on the basis of silicone is defined by composition of substance, layer thickness, the place of application and external factors.

Acid silicone means stiffens in 5 hours, and neutral – in 24 hours. For this period ambient temperature should not fall below than by 5 °C. Sealant at the same time is applied in one layer which can be quite thick that is defined by the gap size for filling. Hardening of such seam requires 1.5-2 times more time. In case of multilayered drawing there is a probability of stratification of a seam.

Important! On packing of any gluing structure the period of drying and necessary conditions for its creation is specified.

Drying of silicone sanitary sealant happens gradually. First of all the external layer stiffens that occurs in 10-20 minutes. After this time the structure will not stick to hands. If it is careless to hook on sealant before the end of the specified period, the integrity of its external texture will be broken or it can come off completely.

Sanitary silicone sealant for the bathroom has to dry under normal conditions the environment. Temperature indoors has to be within 5-40 °C. The second important requirement for good drying of sealant is ensuring the movement of air masses indoors what in this room to achieve extremely difficult.

How many sealant acrylic, polyurethane or with MS-polymers dries

Acrylic sealant for the bathroom with anti-fungal impregnation begins to stiffen in 10 minutes after drawing. Throughout this time it is possible to alter a layer, to remove excess ledges. The end of process of polymerization comes in 24 hours. It is possible to correct visible defect of a seam by means of a sharp knife by sealant cutting.

The polyurethane pressurizing structure similar to polyurethane foam. Under the influence of the moisture which is airborne it grabs in 10-15 minutes. The single-component structure completely stiffens in 24 hours, and two-component – in 18-20 hours. Temperature indoors has to be not less than 23 °C. The it is lower, the period of hardening of a layer is more.

The pressurizing structure begins to grapple with MS-polymers in 10 minutes. Temperature in the bathroom has to be not below 20 °C. Completion of process of polymerization occurs in 24 hours.

For acceleration of polymerization of sealant there are several ways. It is possible to increase drying speed by means of creation of rather high temperature indoors that will help to provide the heater.

Helpful advice! As the local heating device it is not necessary to use the hair dryer which promotes uneven drying of sealant on all its surface that will become result of a low-quality seam.

It is possible to reduce the drying period by means of compulsory ventilation. Process will go quicker if periodically to spray a seam surface with water from a spray.

How to apply sealant in the bathroom in due form: process stages

Process of drawing on the surface of sealant for plumbing fixtures consists of three stages. The first consists in preparation of a surface. For this purpose it is carefully cleaned from pollution and residues of any gluing material.

Helpful advice! In the solution of a question, than to remove silicone sealant, special solvents will help, for example: Sіli-kіll, CRC Gasket Remover.

Further the surface needs to be degreased by means of alcohol or acetone. Then it should be wiped dry. For a embedment of deep seams the place needs to be drenched with hot air, using the hair dryer. The following stage is gluing of an assembly adhesive tape on both sides from a seam. Such stage will allow to protect a surface from pollution and will promote creation of an accurate seam.

Then it is necessary to prepare the pressurizing means. It mainly is issued in tubas of 80-400 ml. The capacity is less, the it is more convenient to use it. The tuba is equipped with the special applicator for drawing. If it is not provided, it is necessary to use a mechanical or accumulator gun. The tip of a bottle is cut off at an angle 45 °. The place of a cut is selected proceeding from width of future layer.

The tip of a tuba is inserted into the initial point of a seam. Means is smoothly squeezed out from capacity, evenly moving along a gap. Sealant has to come as it is possible more deeply. The intensity of pressing a trigger has to be identical that will provide a layer, uniform on thickness.

Important! During the putting sealant it is impossible to allow formation of gaps on a seam as it will become the place of hit of dirt and water.

For receiving a smooth seam after putting sealant in the bathroom it is necessary to run over it the finger moistened in soap solution or the elastic pallet, having removed excess material. With the same purpose on a tuba it is possible to establish the special leveling nozzle for simultaneous drawing and smoothing of means.

Until sealant stiffened, it is necessary to remove a painting adhesive tape. In case of damage of its seam it is necessary to level immediately, previously having moistened the place with water. If sealant got on a tile or plumbing fixtures, it is possible to remove it by means of a wet sponge. It is simple to liquidate the grabbed substance, having used solvent.

The review of the best sealants for the bathroom on a silicone basis

One of the most popular brands is silicone Ceresіt CS 25 sealant. The structure has high rates of adhesion to glass, a ceramic tile and the enameled surfaces. At the same time can play a grout role. At structure, besides silicone, there are anti-fungal additives that excludes education probability on a surface of a seam of black mold spots.

Sealant well lays down on the porous and smooth bases. After hardening differs in elasticity therefore it can safely be used for mobile butt connections. This sealant belongs to acetic structure therefore it is not recommended to be applied to contact with metal. The exception is made by a corrosion-proof surface. The structure is issued in various color scale.

Similar qualities characterize the neutral Soudal silicone sealant. It is produced in white, colourless, brown and black color.

For creation of a strong, reliable and elastic seam the best means is the Titanium silicone sealant. It can be used not only as primary insulating material, but also at restoration of already existing connections. Means differs in the increased adhesion, ease in drawing, durability and a possibility of coloring.

Universal Krass sealant enjoys wide popularity. It has high rates of adhesion to any materials. During the drawing means does not spread, evenly lays down on a surface, providing uniform filling of a gap. Thanks to high elasticity of a ready seam the pressurizing structure can safely be applied to mobile connections. Means is characterized by the increased fire safety, thermal stability and resistance to a mold.

Ideal means for performance of insulating works at installation of shower boxes and cabins is Dow Corning glue-sealant which can be used safely for the most difficult seams. Substance has high adhesion to different materials. Sealant, thanks to availability of fungicides in structure, is not inclined to development of a fungus and mold on a seam surface.

Important! This grade of sealant in the best way will be suitable for sealing of an aquarium.

Sealant for the bathroom is presented in several options of structure which have distinctive features that defines the sphere of their use. Material is capable to provide reliable and durable connection of surfaces thanks to high adhesion. It is quickly and easily applied, has available cost in comparison with other isolating materials.

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