Shower equipment: overview of modifications

Shower equipment: overview of modifications

Major repair of the bathroom is always followed by replacement of the sanitary equipment. The main question which rises before homeowners: whether it is worth changing usual bathtub for something more modern or to leave usual interior in the room. Usually the choice fluctuates between different shower decisions: boxing, corner, panel or cabin. All of them have the features when mounting, and, above all, differ in number of advantages and some shortcomings. It is important to consider these three moments not to be mistaken and receive as a result of repair the comfortable and functional bathroom for all family.

It is possible to distinguish several decisions from the options offered in shops. Water procedures can be adopted with the help:

  • Shower cabin;
  • Shower boxing;
  • Shower panel;
  • Shower corner.

Apparently from names, function of shower is the cornerstone of all listed equipment. For the rest devices significantly differ.

Shower panel

This simplest decision from all similar sanitary devices as the panel can be installed instead of the standard mixer for bathtub and also as the independent equipment.

The shower panel is the plastic, aluminum or glass plate equipped with set of sanitary elements. Most often here enter:

  • Shower watering can with upper fastening;
  • Massage nozzles;
  • Mixer;
  • Switch.

More difficult panels are equipped with two shower watering cans from which one fastens permanently, and the second joins by means of flexible hose. The quantity of nozzles can fluctuate from three to eight pieces, and than their is more, especially high-quality massage is available to the user.

Shower panels on comfort often are not inferior to difficult sanitary decisions and can be equipped with folding seats, benches for legs, mirrors and niches under cosmetic and bathing accessories.

When mounting the shower panel it is necessary to consider obligatory availability of sewer drain and conclusions for connection of cold and hot water. Besides, it is worth taking an interest beforehand in water pressure indicators in pipes. If the size of pressure is less admissible, then hydra massage functions of the panel will be unavailable to use.

It is worth looking narrowly at shower panels if independent assembly of shower cabin or corner as the device fully implements all necessary functionality of qualitative and comfortable shower is planned.

Shower corner

This type of the sanitary equipment is often called the shower cabin simplified by design. Certain truth in these words is, but after all the corner has cardinal differences that does it especially demanded for installation in rooms of the small area.

The shower corner is always the half-closed design established in angular part of the room where one or two walls replace walls of shower cabin. Therefore when mounting corner it is worth observing requirements to quality of mounting strictly:

  • Walls have to be the most equal to provide densely contiguity corner walls at installation of design;
  • Obligatory wall decoration is required by tile;
  • Floor has to have small inclination towards draining or to be extremely equal in case of mounting of pallet for corner.

Any corner is equipped with doors which can be oar or sliding. As for material of shutters that it is better to give preference to tempered glass though the plastic option is much cheaper and is often more attractive by sight.

Among advantages of shower corner It should be noted:

  • Low cost of product;
  • Possibility of independent mounting;
  • The suitable sizes even for small rooms;
  • Simple leaving throughout all term of operation;
  • Fast dismantling of design.

Such list of characteristics does shower corners especially popular at construction of dachas and summer lodges. But, unfortunately, the equipment also has shortcomings:

  • The surface of the walls contacting to corner has to be protected from moisture;
  • Walls have to be most leveled;
  • If installation is conducted without pallet, it is worth taking care of the correct arrangement of sewer draining.

But, despite all advantages of corner, the leading positions the shower cabin after all takes in consumer demand. It can fully implement all desires of the person at such pleasant occupation as evening and morning shower.

Shower equipment: overview of modifications

Shower cabin

If to look at the minimum complete set of shower cabin, then it is possible to see: walls, doors, pallet, shower watering can and system of draining. But cabins it is similar like difficult to find in sale as the main advantage of the equipment – the increased comfort, and it means what functions in standard shower cabin is meant much.

Shower cabins usually establish at walls though their design allows practically any place for installation, the main thing that there was possibility of supply of water and competent mounting of sewer draining.

Among shower cabins it is possible to meet options:

  • Open, that is without upper roof ceiling;
  • Closed – monoblocks with full range of necessary functions;
  • Built-in.

The closed designs are most often got, and pay the main attention to set of the functions attached to the equipment. The shower cabin can have in the functionality:

  • Hydromassage;
  • The steam generator that allows to imitate the atmosphere of classical Russian bath in cabin;
  • The fan that increases comfort at acceptance of hot shower;
  • Phone;
  • Radio or musical player;
  • Illumination, including color;
  • TV;
  • Possibility of carrying out Aram of therapy;
  • Availability of PDU for management of all functions.

At the same time, naturally, have all opportunities for comfortable shower: sitting, shelves, supports.

The area under shower cabin can be allocated practically any. Producers propose solutions from the minimum dimensions of 70х70 cm to really huge 150х150 cm. At the same time it is possible to issue the order for shower cabin of irregular design shape or for the equipment for pair use. Options exists set.

Shower cabins are suitable for bathing of children if to install in them pallet of sufficient depth; they are recommended to elderly people, it is already difficult to them to step through high side of bathtub. Even advise disabled people to establish shower cabin for more convenient procedures of ablution.

Shortcoming at shower cabin in principle only one – in it it is impossible to lay down and relax, as in bathtub. And for those users who are not ready to refuse gentle and lazy pro-driving time in lying situation shops offer shower boxes.

Shower boxing

Given the equipment is ideal for those who want to combine variety of water procedures of shower cabin with luxury and comfort of traditional bathtub. Boxes release the most different configuration, but rectangular options remain the most widespread decisions. Among functions of this sanitary device It should be noted:

  • The steam generator creating effect of the Russian or Turkish bath when using;
  • Hydromassage, including with medical impact on cervical and back departments;
  • Other types of massage: aero massage, water massage and others;
  • Availability of the stereosystem, phone and TV.

In principle the list of characteristics matches functionality of shower cabins, but here the level of comfort is much higher.

Also among advantages of shower boxes It should be noted:

  • Wide choice of the sizes and configurations;
  • Simplicity of mounting;
  • Ideal compliance of acrylic material to requirements for sound insulation and safety of heat.

The only complexity in installation and it is lack of boxing – it is strict requirements to floor. If there are doubts in carrying out the correct mounting, then it is worth taking care of the choice of quality pallet.

Installation of shower cabin the hands

All shower equipment can be mounted independently if to have at least the minimum skills on construction and repair. As the most widespread option in apartments and country houses is shower cabin, on its example it is possible to estimate features of installation and the requirement to ability of the master.

At once it is worth stipulating the fact that replacement of bathtub by other sanitary device does not demand any additional approvals now. Therefore quietly you choose model of the pleasant design with necessary functions and you begin works.

Traditionally the complete set of shower cabin includes:

  • Pallet;
  • Sidewalls;
  • Vertical racks;
  • Back panel;
  • Doors;
  • I rat;
  • Screen.

Works will require set of standard tools plus sealant and fum tape for insulating actions.

First of all, prior to mounting, it is recommended to choose the place in any room and to carry out assembly of cabin without connection and sealing. It will allow to exclude availability of the rejected elements, to understand the sequence of works and to facilitate further stages at installation of product in the bathroom.

After that it is possible to pass directly to mounting which will demand to carry out the following number of works:

  1. To install the system of draining by means of flexible hoses.
  2. To mount pallet according to the instruction of the producer. If the installed pallet has no legs, then it is worth thinking in advance of alignment of surface of floor by means of cement screed.
  3. To check pallet possible connection to sewer draining – whether length of hose is sufficient and whether all connections are hermetic.
  4. To install guides and installation of glasses. To carry out sealing of all joints.
  5. To install side panels, also processing silicone all places of connections.
  6. To install the back panel.
  7. To connect all electric devices and to check their working capacity.
  8. To connect shower cabin to water supply system, using flexible hoses. It is recommended to take hoses length slightly more necessary size.
  9. To establish glass doors and to adjust them.
  10. To carry out hinge plate of all internal elements.
  11. To check quality of mounting and correctness of work of water supply system and all elements.

Practically at all stages it is necessary to pressurize carefully all connections and joints by means of silicone as it is recommended the producer.

If at least one working stage causes difficulties, it is better to address professional plumbers to avoid troubles from the wrong connection and installation. But in principle mounting of shower cabin seldom causes difficulties, and all works are carried out with necessary care and with the worthy end result.

Choosing the shower device for the bathroom, it is worth being guided only by own desires as practically any whim from variety of water procedures can be implemented in the conditions of the standard bathroom.

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