Sink in the bathroom: choice and mounting

Sink in the bathroom: choice and mounting

Times of the same unattractive sinks have safely consigned to the past. The modern equipment intending for bathrooms surprises with variety of color, forms and materials. For any room it is possible to pick up “the” sink which not only perfectly fits into room interior, decorating it, but also will serve with the maximum functionality. How to pick up the sanitary equipment for the bathroom? Let’s understand.

Materials for production of sinks

Before to run behind purchase, we define material of which the desirable sink is made. It is possible to find the equipment from such materials as:

  • Metal. Most often devices are manufactured of stainless steel. Products are distinguished by high strength, good hygiene, durability and very attractive exterior. To number of shortcomings it is possible to refer instability to cleaning agents as a part of which there are abrasives, and noise from the water getting to the device. However, with the last problem it is rather easy to cope with the help of additional sound insulation.
  • Ceramics. Products are made of porcelain or faience. The first differ in especially smooth and strong surface which is usually decorated by painting. Porcelain very hygienic, is long-lasting and beautiful. Has higher price, than other stoneware. Faience – the most democratic option at cost. More porous, than at porcelain, surface does it less convenient in cleaning therefore it is covered with special glaze. Most often faience is used for production of the simplest and inexpensive models.
  • Glass. Original and beautiful decor. It is made from glass of special tempering which as a result gains high resistance to mechanical influences. Despite the seeming fragility such sinks are strong and safe. The main shortcoming – formation of unpleasant steady raid from tap water, dirt and use of improper cleansers.
  • Korian. The composite structure of which sinks are made includes mineral filler, pitches on the basis of acrylic and various pigments. Their availability allows to give to the equipment any invoice and shades, and also to imitate different materials. Korian is ordinary in processing: he easily is drilled, sawn and gives in to milling. Therefore sinks can differ in the most various forms. Besides material shockproof and does not absorb moisture at all, it does it extremely easy in leaving.
  • Natural stone, most often marble. It is expensive exclusive option. Sinks have magnificent view and attractive design. Demand very careful attitude and especially careful leaving. On stone surface set of micropores in which dirt can accumulate. Besides such construction has big weight.

Equipment design options

It is necessary to choose sink design from four options. Everyone has certain advantages therefore it should be taken into account in more detail them everything. The sink the console which is fixed on wall on special brackets is considered the simplest design. It is simple in installation and is convenient, but it is possible to meet her in the bathroom quite seldom. It is connected with the communications opened on public inspection which represent not the most esthetic show.

Sink on pedestal. Such equipment is called still “tulip”. The name has appeared together with the first models which in form reminded this flower. Modern designs can have different configurations. Designers recommend to select sink and pedestal in one style and similar forms. For example, rectangular, roundish, curved, etc. Refer attractive exterior as all water, and also and sewage pipes are closed by pedestal to advantages of system.

Design variation with pedestal – sink with floor pedestal which has no back wall. All communications are closed by the basis. The system is closely put to wall and demands leading of draining on strictly certain height. So that the siphon has been completely closed to floor by pedestal. As well as in case with sink on pedestal, it is necessary to select both objects in one style and similar form.

Interesting option – the sink which is built in table-top. The furniture curbstone is made of tree or specially processed MDF moisture resistant panels. External finishing of construction is various. The table-top is carried out from natural or artificial stone, plastic, tree or the same MDF. One more option – laid on sinks. They are established over table-top and differ in attractive exterior. Common fault of the built-in and laid on designs – they take very many place therefore they are most often used in bathrooms, big on the area.

When choosing sink some design features of the equipment are considered. It can have opening in bowl for installation of modulation or be issued without it. The first option is more preferable as protects the device from overflow. If the drain hole does not cope with the work, water through opening on the special channel comes to the space located under the ground valve from where goes to siphon. If such model is chosen, it is necessary to trace upon purchase that the device has been completed with fixture and siphon as not each model will be suitable for it.

One more feature: availability or lack of opening under the mixer. The first option assumes installation of the mixer on sink surface. It is the most widespread design. However for bathrooms where distributing assumes mounting only of one mixer, the general for shower and sink, such designs will not approach. In them sinks without additional opening will be more appropriate.

What it is important to consider upon purchase

The competent choice of the device begins with exact measurements of the place where it is supposed to be established. It will be so much simpler to decide on the necessary sizes of the equipment. Optimum length of sink – from 55 to 65 cm if bowl is the smaller size, water when washing will surely get on walls and floor. Big will take away a lot of place, and it is not always reasonable even for enough spacious rooms.

It is necessary to decide also on height of pedestal or pedestal floor if it is supposed. The person who will wash about sink should not bend too deeply. The same treats also curbstone height under the consignment note or the built-in system. The pleasant device it is necessary to examine, be convinced of absence of scratches and chips attentively once again. It is worth trying to establish sink on the pedestal chosen for it or on curbstone. It has to enter very precisely the place intending for it, but also it is ideal to match on color.

Surely check compliance of the water supply to fastening elements of the new device. At once buy the suitable siphon and other accessories necessary for carrying out connection to the sewerage. Do not forget also about fixture if it, of course, are required. If installation of new mixers is supposed, then it is also best of all to buy them along with sink. It will be so simpler to be convinced that models are compatible with each other.

Sink in the bathroom: choice and mounting

We establish sink with pedestal

The sanitary equipment with pedestal is mounted quite simply. All works are performed in several stages:

  • We begin with marking. We note places of future fastenings on the site where the bowl will be fixed. At first simple pencil we draw line which will designate the upper edge of construction. If on wall the tile is laid, we consider its seam, so it will turn out more beautifully. We check horizontal position of the drawn line by means of water level. Then we insert bowl into pedestal and we move up design closely to wall, combining marking and edge of bowl. On the back surface of the device we find fixing openings, we insert pencil into them and we plan points in which there have to be dowels. It is important to know: if the wall has no sufficient durability to sustain sink weight, fastening is made on special load-bearing framework.
  • We prepare openings. Drill or the perforator we carry out openings. Diameter of drill has to be a little less than diameter of the prepared dowels. For bigger durability we fill in a little glue in openings and it is densely hammered spreader dowels.
  • We prepare basis for installation of pedestal. We examine floor. It has to be equal that the equipment at operation did not shake. If it is required to level the basis, operation is carried out by means of solution.
  • We establish sink. Self-tapping screws we screw in screws in the prepared openings. We check reliability of fastenings and we put on bowl. We establish into place pedestal, checking that the drain hole was precisely on the center of design. We put on laying washers self-tapping screws and we begin them to twist carefully. To draw nuts inadmissibly: the sink can not sustain loadings and burst. Nuts drag on until the bowl ceases to be unsteady. We close fixing openings on sink decorative stubs.
  • We mount siphon. We attach final element to sink. The grid together with the screw and laying is inserted into draining opening. It is necessary to remember that at installation of release the laying fitting draining without shifts and the slightest gaps tightly is surely mounted. We twist the screw and we attach release to siphon. We connect discharge pipe to bell of the sewerage and we fix it there.
  • We install the mixer. We mount it through the flexible eyeliner which is connected to water supply system. The device is the plastic hoses supplied with the fitting or other nodes intended for fixing on water supply system. Installation of system requires the isolating winding, most often it is the fum-tape intending for consolidation of the mounted connections and prevention of leaking.

The sink is ready for operation. It is necessary to include water supply and to check reliability of all connections and correctness of installation.

Typical mistakes when mounting

Rather often excessive haste or inexperience can lead to different mistakes which negatively affect afterwards process of operation of sink. Carry to such problems:

  • Gap between bowl and wall. When using the device water will get on wall and to flow down down. Sooner or later the covering will begin to spoil. To prevent this unpleasant phenomenon, it is necessary to close up gap silicone waterproof sealant.
  • The design “moves”. The problem consists in insufficiently equal basis under pedestal or in badly tightened mounting screws. In the first case it is necessary to dismantle the equipment, to carefully level basis and again to collect design. – accurately and carefully to improve screws in the second.
  • The sink is inclined in one party. So happens when fastenings are located not on straight line. If the bias is small, it is possible to try to level it by means of adjustment of fixture. Elimination of big inclination requires dismantling of the device with the subsequent performance of new fixing opening.
  • Leaking of water supply system or sewerage. The reason – in insufficiently tightened connections. It is necessary to tighten them once again and to miss the mark connections of fragments of sewage pipes with silicone.

Mounting of the built-in sink

The built-in bowl is also rather simple in installation, however in the course of its mounting certain construction skills will be necessary. So if they are absent, perhaps, it is required to ask for the qualified help.

  • We mark part
    The responsible action can be considered competent marking of bowl. It is satisfied with observance of three simple conditions:
    1) the bowl should not be closely to edge;
    2) the sink is located at small distance from wall;
    3) the device has to be convenient to use.
    The marking consists in drawing on table-top of the line on which the opening under bowl will be carried out afterwards. At the same time dredging has to be such size that the sink could be placed strongly on surface and did not slide off down. The simplest option of marking – to use template which many producers put to the products. If it is absent, we arrive as follows.
    The sink turns over drain hole down and keeps within on table-top. We place it most conveniently where it and should be. Then simple pencil which is easily erased from surface we lead round bowl. We overturn design and we carry out measurements. We measure distance size from edge of washing to eyes. We postpone the received numbers from the corresponding points on marking and the new contour is carried out on them. It is possible to act still simpler: having receded from outside contour of 1.5 cm it is drawn the second line. On it we will also cut out opening under bowl.
  • Preparation of opening
    On the marked part it is necessary to execute cut. More simply and most quicker to make it by means of the electro fret saw. If it is impossible, also the normal hacksaw will approach. However in that case process will go much more slowly. Before to begin to work with hacksaw, in opening as it is possible closer to the line of marking, we drill opening. It has to be such that the tool edge has entered. Cutting out begins with this place. It is necessary to try to press as little as possible decorative coat, otherwise chips can appear. Upon termination of works of edge of part we straighten.
    The leveled end faces of opening are carefully ground by file and abrasive paper. We coat smooth edges with silicone sealant. We perform operation especially accurately and carefully, the lack of problems with leaking in use of system depends on its quality. We pay special attention to composition of sealant. It has to correspond to type of material on which it is applied. For example, solution on spirit basis will be suitable for plastic or wooden surface.
  • Installation of sink
    After edges are missed the mark with silicone, we insert bowl into table-top. She has to get up into place very densely. For ensuring the correct landing the product can be turned and shaken in support. We establish and tighten fixture. We delete excess silicone which can be squeezed out when landing bowl into place. We leave construction before full drying of sealant. Then the sink can be considered safely established.
  • Assembly of elements of system
    Installation of drain system and connection to the sewerage are carried out according to the instruction of the producer. The mixer is mounted also in strict accordance with the recommendations of the manufacturer. The lack of opening on the bowl body in which the mixer has to be installed can become the only complexity. In that case in table-top at stage of performance of opening under sink we cut also opening under the equipment.

The choice and independent installation of sink of any type – business quite feasible for the house plumber. The accuracy, patience and careful implementation of all paragraphs of the instruction guarantee the correct performance of all works. The efforts spent for mounting will pay off a hundredfold. In the bathroom there will be sanitary equipment installed in due form which without the slightest complaints will serve not one year.

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