Size of lime sand brick white, characteristics and features of laying

Size of lime sand brick white, characteristics and features of laying

In the modern construction market there is huge amount of different materials, each of which has the unique characteristics. The lime sand brick is one of the most popular materials for finishing of facades and facing of buildings. The size of lime sand brick white, as well as some other its parameters, can vary. Before buying this material for construction, it is worth studying its features in more detail.

Types of lime white sand brick

Before asking question – how much is lime white sand brick, it is necessary to understand that this very loose concept.

There are several options of classification of this type of brick:

  • by the size – standard and one-and-a-half brick. Parameters of standard – 250х120х65 mm, one-and-a-half – 250х120х80 mm. It is also possible to make lime sand bricks of oversize if it is necessary for the customer. The size of lime sand brick white depends only on what laying you are going to do;
  • in form – hollow or corpulent. In the first option in brick there is dredging round or rectangular shape which are perpendicular to the widest edge of product. If to you it is important how many white lime sand bricks weigh, then it is better to choose hollow option. By the way, it can be two-hollow and three-hollow. The corpulent lime sand brick has monolithic filling and, respectively, weighs more;
  • on the sphere of assignment – facing brick and special purpose brick. It is logical that the first option is applied for the purpose of facing of facades, and here the second is used for creation of fireplaces, furnaces, construction of overlappings, the bases and other constructive parts.

Choosing the size of lime sand brick white and other its characteristics, consider, first of all, scope of material. For example, the hollow facing brick will be suitable for finishing of facade of the house better. The monolithic brick is often used for the bases as it is capable to maintain heavy loads.

Main characteristics of lime sand brick

Many mistakenly consider that the brick is very simple product. Actually even this construction material has mass of features.

Before learning the piece price of white lime sand brick, pay attention to its following utilization properties:

  • availability of the increased frost resistance – this parameter is useful if you plan construction of the house in the conditions of cold winter or just sharp temperature drops;
  • the weight of lime white sand bricks – hollow brick weighs slightly more than 3 kg, one-and-a-half 4 kg, standard corpulent 3.5 kg, corpulent one-and-a-half – nearly 5 kg;
  • waterproofing material properties – as a rule, the qualitative lime white sand brick does not pass water therefore it can be used safely for external finishing work, without being afraid that the facade will lose the attractive exterior because of rain.

Helpful advice! As for use of lime sand brick for the device of the furnace or fireplace then you should act at own risk. The brick has rather high heat conductivity therefore designs from it can become useless rather quickly.

Size of lime sand brick white, characteristics and features of laying

As the size of lime sand brick white affects features of finishing

Whatever size of lime sand brick white you have chosen, it is always necessary to consider number of nuances when laying:

  1. The seam between bricks should not be more than 1.3 cm.
  2. Between laying and the wall surely it is necessary to leave small space for ventilation, it will help you to avoid accumulation of condensate on bricks.
  3. Silicate well absorbs moisture therefore brick solution needs to be done dense.

If you do not want that your walls from lime sand brick suffered from humidity and lost at the same time the operating ability, then the fresh laying is recommended to be covered with special moisture resistant solutions.

For the rest laying of lime white sand brick – business quite simple. You can cope with it by own efforts even with the minimum skills in the field of construction.

Advantages and shortcomings of lime white sand brick

The white brick on silicate basis not without reason enjoys wide popularity among builders.

It is possible to distinguish the following from its advantages:

  • reliability and durability;
  • frost resistance, resistance to temperature drops and other adverse factors of natural character;
  • wide choice of options of coloring;
  • unpretentiousness and simplicity in mounting and operation.

Also lime sand brick provides the high level of heat insulation in the house, is steady against mechanical influences. It is possible to carry the small level of heat resistance because of what can be quite problematic to shortcomings to use such brick for construction of furnaces and fireplaces.

Helpful advice! When facing facade it is the best of all to use hollow brick of standard dimensions. It will allow you not only to save on material, but also to receive as a result rather light-weight construction.

The price of lime white sand bricks is not too high in comparison with other construction materials. It allows to use widely them and at the same time not especially to be spent financially. For this reason many builders choose white lime sand brick as construction material for external and internal works. And its rather small weight in combination with excellent utilization properties do brick very popular for construction of wide range of constructions.

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