Sizes and prices of OSB plates: advantages and shortcomings of material

Sizes and prices of OSB plates: advantages and shortcomings of material

Oriented strand plates have densely entered modern construction, having replaced with themselves once popular wood-shaving panels. The multilayer structure in combination with high quality of the used wood allocates this material with excellent technical characteristics. Let’s consider in article of property, feature, the sizes and the prices of OSB of plates and also widespread spheres of their application.

OSB of plate: what is it, and what they are

Correctly and effectively to use similar panels in work, it is necessary to know that OSB the plate is construction material which consists of elements of wood, so-called large-size shaving. These particles are connected among themselves to the help of influence of high temperature and pressure and also waterproof pitch.

Such plates differ from chipboard generally in arrangement of chips in layers: transverse direction is characteristic of internal part of plate, and here longwise shaving have outside. So, at the expense of several layers (most often three, sometimes four) and alternations of the directions of arrangement of chips, strong and reliable construction material turns out.

As basis for production of such plates use chips from 7.5 to 15 cm long. At the same time width and thickness of shaving also has to be within norm of 1-1.2 cm and 0.5-0.8 mm respectively. Elements of the smaller size for production of OSB do not use, transport them for production of wood-shaving plates.

Depending on thickness and also the weight of OSB of plate, all products are separated by producers into three main classes:

  • OSB 1 – the easiest and simple option of plate. Its application is limited to simple works which do not provide too serious surface load. Besides, material badly transfers increase in air humidity;
  • OSB 2 – stronger option which use is admissible even when mounting load-carrying structures. However this material also negatively reacts to moisture influence;
  • OSB 3 is the most expensive, but at the same time and the best option. To this class of plates neither serious loadings, nor the increased humidity are terrible. Operation of this construction material is admissible even in the most severe conditions.

Production technique of plates of OSB

In order that it is better to understand subtleties of use and characteristics of OSB, it is necessary to know how and from what they are received. Let’s consider short manufacturing techniques of this material.

The first stage – selection of suitable wood. Trunks of hungry non-business wood select previously and saw on small parts which serve as preparations. Then the special machine crushes them, turning into chip tape. Depending on requirements of production, it is possible to set the different size of spill which turns out at the exit. After drying material arrives on the machine where there is separation of small chips from large.

After chips of the necessary size are sorted, for mixing add binding elements to them. Most often it is phenolic or isocyanate substances which give to future plate the internal durability and moisture resistance. The turned-out mix mixes up with paraffin and pitches in special drum.

Forming of the plate begins with shaving laying process layers up and down. The special machine equipped with scales and magnets is for this purpose used.

When the potential plate has taken the shape, make pressing process, putting pressure of 5 N/mm ². The increased temperature and pressure provide strong coupling of elements, creating uniform integral plate which after cooling is cut on products of the necessary size.

Range of application of OSB of plates

Thanks to the characteristics and the affordable price, chip plates of OSB are widely applied in many spheres.

Here some main options of use of this material:

  • mounting of OSB of plates on walls (as with outside, and from the inside);
  • laying of floors from OSB of plates;
  • construction of both temporary, and constant partitions;
  • creation of constructional elements in low construction;
  • creation of continuous furring for further laying of roofing material.

OSB of plate: sizes and technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of OSB of plates will pleasantly surprise even the most experienced builder. We will consider below what main properties of this material do it such attractive.

Simplicity of processing. Having standard set of joiner’s tools, you without effort will be able fully to work with OSB plate. For giving of the necessary size and form to it, you can saw it, cut, plane or grind. And to provide it reliable fastening, it is possible to drill or punch in it openings for fixture.

The high holding ability. The large elements of spill used in the course of production allow to hammer into nail plate even at the minimum distance from edge (up to 6 mm) without risk of emergence of chips. OSB perfectly holds fastening elements.

Also as way of fastening of plate it is possible to use joiner’s glue.

Helpful advice! If you are going to use the sheet OSB as outside finishing material, then surely provide it protection by means of special paint and varnish structure.

Plate density. This indicator for standard OSB 3 (the value can differ a little depending on the producer) is about 640 kg/m³.

Moisture-proofness. Despite the wood origin, OSB of plate react to contact with moisture absolutely quietly. They, of course, can be deformed under the influence of water, however this reaction is noticeable, only if air humidity rises higher than 65%. Up to this point the plate is capable to resist to changes, completely keeping the exterior and characteristics. The steadiest against moisture – OSB 3 plate. Products of the first class, respectively, have the smallest water resistance.

Fire safety of oriented strand plates. In the course of studying of technical characteristics of plates OSB 3, this point raised set of questions. Small particles of wood is capable easily ignite, and can constitute additional danger in case of fire emergence. However multiple experiences have proved that it is possible to use material for the structure of residential buildings. However, it is desirable to combine it with nonflammable fillers or heaters, for example, mineral wool.

The sizes of oriented strand plates can be different, depending on class of product and way of processing of its edges.

Classical it is considered to be products of the class OSB 3 with such dimensions:

  • 2500х1250 and 2440х1220 mm on condition of equal cutting of edges of plate;
  • 2500×1250, 2450×590, 2440×590 and 2440х1220 mm for plates with groove.

Depending on purpose and type of product, thickness of plate can fluctuate from 9 to 22 mm.

Advantages and shortcomings of use of OSB of plates

Based on some experience of application of OSB of plates, characteristics of this material and also responses, it is possible to draw the certain conclusions concerning pluses and minuses of this material.

Advantages of use of OSB:

  • probability of stratification, splitting or emergence of chips almost completely is absent, thanks to homogeneous structure of plate;
  • correctly oriented spill interferes with moisture penetration and also gives the chance without fears to hammer into nail plate;
  • It is easy for OSB of plate to cut, saw, etc.;
  • the way crest groove perfectly is suitable for connection of plates among themselves;
  • plates are insensitive to sharp temperature drops and moderate weight loadings;
  • the designs built from OSB of plates have irreplaceable quality – elasticity. It allows them to transfer better any tremors, than, for example, to stone constructions;
  • in the presence of the corresponding certificate, the ready-made product is completely safe for human health;
  • at all the advantages and characteristics, OSB of plate keep available cost.

It is difficult to note some serious shortcomings of this product. The only thing what it is worth remembering that work with any wood materials demands protection of airways. Pitches which are part of wood dust are carcinogens which are unsafe for human health. For the rest to find minuses quite difficult. It is rather simple to see photo of OSB of plates on the Internet to understand, how widely they are used in construction and as many projects can be implemented with their help.

Sizes and prices of OSB plates: advantages and shortcomings of material

Whether there is from use of OSB of plate harm for human health

Oriented strand plates are called completely environmentally friendly material. However despite it, it is possible to hear set of the different opinions claiming about terrible danger which is concealed in themselves by OSB of plate. Let’s try to understand whether these fears are proved, and whether there is real threat to health in case of use of these products.

According to the statements of those who believe in insecurity of the connections used for production, phenol formaldehyde, urea-formaldehyde and melamine-formaldehyde pitches have synthetic origin. And though they allocate OSB of plate with all those qualities for which they are so highly appreciated, at non-compliance with the technology of production they can be unsafe even after full hardening.

Helpful advice! Special attention to certification of the acquired product those people who have predisposition to allergic reactions and also families with small children should pay attention.

Dangers which are concealed in itself by excessive release of such cancerogenic impurity as formaldehyde, phenol, benzene and methanol – very serious. It is fraught with emergence of skin allergic reactions and probability of development of serious diseases. As a result of influence of these substances violations of work of cardiovascular system are often noted.

How this problem is solved? To minimize risks of negative impact of substances on human body, special classification which provides admissibility of use of each type of plates of OSB in these or those conditions has been developed.

Marking of OSB of plates

Each large producer is without fail obliged to provide the products for passing of sanitary and hygienic examination. So, each consignment of goods receives the own certificate in which it is specified what tests have been carried out and as far as these products is safe for use in premises.

The European DIN EN120 standard, provides the following classification, depending on amount of the formaldehyde which is contained in product.

On 100 grams of solid matter:

  • E3 – up to 30 mg;
  • E2 – 10-20 mg;
  • E1 – up to 10 mg;
  • E0 – up to 6.5 mg.

Helpful advice! Better to understand the offered digits, think that normal the amount of formaldehyde in air does not exceed 0.003 mg on 1 m³ while service water contains about 0.5 mg/l.

Thus, the product quality has to be documented, especially for OSB of plates for interior finish. The harm in the certificate is not displayed, however specify the minimum class of safety. Use of products with marking of E2 and E3 for internal works is strictly forbidden! Such materials use only for outside facing or for finishing of non-residential premises, for example, of attics, change houses and sheds.

Despite serious danger to find safe products rather simply. Most of large producers, in addition to obligatory checks, on own initiative give the goods on various tests. However unfortunately, it concerns generally foreign companies.

What it is worth paying attention upon purchase of OSB plates

Before paying and taking away the goods acquired by you, pay the attention to the following nuances:

  • pungent smell of formalin or plastic – that sign which obviously indicates the increased toxicity of product;
  • upon purchase surely demand for yourself the copy of the certificate certified by the press of the supplier or producer and confirmatory safety of products;
  • before taking away goods examine packaging. It has to be integral, have marking and additional sheets inserts with information on product;
  • be once again convinced that the class of safety of the acquired material is not higher than E0 or E1.

If you are attentive and with all responsibility will treat the choice and purchase of OSB of plates, then no real threat to your health will exist.

Producers, sizes and prices of OSB of plates

As it was already mentioned, one of advantages of oriented strand plates – available price category. Acquiring OSB, you receive the same natural wood, but at more favorable price.

The first what OSB price – the sizes of plate and manufacturing firm depends on. Depending on what filler is used in the course of production, cost will fluctuate.

Of course, if you make wholesale purchase and order several cubic meters of goods at once, will provide you considerable discounts. But most often buyers give preference to purchase of sheets by the piece.

Of course, a lot of things depend on plate class and also on its size and thickness. But as we see from the table, even products with very similar technical characteristics can differ in the price only because of the producer.

Features of mounting of OSB of plates

Construction oriented strand plates, as well as any other material, have the features and requirements to mounting. Let’s consider some of them on the example of external covering of walls of the house.

First, for external finishing choose materials which thickness is from 11 to 13 mm. Secondly, the more there will be area of sheets which you use, the less joints to you it is necessary to process.

Between two sheets at the time of fastening them to racks it is necessary to leave small gap – no more than 3-5 mm. It becomes in order that at increase in air humidity the plate could inflate, and at the same time not be deformed.

To attach OSB plate to wall surface, it is possible to use both self-tapping screws, and spiral nails. However it is unanimously recognized that the best way of fastening – combined. To use both options at the same time – means to provide the most reliable fixing which it is only possible.

Helpful advice! For the purpose of prevention of situations when from fixture to edge of plate the crack appears, it is recommended to do space in 7-10 mm.

One more important moment – arrangement of waterproofing and protection against wind. For this purpose use special super diffusion membrane which perfectly copes with these functions and at the same time takes away moisture from walls, without allowing to accumulate condensate. Some try to replace it with normal polyethylene to save. However the problem consists that the simple film does not promote removal of moisture that can lead over time to material rotting processes.

So wide popularity of oriented strand plates is quite explainable, not so many materials can make it the worthy competition, having fought for superiority not only technical characteristics, but also price range.

As for the shortcomings connected with danger of this product to human health, here only it is required to devote it time – once to understand question and to pick up OSB of safe class. And for the rest it is very convenient, practical and modern material which by right can stand on an equal basis with wood.

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