Spotlights for filing of roof: sizes, prices and short overview of versions

Spotlights for filing of roof: sizes, prices and short overview of versions

After completion of mounting works of roof obligatory finishing of eaves is necessary. It will allow to protect it from influence of external natural factors – rain, snow, strong wind, will prevent nesting of birds, appearance of mean insects and will prolong roof life cycle. Today for these purposes special elements – spotlights for filing of roof are used: the sizes, the prices and producers, the used materials and councils for mounting will be provided in this article.

Than it is possible to make filing of roof

Filing of roof of the building was carried out always. If not to make it, then the roof will quickly become useless, and the house will be cold and crude.

There is large amount of different materials which can carry out finishing of facade and roof:

  • wooden board. It is possible to use cut or not cut wood. Most often give preference to coniferous breeds. It costs not much, and differs in availability. Before mounting the tree is subjected to processing by anti-septic tank. After that within 30 days maintain in the warm well aired place. When there is direct laying of boards, slots for ventilation are provided in joints;
  • lining. Available and inexpensive material. For outside use it is chosen with moisture-proof and antiseptic characteristics. Lining densely to each other keeps within. However between eaves and wall of the house the gap for ventilation is provided;
  • siding panels. This type of material has appeared relatively recently. However has deserved popularity thanks to the available cost and long term of operation. Feature of mounting of siding is need of its installation perpendicularly to house wall. Otherwise panels can sag under curb weight;
  • plywood sheets. Before mounting this material is subjected to impact of special water-repellent impregnation. Then cut on levels of the necessary size and then already start performance of work;
  • metal siding. Aluminum and galvanized plates easily are mounted, differ in durability. However have very high cost;
  • spotlights. Convenient and reliable material which does not need to be prepared previously before installation. Any house handyman can carry out by spotlights filing of overhangs of roof. For performance of these works special knowledge is not necessary.

Further we will consider spotlights in more detail.

Kinds of spotlights for filing of roof

Modern producers separate spotlights for roof according to constructional features and materials of which they are made.

The existing types:

  • nonperforated continuous. On exterior it reminds the continuous smooth panel. This type is recommended to be used when filling overhangs of pediment;
  • partial perforation. This type differs in availability of perforation in the middle of the panel. Use of such look allows to receive good ventilation. It gives the chance to prevent emergence of mold, fungus and condensate. Perfectly is suitable for finishing of any site of eaves;
  • completely perforated. Such type is recommended to be chosen for finishing of overhangs with eaves, hoods, skates. The perforated spotlights – the best choice for roof of arbor, porch or verandah. He will allow to receive necessary ventilation.

The difference between them is well visible on photo of spotlights to filing of roof which there is a lot of on the Internet now. Leaning on them, it is possible to choose that type which finishings and configurations of roof conform to requirements. Except constructional features, spotlights are separated on the used materials.

Materials for production of spotlights

Influence on the size and cost of spotlights renders the material used for their production. Popular brands are chosen for this purpose aluminum, copper, metal and plastic.

Let’s dwell upon them:

  • perforated spotlights from copper are the most expensive. They are distinguished by the small thickness of plate and long term of operation up to 150 years. At the same time spotlights are ecologically safe, steady against influences of aggressive factors of the external environment, do not demand permanent careful care;
  • spotlights for roof from aluminum differ in the low price, resistance to temperature drops. Thanks to specialized coating, they are not affected by corrosion. Thickness of plates is from 0.3 to 0.6 mm;
  • corrosion-proof spotlights are considered as the most long-lasting. They are distinguished by resistance to influence of moisture and temperature drops. For finishing of eaves of roof by spotlights from metal both perforated, and continuous plates can be used. The price of metal spotlights is the lowest among other types;
  • for production of plastic spotlights polyvinyl chloride is used. They differ in the small price and lightweight. Such spotlights well maintain temperature drops. They are not subject to influence of fungus and mold, however at influence of direct sunshine can turn yellow.

Helpful advice! When choosing spotlights for filing of roof it is necessary to consider building type. Metal elements will make heavier design and to put pressure upon the base. Therefore in frame houses for finishing of roof it is better to choose plastic.

Sizes of spotlights

Strangely enough, however today there are no standardized parameters for spotlights. Each producer offers the client own sizes. It allows to choose that it best of all is suitable for specific eaves. It is impossible to make cutting of panels.

Most often the companies offer spotlights the sizes of 360х30 cm. These parameters are convenient and practical. Knowing them, it is possible easily it is necessary to calculate the number of panels. They well keep within, forming the beautiful drawing on eaves.

The Russian manufacturing companies of spotlights offer panels from 50 to 80 cm wide. If desired it is possible to find also wider models.

Thickness of aluminum panels is in range from 0.3 to 0.6 mm.

And here vinyl can have the following parameters:

  • thickness from 1 to 1.2 mm;
  • width from 2.2 to 3 cm;
  • length from 30 to 38.5 cm.

Helpful advice! It should be noted that parameters of producers of the different countries differ from each other. The poet upon purchase of spotlights it is necessary to study their sizes attentively.

Advantages of spotlights for filing of roof

Filing of roof spotlights has number of advantages in comparison with other types of finishing.

It is possible to carry the next moments to the main advantages of use of this material:

  • high resistance to mechanical influence;
  • lack of special requirements to leaving (it is enough to wash water two times a year);
  • resistance to influence of moisture, direct sunshine and to high temperatures;
  • broad range of application (perfectly are suitable not only for outside, but also for interior finish);
  • simplicity of mounting;
  • resistance to influence of fungus and mold;
  • excellent exterior;
  • protection not only for roof, but also for all communications located under it;
  • possibility of use at different temperatures, from-60 to 120 °C.

Besides, they are ecologically safe for human health and have good exterior.

Shortcomings of spotlights

As well as any material, spotlights for filing of roof have number of shortcomings about which it is necessary to know, choosing them for themselves.

Specialists carry to them:

  • need of constant control behind condition of plates. The perforated spotlights can be hammered with different small garbage. Under the influence of strong wind gusts of plate are loosened and leave grooves. Every year it is necessary to perform careful inspection of all spotlights. And every five years is required their full or partial replacement;
  • cost of this material quite high. If to compare it to normal professional flooring, then the last can be got twice cheaper;
  • impossibility to change the spotlights size if necessary. So when laying siding or professional flooring material can be reduced by means of make-shifts. With spotlights so it is impossible to make. It is connected with availability in its design of perforation. Their violation leads to deterioration in utilization properties of material.

Helpful advice! If the roof has non-standard corners or curves, then perforated spotlights – not the best choice as finishing of eaves.

Spotlights for filing of roof: sizes, prices and short overview of versions

Spotlights for filing of roof: sizes, prices and producers

Today the different companies make spotlights for roof. Because this material differs in considerable cost, specialists recommend to buy it only from the famous manufacturers.

The overview of producers of spotlights for roof

At the construction market there is significant amount of producers of finishing plates, will consider the most known in more detail.

Docke. The homeland of this producer – Germany. The company suggests clients to buy spotlights for filing of roof of several sizes: 3050х305 and 3050х151 mm. It is possible to choose plates of white, red or chocolate color. Distinctive feature of this producer is completion of spotlights additional elements which are necessary when mounting.

Gentek. The company is American, though works at our market not the first year. It releases aluminum spotlights for filing of roof, the price for which is the highest in the market of construction materials. However getting plate, the client receives complete set with additional elements at once. He should not buy them separately. The j-rail, j-facet, wind levels, finishing level and aluminum textural strip is included in the package. Spotlights of this brand happen brown and white color. The size of plates is 3660х306 mm.

Grand Line. It is the Russian producer. He offers spotlights roofs, metal for filing, the price for which differs in availability. It is possible to choose brown or white color of products. The sizes offered by the producer – 3000х305 mm. Advantages of plates of this brand are the long term of operation (up to 50 years), resistance to influence of sunshine, blows, obscurity of joining and good flexibility.

Holzplast – the company from Germany. She offers vinyl spotlights which are made by pressing. Use of technologies gives the chance to the producer to release spotlights two-layer and three-layered. Sizes of plates of 3660х266 m. The client can choose white, chocolate shade or color of gold oak.

Royal Europa – the Polish brand. It is possible to buy spotlights for roof of this firm in different color scheme. The sizes of plates are 3660х305 mm. Difference of this producer is use of stabilizers of tin and organic type. They are absolutely safe for human health and the environment.

Alta profil – this Russian company. Distinctive feature of this brand – good ratio of the price and quality. Its spotlights perfectly transfer influence of direct sunshine and low temperatures. The sizes of plates – 3000х230 mm.

Helpful advice! Deciding to make for roof eaves spotlights, you should not pursue popularity of the producer. The Russian companies offer materials not of the worst quality at the affordable price and with excellent utilization properties.

How to hem roof spotlights?

Modern construction offers two options of filing of eaves spotlights. The choice of one of them depends on personal preferences and desires of the owner of the house. However both options demand carrying out preparatory work. They come down to warming of the building outside. After that it is possible to buy spotlights for filing of roof and to start their installation.

Mounting modes of spotlights

There are two ways of laying of plates.

Classical filing. In this case the usual horizontal box from tree is established. Between rafters the additional board surely is established. To it will fasten edges of plate. On timber frame construction there is laying of spotlights. One edge of plate is fixed on the lower site of rafters, and the second – on the laid additional board. In those corners where there is contact of slopes of roof, it is necessary to fix the ends of boards. The joints received thus are located from the angle of interface of walls and to the corner received by slopes.

Such constructional decision gives the chance to receive rigid tamperproof construction. It does not depend on walls. That mounting of spotlights on eaves of roof has turned out reliable, it is necessary to get special corners and plates for metal. However rather often for their fixing use normal screws.

Filing on rafters. This option should be chosen when the rooftop has small bias. In this case the pitch of roof matches the angle of filing. Fixing of plates happens on the rafters going parallel to house walls. If the lower part of rafters has uneven surface, to be made alignment by means of additional board.

Classical filing is most often used. It differs in simplicity and speed of mounting. On rafters it is required to time for filing more.

Additional elements for mounting

To carry out finishing work, it is necessary not only to buy you spotlights for roof, but also to get to them number of additional elements. Some producers offer all set at once. However it increases the price of spotlights for filing of roof.

The additional elements used in finishing work:

  • finishing strip. It is used on completion phase after all panels and additional elements are installed. It supports spotlights. Besides, the finishing tape is used for registration of inclined lines in places of joining of spotlights;
  • j-facet. Its assignment – protection against wind of the terminations of levels and giving of design of necessary rigidity;
  • j-profile. It is used at installation of the closed overhangs. To it spotlights fasten;
  • h-profile. Its assignment – connection of spotlights with rafters and bars of roof;
  • profiles for registration of external and internal connection corners.

The listed elements are not obligatory. Their quantity can increase and decrease depending on the rooftop, features of installation, etc.

What is necessary for installation

Technology of carrying out installation works of spotlights quite simple and clear. For its performance it is optional to invite the specialist. Rather attentively to study video of installation and to adhere to it when carrying out installation works.

However it is impossible to do without certain set of tools and duplicate parts:

  • profiles for fixture have to be acquired in complete set. Otherwise you should not begin work;
  • sharp carpenter’s knife. With its help it is convenient to establish plates in grooves;
  • hacksaw;
  • marker with the built-in self-tapping screw;
  • ruler and screw driver;
  • the ladder or bricklayer’s scaffold for work are on the ball.

It is more convenient to carry out installation works in couple. It not only will accelerate process, but also considerably will facilitate it.

Sequence of performance of work

Two options of mounting of spotlights are given above. For beginners it will be simpler and more clear classical. Mounting on fellings has number of features therefore it is better for specialist to carry out it.

The step-by-step instruction of filing of eaves of roof is included below by spotlights:

  • both plastic, and metal panels are installed on timber frame construction. For its production the bar from tree with the section of 5 cm is used. It is not necessary to take tree with large or smaller diameter. The thick bar will weight roof design, and thin – will not sustain influence of external forces (strong wind or abundant snowfall);
  • before fastening of bars it is necessary to spend careful marking of wall at home. At the same time it is obligatory to note where there will be internal grooves and fastenings. When mounting spotlights of mark have to match completely. It will provide eaves surface evenness;
  • after marking mounting of wooden bar is made. At the same time use of construction level is obligatory. How the bar will be fixed on wall, the owner solves. If the building brick, then it is possible to use nails and just to beat tree. If the house from tree, foam concrete blocks or other material, then is better to use the screw driver or to establish dowel;
  • on bar installation of the bearing profile is made. It has j-shaped groove. In it installation of spotlights will be made. On panels the same groove is provided. It provides necessary rigidity of future design;
  • the following step – installation of filler panels. For their mounting it is possible to use nails or screws. You should not try to obtain dense docking of panels. Between them there has to be small gap. You should not worry that will blow into cold wind there or moisture will get. At the subsequent operation this gap will withdraw;
  • completion phase – installation of finishing tape in places of joining.

After mounting is complete, the received surface is recommended to be processed protective enamels for outside works.

Carrying out filing of roof – obligatory and necessary stage at completion of finishing of roof. It will allow to ensure safety of framework of roof from influence of external natural factors, appearance of mean insects and birds. The last can do considerable harm to the used tree. Besides, not properly executed eaves do the house crude and cold that, in turn, leads to increase in expenses on heating.

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