Stretch ceilings

Stretch ceilings

What is stretch ceiling? First of all is design which can turn any apartment into the present work of modern design. Such ceilings represent the strong covering fixed by special fastenings – baguettes – at small distance from the existing ceiling.

Except set of other advantages, installation of stretch ceiling will not turn the apartment into scenery of the post-war movie, will take only several hours and will not demand too heavy expenses. The ceiling will protect the room from flooding, it is waterproof, will hide all shortcomings: roughnesses, seams of overlapping, spot, behind it can be hidden communications and wiring. Besides all materials are steady against fire.

However as well as any other material, at stretch ceilings has also some shortcomings. First of all, the help of qualified specialists will not turn out, will be required to establish them independently. Vinyl ceilings can be easily spoiled by sharp objects, and textile cloths quickly enough become wet. But it prevents stretch ceilings to remain at the peak of popularity as they can become part of any interior, from classics and modernist style, to hi-tech and minimalism.

There are two kinds of products: vinyl and seamless fabric. The welded vinyl film is very effective and is made for each room individually. Vinyl ceilings can be glossy, opaque, sateen. Seamless are made of the textiles impregnated with special structure.

For decorators the stretch ceiling also gives the mass of opportunities, it can be multi-level, art, with different effects.

To gain impression about each look, we will consider them in more detail.

Vinyl stretch ceilings

The ceiling made of vinyl welded film is considered classical and is most widespread. It is adjusted by the individual sizes of the room. Width of cloth reaches 2 meters, thickness reaches 0.18 millimeters, is delivered in rolls. Among themselves strips stick together, seams at the same time remain almost are not visible even at a short distance.

Such films have received special popularity thanks to the water tightness. The ceiling can endure the most serious leakage and sustain up to hundred liters of the water which is poured out on square meter of the area. The cloth after this water is removed, takes original form.

Installation of vinyl stretch ceilings happens by means of heating. By means of special heat guns the room is warmed up to 70 degrees, the film is warmed and extends. After the cloth was softened and became elastic, the film stretches for the framework mounted before – plastic or metal. After cooling the ceiling is straightened and gains elasticity. Thanks to such technology ceilings get faultlessly flat plain surface.

It is possible to carry requirements to careful operation to shortcomings: the ceiling should not adjoin to sharp objects and also is afraid of low temperatures.

Persons interested to establish such ceiling have to remember one very important point. Recently sometimes it is possible to hear that during mounting of such design there was explosion indoors. And so ceilings have no relation to it. Such cases happen because of unfair work of specialists in mounting. In winter time the cylinders with gas applied to the heat gun some time is necessary after they were in conditions of subzero temperature to take in heat and only then to get to work. Failure to follow this elementary safety instructions can lead to sad consequences. However, it concerns any works indoors using such equipment.

The vinyl film practically has no restrictions on color gamma, besides it differs on visual decorative characteristics. Depending on what effect needs to be gained indoors, one of possible options is chosen: opaque, glossy, sateen, sateen, etc.

  • Opaque ceilings. The opaque stretch ceiling is not expensive and very practical. This absolutely equal, little rough, white or color covering. On surface of opaque ceilings welds are almost not visible, it allows to mount them in rooms with significant area.
  • Sateen ceilings. Look more interesting opaque, thanks to imperceptible reflections and play of light. The sateen ceiling imitates the tradition which has come from ancient times when ceilings were fitted by silk or other fabric. Naturally, modern execution functionally and externally considerably exceeds primary sources.
  • Glossy ceilings. One of the most popular types of vinyl ceilings. Has the large-scale of smoothness and reminds, both externally, and it is functional, mirror. Everything that gets to visibility range, is reflected in film as in mirror. At the same time degree of reflectivity can be regulated by production and reaches 100%. When choosing glossy vinyl ceiling it is very important to pay attention to its color. So neutral dark colors of varnish ceiling look as the darkened opal glasses of the car, white – as normal mirrors, blue will remind water smooth surface, and rich motley colors will give to the room feeling of acid coloring. Color can also have different density and to look or similar to glass, or to have certain thoroughness, depth. One of the advantages which are often used by decorators – ability of glossy ceilings to visually increase space. Besides, thanks to reflection of luminous sources, additional lighting turns out. Varnish ceilings in fashionable interior, in pools, in bathrooms, in kitchen will be very good to look.
  • Art press. Vinyl stretch ceilings allow to create picturesque pictures on the surface. Thanks to large-format printers any picture can be applied on the plane. The art press helps to create unique, unique design. But it is worth remembering that this pleasure not from the cheapest, besides, one business – to see the picture when you wish, to change it at discretion, and absolutely another – every day to watch some images in all ceiling. Before to choose such option, it is worth thinking seriously.
  • Metallic. The metallized invoice not bad fits into modern interiors. Gives silver, bronze or gold shade, shines and it is poured.

Seamless stretch ceilings

This type of ceilings also belongs to tension, though has other structure — fabric grid which is impregnated with polymers with one or from each party. The cloth is delivered by rolls up to five meters wide and does not demand individual adjustment for compliance to the room sizes. Seamless ceilings in mounting profile are established without preliminary heating and additional treatment. Are generally provided in white color, the color gamma is more limited, than at ceilings vinyl. However on them it is possible to print any drawing or even the photographic image too. Is not afraid of negative temperatures, and its characteristics on durability are closer to usual methods of finishing.

Such cloths are much stronger, than PVC film. Their main feature – magnificent properties of thermoshrinkage. Fabrics from which they are made, differ from vinyl coverings in correctness and grafichnost of the drawing, identical density of loops. Nearly 90 columns and ranks of weaving are the share of 50 millimeters of material. Special correction of longitudinal and cross threads when mounting allows to receive the correct tension of fabric. Such cloth does not pass water, but at the same time “breathes”, it is homogeneous on color and evenly on thickness, weight – about 200 g/m2.

The price of seamless stretch ceiling is comparable with the cost of the ceilings made of gypsum cardboard, but their quality considerably exceeds not only gypsum cardboard, but also other stretch ceilings. Considerable width allows to equip the big areas without any seams, from here and the corresponding name.

Main feature of stretch seamless ceilings – “Sukhoi” assembly method. They are established without use of the gas heater during all couple of hours. Consist of two parts: directly fabric and fixing profile. Seamless ceilings allow to install easily ventilation systems, alarm systems or protection, to connect illuminating equipment.

Consumer qualities at all stretch ceilings are approximately identical and have similar advantages before normal types of finishing. However they it is much more convenient to install the systems of seamless ceilings much more simply and vinyl. And in false or rack ceilings there are also places of joints not too pleasant externally. Seamless are deprived of these shortcomings, allow to reduce necessary time on installation and labor costs to minimum, provide absolutely direct surfaces deprived of roughnesses and joints.

Stretch ceilings

Multilevel stretch ceilings

In many respects it attracts most of those who wish to establish similar ceiling with possibility of change of space, receiving original interior. Even the simplest on execution and design design will originally look. Ideally plain surface will allow to hide any defects. But also various experiments with geometry and light are quite possible: multilevel ceilings, LED illumination.

The multilevel ceiling will become one of the most modern options for fans of original decisions. On ceiling various configurations can be created, and its form is capable to change somehow. Material allows to do multilevel excesses, and if desired even arches or waves.

Main advantages:

  • allow to create unique unique design of the room;
  • ideally hide defects and roughnesses of the main ceiling;
  • allow to hide ventilation and air conditioning systems;
  • multilevel vinyl ceilings maintain practically any leakage and easily wash;
  • design of multilevel ceilings perfectly are suitable for rooms of any configuration and the area as it is projected individually;

One more of ways to give to originality – to establish ceiling with the image of “star sky”. During daylight hours it looks the same as normal, and in the dark begins to flicker and create realistic feeling of the sky covered with stars.

The similar effect is reached at the expense of set of the LEDs established from reverse side of cloth. In order that the drawing had specific outlines, LEDs have in certain order.

Methods of fastening of ceilings

One of four most widespread mounting modes is usually used: staple, wedge, harpoon, clipso.

  • Staple method of fastening. Are used: cloth; aluminum baguette; wooden or plastic fillet; insert (plinth). By means of fillet the cloth is fixed in baguette. This way does not require carrying out exact measurements, has reserved cloths in each of the parties makes 15-20 centimeters. The system is considered the cheapest. However it rather labor-consuming can be also applied only in the rooms having exclusively right angles cannot be used on curvilinear sites.
  • Wedge method. Can be called also “Dutch” method. Will demand plastic ceiling or wall baguette, plastic wedge, insert and, naturally, the cloth. The cloth is fixed by means of wedges which can be quite used on curvilinear sites. Application only in rooms with area no more than 40 sq.m is possible. Otherwise the cloth sags and equal seams do not turn out. It is impossible to apply wedge method and for cloths with photo printing – the drawing cannot be stretched evenly.
  • Harpoon method. The aluminum or plastic baguette and rigid harpoon from PVC which is welded on cloth perimeter is required. The cloth has the size 5-7% less than the area of ceiling. The harpoon welded by means of the special machine is fixed in baguette for special ledge. It is considered to be this way the most reliable, but it is a little more expensive than other ways of fastening. Demands extremely exact measurement of the room, even diagonals are measured. It is very convenient in application on big squares, best of all is suitable also for cloths with photo printing or for mounting of multilevel ceilings.
  • Clipso method. This method is developed in Switzerland especially for seamless stretch ceilings. Only the cloth and baguette is used. The cloth is inserted into baguette by means of special palettes. Here it is fixed by specially made “cams”. Such baguette has no slots therefore need for application of plinth disappears. The system is mounted without heating of ceiling. One of the most expensive methods.

Care of stretch ceilings

It is impossible to use tension vinyl ceilings indoors, temperature which the below 0th °C can fall. Also it is impossible to establish them and in rooms in which temperature can rise above 50 °C (for example, in sweating rooms, saunas). Seamless ceilings can be operated at negative temperatures.

It is necessary to observe accuracy when using sharp objects. At emergence of puncture it is stuck with adhesive tape, and specialists of firm fitter repair. But if the opening absolutely small, is quite admissible to squeeze out small amount white or transparent (depending on color of cloth) sealant inside, having leveled it outside. Inside he will close opening after drying.

If there was gulf, it is necessary to disconnect electric lighting, and further or to merge water through the special, turning-off opening, or if it is not provided, to call specialists from the company fitter.

It is considered that whitewashing and painting of stretch ceilings is not allowed, but after the gulf if nevertheless there were stains or spots, they nevertheless can be painted over.

During cleaning of ceiling use of abrasive means is inadmissible.

At pollution it is necessary to use cleaning agent and soft pure fabric. Varnish ceilings to avoid stains, it is the best of all to clean with alcohol-containing cleaning agents. Suede cloths are brushed by soft. During the procedure of cleaning the surface is wiped in the direction from the center of cloth to seams, contact between the main ceiling and tension cloth is not allowed.

Drops of aggressive liquids have to be eliminated before their drying.

Installation of stretch ceiling can be carried out at any stage of repair, but only after final removal of walls.

Lamps in stretch ceilings

It is possible to build in in such ceiling practically any lighting instrument. But there is restriction on power: for normal glow lamps it is 60 Watts, and for the halogen lamp — 35 Watts. In chandeliers use of lamps of any power is admissible, however these lamps have to be at distance not less than 13-14 from ceiling surface.

When choosing option of lighting it should be taken into account that installation of each point of fixture of dot lamps increases the total cost of ceiling. The their is less, the cost of all of design is less.

It is necessary to remember also that, depending on the recessed lighting fittings the ceiling will be lowered below. In general the distance on which it will lag behind the main ceiling depends on the baguette height (about 3.5 centimeters), on need to hide communications and from their sizes.

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