Stucco molding from polyurethane in registration of interiors

Stucco molding from polyurethane in registration of interiors

One of widespread ways to give to the room of nobility, refinement, elegance and aristocracy – to decorate it with decorative stucco molding. Make it of different materials: plaster, clay or polystyrene. The most popular and available option – stucco molding from polyurethane which differs in plasticity and practicality. In more detail this article will tell about pluses and minuses of material, types and features of mounting.

What is stucco molding from polyurethane: invention history

Desire to surround itself and the dwelling with beauty and luxury – the phenomenon natural. One of ways of its implementation – to decorate house interior with refined and sound stucco molding. Classical material in this direction of decor plaster is considered, but it will be suitable not for any room, also it differs in labor input and high cost. Therefore the polyurethane decor which on visual characteristics not only does not concede to stucco molding from plaster is alternative, but also in many respects even exceeds it.

To use stucco molding in interior as ornament was begun for a long time therefore the exact time of its emergence is unknown. Archeological finds demonstrate that the most ancient found samples of such elements of decor are dated in the fifth millennium B.C. They were made of plaster manually. Such pleasure was quite expensive and, respectively, well exclusively to representatives of the nobility.

Polyurethane has appeared much later, and as dressing of rooms it began to be used only in 70 years of the XX century. Have begun to apply polyurethane modelled parts in the USA, further the popularity has quickly passed into Europe and has promptly increased.

Material is frothed plastic in which processing there is forming of decorative elements and their subsequent roasting. As a result quite strong, practical material which allows repeated processing turns out, and over time it is not showered and does not turn yellow.

Features of creation of parts from polyurethane stucco molding

The production process of production of polyurethane represents chemical reaction of two main components – polyol and isocyanate. In interaction of these substances there is reaction in look foaming. As a result certain form is completely filled with foam. The more in shape, the smaller density material has places. For the purpose of consolidation of weight filling is made under pressure, and forms make of the heavy metals capable to resist to high compression.

Helpful advice! It is necessary to buy stucco molding only from the certified producers. If the technology is broken, then the surface of material can be granular, with the greased drawing. Such stucco molding is made by handicraft producers, for example in China.

The foam received in such conditions has the high level of density which is equal to the size of density of pine wood. At the same time material is easily processed as on it there are no cracks and breaks. From polyurethane it is possible even to hammer nails into products.

Thus, technology chain of production of decorative stucco molding from polyurethane quite difficult. In its creations qualified specialists of the different directions, in particular artists, designers, designers and technologists participate.

Process includes such stages:

  • creation of the sketch and modeling;
  • production of form;
  • mix preparation;
  • filling in form;
  • processing under pressure;
  • grinding and painting of ready stucco molding.

Stucco molding from polyurethane: advantages and shortcomings

The complexity of production process of production of stucco molding is compensated by a number of advantages of material from polyurethane among which first of all it should be noted the following:

  • lightness that is important not only in the course of transportation, but also during mounting;
  • plasticity thanks to which the product can be subjected in addition to machining by different tools and to adjust parts to the necessary size;
  • the moisture resistance allows to use material in rooms with the increased humidity;
  • the frost resistance allows application of polyurethane stucco molding in external dressing of buildings;
  • high level of durability and durability guarantees long operation of product without threat of cracking and diffusion;
  • wide choice of decorative elements in which production use polyurethane: moldings, columns, pilasters with sockets;
  • simplicity of mounting consists in fastening on special glue mix that can be made easily independently, without involvement of specialists;
  • additional dressing in the form of product covering paint or varnish on condition of priming of surface.

Except the main pluses consisting in the high density and plasticity it should be noted such advantage as resistance to influences of harmful fungi, bacteria and insects. At the same time polyurethane products have also shortcomings from which distinguish the following:

  • synthetical character;
  • ease of ignition;
  • low uniqueness of products as models make on ready templates and in bulk that is caused by high cost of production of procuring forms.

Helpful advice! Polyurethane can be stylized visually semi-antique. For this purpose it is necessary acrylic paint (in shades bezh) to cover concave surfaces.

Comparison of materials for production of stucco molding: polyurethane against plaster and expanded polystyrene

In the course of creation of stucco molding for interiors use different materials, such as clay, fiber glass, plaster, expanded polystyrene and polyurethane foam. Clay and fiber glass products differ in the high cost therefore plaster parts are applied considerably less than, for example.

Plaster is the natural material allowing to create favorable microclimate indoors as perfectly absorbs moisture. The plaster decorative stucco molding serves long enough and at the same time does not lose the external attractiveness. At the same time moisture absorption is also lack of material as it cannot be used in rooms with the increased humidity. In this plan polyurethane wins against plaster.

Expanded polystyrene – moisture resistant material. It is easy, flexible and simple in mounting, is suitable also for uneven surfaces. Even the inexperienced builder will be able to glued such moldings. Finishing by stucco molding from expanded polystyrene loses to other materials because of the less attractive exterior, the cheap invoice and fragility as over time it turns yellow. At the same time this material is better than others is suitable for painting.

Polyurethane foam is much heavier than expanded polystyrene, but at the same time differs in external nobility, plain surface, purity and saturation. It is the strongest material which is steady against different influences. On exterior practically does not concede to natural clay or plaster. Stucco molding photos in interior demonstrate to it. It is also necessary to note such feature as resistance to absorption of smells, distribution of mold and fungus, than plaster cannot brag.

Types of modelled decor from polyurethane in interior and in registration of facades

Specific variety of jewelry of polyurethane very wide. They are used not only as the main element of registration and the main focus, but also as the additional or masking parts.

Apply to registration of interiors:

  • decorative sockets on walls which serve as substitute of pictures or photos;
  • columns and pedestals;
  • pilasters;
  • rail-posts;
  • wall or ceiling moldings from polyurethane;
  • caissons;
  • portals for fireplaces;
  • plinths from polyurethane;
  • borders;
  • platbands for doors, windows and mirrors;
  • framework for pictures and photo;
  • arches.
Stucco molding from polyurethane in registration of interiors

The front stucco molding from polyurethane is used as decorative barriers for creation of compositions from stones, statues. By means of such decor mask seams, communications and pipelines, differences and roughnesses on walls as inside, and outside of rooms.

Such stucco molding will fit into interior practically of any style, including modern. Even in strict design solutions of minimalism and hi-tech it is possible to apply strict geometrical forms in the form of eaves or platbands instead of classical curls and vegetable elements.

Helpful advice! The main condition in use of stucco molding – not to go too far therefore at first everything it is necessary to plan and make carefully the sketches showing arrangement of parts of stucco molding.

Each of the listed elements has the narrow or wide purpose, is used in one or several styles and also as transitions from one stylistic registration to another.

Polyurethane stucco molding on walls: examples of application of decorative elements

The most often decorative polyurethane accessories are used in decoration of the walls. For this purpose different elements serve. Platbands and eaves from polyurethane – the most popular products. Most often to registration of transitions from walls to ceiling the stucco molding is applied in the form of normal moldings with reliefs or without them. In this case it is better to paint all product tone with walls as contrast levels will visually “lower” ceilings with stucco molding.

The decorative fringing made of polyurethane originally looks in door or window openings in the form of platbands. The huge choice of forms and reliefs is additional benefit. The arch from polyurethane will look perfectly and harmoniously even on the intricate and curved silhouettes. It is the best of all that in form and the drawing the fringing of doors, plinths and windows matched.

In registration of front access door, niches and other elements it is possible to meet such ornamented decor as the portal. In its creation use different polyurethane elements, in particular pilasters, eaves, daisies.

The stucco molding from polyurethane will allow to create different optical effects or, in other words, illusions. It can be geometrical figures, for example, square in rectangle. At the same time, if to paint moldings lighter or dark tone of rather basic color of walls, then the volume of the room will be successfully underlined and will make impression of additional space.

Most successfully as supporters of decor columns from polyurethane look. At the same time this and practical decision as it is easy to wash similar elements of interior. The moisture resistance of material allows to use it in rooms with the increased humidity, for example, as frame for mirror in the bathroom.

Polyurethane stucco molding on ceiling: successful style decision

Most often the stucco molding from polyurethane is applied to registration of ceilings in classical interior. At the same time such elements can be met also in other stylistic directions. Depending on form, the size and quantity of decorative parts they are quite appropriate in baroque, Gothic style, rococo and even modernist style. Such way of dressing will help to recreate the atmosphere not only Renaissance, but also ancient Rome or Egypt.

The ceiling stucco molding allows to zone visually space, and modern moldings create original effects on ceiling (with use of LED tapes and combination of materials of finishing). Thanks to small weight the polyurethane stucco molding is applied also as decoration of stretch ceilings.

Helpful advice! Stucco molding elements on ceiling bear not only esthetic, but also practical function as help to hide certain defects or to smooth transition from ceiling to wall.

Thus, application of stucco molding in registration of ceilings gives such advantages:

  • possibility of creation of original interior with high esthetic characteristics;
  • use of borders, caissons or sockets allows to organize relief surface;
  • drawing stucco molding on ceiling helps to modify room geometry visually;
  • the durability of material gives the chance not to make major repair long time;
  • the stucco molding allows to hide defects and defects on ceiling;
  • decor elements from polyurethane are steady against mechanical influences, in case of damage it is easy to restore them;
  • the stucco molding can serve as excellent background.

Methods of application of stucco molding on ceiling from polyurethane

At registration of ceiling polyurethane stucco molding it is necessary to follow certain rules which concern each of types of decorative elements. For example, the ceiling socket serves for decoration of ceiling and is stucco molding under chandelier. She emphasizes grandeur of refined lighting instrument or is excellent independent element of decor. The socket can have the form of circle or oval, to be smooth or with figured pattern. It is important that diameter of the socket was a little less, than lighting instrument.

Eaves use as ornament not only walls, but also ceilings owing to what soft junction on perpendicular joints is formed. They can have relief or smooth surface. If to apply polyurethane level in combination to LED tape, then the effect of the soaring ceiling will be gained.

Simple moldings often carry out role of eaves or are used as elements of the geometrical drawing on ceiling. Thus, it is possible to solve successfully problem with masking of errors on modelled ceilings. Angle pieces will give to ceiling eaves or border complete and accurate look.

Consoles will allow to create visually support of ceiling beam or to zone space. Use of dome will help to organize deepening in false ceiling that will promote forming of effect of height and additional space. This element has hemisphere appearance, and placement in its center of the lamp increases room illumination degree. Parts in the form of squares or rectangles will create deepening like niche which is called caisson.

Polyurethane stucco molding of Evroplast: the popularity supported with quality

Stucco molding from polyurethane foam – product which enjoys enviable popularity therefore it is characterized by wide choice of products and producers. The leader in the domestic market is the Evroplast concern having long-term experience and having deserved authority.

Helpful advice! Elements of decor need to be selected according to height of ceilings and room space. Wide eaves will not be suitable for registration of the low-ceilinged room, and narrow will be lost in the spacious room.

At first the company specialized in production of foam rubber just for decoration, the release of decorative polyurethane foam products has been mastered later. Improvement of production by use of the modern high-tech equipment has made stucco molding of Evroplast polyurethane the leader in this segment of the construction market.

The product range quickly enough extends, the professorate of the Moscow Architectural Institute participates in its creation that has allowed to release new collection of decor for facing of facades of buildings. The numerous photos of stucco molding of Evroplast which are posted online show wide choice of polyurethane products clearly. Moldings from Evroplast polyurethane as thanks to the affordable price the large number of consumers is able to afford to get them enjoy special popularity.

Distinguish the high density of material which provides the clearness of reliefs and also the maximum accuracy of connection of elements that is displayed on simplicity of installation works from numerous advantages of products of the company of Evroplast.

Polyurethane stucco molding Perfect: ratio of the price and quality

The large company in the market of finishing materials from polyurethane is Perfect offering extensive collection of exclusive elements of decor which with the maximum accuracy imitate plaster stucco molding. The catalog of products includes more than five hundred names.

Use of decorative products of this producer allows to issue accurate and elegant interior. For example, application of polyurethane columns will help to decorate the room in the house or office office in purely classical style. Generously decorated pilasters, eaves and platbands will recreate Baroque style in the living room.

Semi-antique beams and panels in the form of masonry will allow to organize medieval interior in the house. The wide range of moldings with the minimum dressing will make possible registration of the room in modern styles.

The polyurethane stucco molding of Perfect possesses unique covering which is resistant to influence of the chemicals which are contained in paints and varnishes therefore is ideal for painting. Moreover, the stucco molding of this producer can be painted several times. The drawing will remain accurate and qualitative.

In the Perfect collection eaves for the hidden lighting are considered as exclusive products that allows to create effect of the soaring ceiling. In spite of the fact that the manufacturing country is China, products of this company differ in high quality, and the price of stucco molding is quite available.

Thus, thanks to the mass of advantages of polyurethane the decorative elements made of this material widely are applied in dressing. The variety of forms and types of products gives the chance to make out rooms in different styles and to implement design ideas. Besides, the polyurethane stucco molding is easy in processing, is steady against different influences and is simple in mounting.

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