Stylish floor covering: engineering board

Stylish floor covering: engineering board

Rather new floor covering – the engineering board combining beauty of tree and worthy quality even more often becomes one of basic elements of cozy, stylish and modern interior. Exterior this floor covering reminds massive board. Excellent qualitative characteristics, durability and resistance to deformation allow to use it not only in premises, but also in places where the covering experiences heavy loads. It concerns training and gyms, shops, bars, hairdressing salons, etc. Material has integrated in itself the best qualities of parquet board and parquet, and on some characteristics and has exceeded them.

Design features of engineering board

The covering in the form of two or three-layer boards is issued. As basis of this material moisture resistant plywood (thickness of 7-14 mm) which does not warp and does not allow seasonal variations of parameters of levels is used. Stability and durability gives to engineering board divergence of fibers of wood in plywood layers that provides advantage before other multilayer coverings from tree.

The three-layer design has the top layer representing interline interval of valuable breeds of wood. The greatest distribution was gained by oak. The center is made by bars, too of valuable breeds, located perpendicularly in relation to top layer. This design sticks together with one more layer of tree, 6-7 mm thick and more.

The covering is steady against mechanical loadings, temperature drops and humidity. The top layer of board from 4 to 6 mm thick is made from valuable breeds of wood. Apply ecologically safe polyurethane thermoglue to connection of the basis with top layer. It eliminates the probability of stratification of material even at the most adverse conditions of operation. Lock connection of levels among themselves is applied to accuracy and convenience of laying.

Pluses and minuses of material

As well as any covering, engineering board has number of advantages and is not deprived of shortcomings. It is possible to carry to pluses:

  • Variety of the sizes that allows to make minimum quantity of joints between levels. It simplifies work and reduces time of mounting of covering. On boards of the bigger size the invoice of tree, its natural beauty is better shown.
  • Universality of use. There is possibility of laying of engineering board directly on concrete bed. Also mounting of board on heat-insulated floor practices (if the sparing heating mode is set).
  • Stable structure. Thanks to connection of layers of wood perpendicularly on the relation to each other, the obstacle to clinking and other deformations of covering in use is created.
  • Simplicity of mounting. Extremely exact linear sizes promote easier work with material. Also availability of special lock connection facilitates laying process. It gives the chance to use floating mounting mode, without use of glue and self-tapping screws. Though, it is worth noticing that specialists not really favor this method of laying, and recommend glue mounting mode because of unstable humidity and temperature. Otherwise the covering will begin to curve, especially it concerns room perimeter.
  • Durability. The useful layer of engineering board makes 5-10 mm, so, the covering can be subjected to numerous grinding, to cover with oil or varnish for increase in term of operation. Taking into account restorations such board can serve up to 50 years.
  • Environmental friendliness.
  • Lack of additional expenses. Availability of factory covering saves from additional financial injections on grinding, putty, putting oil or varnish after laying, i.e. considerable saving of time and means is available.
  • Removability of interior. It is possible when carrying out restoration radically it to change without essential expenses, having just changed tone of wood.

Minuses of engineering board:

  • Considerable quantity of counterfeit. It is recommended to buy material only in specialized shops since there is set of the firms which are engaged in production of board of poor quality. Such products can be unsafe for health and absolutely unsuitable to operation.
  • Color break off. On color and texture each tree and any plate from it are unique. Therefore to gain complete idea of how the covering on floor will look, it is worth buying material in those shops where samples are exposed at large-format stands, but not separate plates.
  • Price. Not the lowest, but nevertheless is lower than the cost of massive board. It is known that the quality cannot be cheap.
Stylish floor covering: engineering board

Laying on plywood by means of glue

The classical way, is considered the most optimal variant for this covering. Is suitable for any engineering board. The plywood laid on the basis has to be moisture resistant, 12-15 mm thick. Plywood squares (50х50 or 75х75) stack on concrete bed or on tie in chessboard order, displacing. Fix to the basis dowel self-tapping screws and suitable glue. To compensate temperature expansions, it is necessary to leave technology gaps (3-5 mm) between sheets. Also the gap in 10-15 mm is necessary on room perimeter.

After plywood laying, in 1-2 days (in process of glue drying), the received basis is ground. So differences on height are removed and pollution from surface are eliminated. And only then it is possible to start mounting of engineering board.

For its gluing use two-part polyurethane adhesive more often. Its uniform layer apply on the plywood basis special toothed with spatula. Excesses of glue from surface of level need to be deleted immediately by means of acetone. If the engineering board has lock connection, then it is not required to fix its self-tapping screws to plywood. In case the lock is absent, the board fastens to plywood brackets or screws. At least three days after mounting it is not necessary to go on new covering.

Mounting on concrete bed

Mounting of engineering board demands ideally plain surface. The concrete bed before laying of covering should be leveled and grounded. Separate requirements to humidity – it should not exceed 2%, the tie has to be dry. On perimeter also leave gap in 10-15 mm. At this way of laying the consumption of glue will be higher. The two-part polyurethane adhesive, non-toxic and safe in ecological parameters is recommended. On the basis (not on levels) toothed apply even layer glue with spatula.

If the engineering board does not possess connection groove thorn, it will be required to record material to set of durability of glue. For this purpose at edges of boards evenly place loads. If this condition not to execute, levels can part, forming ugly gaps. Circulation on covering is admissible not earlier, than in 3-4 days.

Engineering board in interior design

This natural finishing material allows to give respectable and rich look to any dwelling, filling it with the cozy and comfortable atmosphere. The solid range of color schemes gives all opportunities for the choice of the most suitable option of floor covering in tone to interior.

The laying of engineering board executed in due form looks, in effect, the same as floor from solid wood, but the practicality and operating ability will be much higher. From simple and laconic imitations of the ground tree to the most original variations, material inspires by variety of styles and patterns on design flight of thoughts and the ideas.

The different size of boards allows to create various geometrical patterns. So, the difficult “slanting fir-tree” perfectly will be suitable for modern interior, and, for example, simple “fir-tree” will become optimal variant for classical style. Quite often the producer makes recommendations about the correct laying of patterns. To receive the most beautiful ornament, it is necessary to plan carefully the forthcoming work and if to experiment with color, then it is possible to create the real masterpiece.

Care of covering

After mounting and full drying of glue, it is necessary to close the gaps left on perimeter plinth. Usually it is selected in tone of covering, or to door platband shade.

To prolong life cycle of engineering board and to maintain its exterior in faultless state it is not difficult at all. This material is capable to resist not bad to any liquids, but nevertheless it is desirable to wash such floor the shampoo intended for varnish surfaces. It is worth choosing not too aggressive structure of means not to damage protective layer of varnish. It is recommended to process two times a year covering polish for varnish parquet that will become additional protection.

Normal furniture can become the floor surface damage reason. At movement it can leave scratches. It is possible not to allow unpleasant effects, using special rugs or felt heel-taps. So, under chair on castors or similar furniture it is worth placing the rubberized substrate. Considerable harm to covering is done by circulation on heels which leave dents, chips and on strong breeds.

Even considering that engineering board – the stablest type of wooden cover, is recommended to use humidifier in the period of winter heating season to maintain comfortable humidity indoors.

Observance of above-mentioned recommendations is capable to prolong considerably life cycle of the floor covered with engineering board.

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