Than granite stone blocks is good?

Than granite stone blocks is good?

Basis of modern pavements are bars – small stone parallelepipeds, abrasion-proof and to other external influences. Nowadays producers produce the most different types of stone blocks – and such that are created using the construction materials which have become normal (it is about concrete tile), and those that are made of natural stone, in particular of granite. In what secret of popularity of paved paths and roads? The pavement equipped near office or the house does surrounding space more well-groomed, attractive and harmonious.

Granite stone blocks: esthetics and reliability

Yes, granite stone blocks is more expensive, than her concrete “fellow”. However higher price is justified by other level of quality of natural components of future pavement. Cubes from granite excellently cope with temperature drops, have excellent moisture resistant characteristics and are steady against abrasion. Producers of such material offer consumers the extensive range: parts for pavement can have the different form, color (most often meet gray, black and red), the size.

Among the most demanded images of granite stone blocks there are elements the sizes: 15/17, 8/11, 7/9, 4/6. In many respects the price of such cubes is caused by their size range: the more small constituent part of pavement, the more expensive it will appear. Besides, the cost of separate samples is influenced by their form and color of material. Among the budgetary options – bars of orange and gray shades while red and yellow elements of paving usually refer to the middle price range. Granite cubes of orange or black color are the most expensive often.

Than granite stone blocks is good?

Kinds of granite stone blocks

Several subspecies of granite stone blocks are presented at the market, in particular:

  • chipped (in fact, it is cube not of the quite correct form – at the sizes of 10х10х10 cm can have deviations on any of the parties in 1 cm);
  • sawn and chipped (in this case sidewalls and couple top bottom will be executed differently – if the vertical parties sawn, then horizontal – by all means chipped, and vice versa);
  • fully sawn (such kind of stone blocks has the sizes of 20х10х6 cm, all edges of bar sawn, and the upper part is thermally processed);
  • tumbling (for production of bars use technology of tumbling during which standard – chipped or sawn – cubes of granite do by more roundish, saving them from sharp edges and corners).

It is interesting that durability of the stone blocks issued using sawn and chipped samples gives the chance to use pavement for arrival of freight vehicles. As for fully sawn products, in the course of its production involve diamond tool that in addition increases the cost of granite cubes. By means of such high-quality elements it is possible to spread pavement with the drawing “carpet” or “fir-tree”. And here paving by means of models of tumbling is usually used in places of heavy traffic of human masses: on such pavement it is extremely difficult to stumble, having hooked for sharp ledge of one of granite bars (thanks to light sphericity of elements).

Advantages and shortcomings of stone blocks from granite

Why people choose granite stone blocks at arrangement of new pavements? Everything is quite simple. This material possesses:

  • high strength;
  • durability (about 50 years serve);
  • excellent decorative properties;
  • ecological purity;
  • unpretentiousness (does not demand special leaving);
  • maintainability (the damaged tiles can be withdrawn and replaced with whole);
  • resistance to negative external impacts (is not afraid of both sharp change of temperatures, and long frosts or heat);
  • the formed covering is reliable;
  • it well passes water (drains quickly leave through pavement seams).

Stone blocks from granite – material at the same time both stylish and strong. Despite relative high cost, he is capable to serve the consumer faithfully for many decades. And to it there is practical confirmation: the areas and streets, paved granite in the period of the Middle Ages, perfectly look and today.

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