The getting waterproofing for concrete: protection against moisture

The getting waterproofing for concrete: protection against moisture

The getting waterproofing for concrete is mix which is applied to protection of the bases and other parts of the building against moisture. It is used both in private, and in industrial construction. Cement, sand and also different chemical components are part of such mix. Penetration depth of active agents in concrete is 10-12 cm. It allows to protect reliably the base from influence of moisture and to prolong its operational term.

The getting waterproofing for protection of concrete: operation principle

Concrete blocks which are part of the base throughout all operation are affected by moisture. Atmospheric precipitation promotes degradation of the basis of construction that can lead to serious effects. Concrete has microcracks through which moisture gets, getting to the basement.

It is also worth noting that water passes not only through microscopic cracks in structure of concrete, but also through seams which are located between separate constructive parts. These places are vulnerable and also need reliable protection. The brickwork has no independent resilience to moisture.

To provide protection of the base or any other design (for example, the garage floor made of cement) it is accepted to use waterproofing of the getting action for concrete. It is put most often at stage of construction of the house. But in that case when the house is already built and there is problem with moisture in the cellar then the waterproofing is put from the inside.

The operation principle of work of protective structure is simple and clear. After its drawing on concrete process of absorption of chemical additives through microcracks begins. In case of contact with water the mix which has filled block capillaries crystallizes. Such crystals fill empty space and interfere with the subsequent moisture penetration. It is important to note that they are not dissolved in water.

Useful information! In addition to waterproof qualities, similar impregnation strengthens concrete material, does it stronger and wearproof.

The wet surface is necessary for putting such mix that distinguishes it from rolled coverings and mastics on the basis of bitumen. Before buying the getting waterproofing for concrete, it is necessary to understand the principle of its action accurately.

The getting mixes protect the base not only from moisture influence, but also from emergence of mold and fungi. Process which is based on interaction of free lime and moisture allows to close reliably time in structure of concrete and to secure design against destructive factors.

In what cases the waterproofing is applied to concrete?

To accelerate process of penetration of waterproofing substances in concrete material, it is necessary to apply structure on wet surface. Such way is very popular when it is necessary to carry out reconstruction of the room. Often the getting structures use when there is no opportunity to apply other method of protection.

The getting substances actively are operated for protection from moisture of the bases of private inhabited constructions. Industrial buildings are also included into the list of objects which are processed by waterproofing of this kind.

Objects can be affected by high humidity:

  • cellars;
  • wells;
  • pools;
  • bathrooms.

This waterproofing material for concrete is not very popular as some people simply do not know about its existence. However putting bituminous mastics is followed by certain difficulties as they very quickly stiffen. In turn, rolled materials do not guarantee absolute protection of concrete against destructive influence of moisture.

It should be noted that the getting mixes are recommended to be applied to obstruction of microporous material. It means that for the constructions made of foam concrete blocks, such means does not approach.

The main characteristics of the getting waterproofing for the base

The waterproofing of any design can be carried out at construction stage. Moreover, many specialists recommend to apply this way. It considers addition in cement slurry of solid matter. Such mix makes impact on structure of future base which waterproofing properties are shown from the very beginning.

Additives in concrete for waterproofing promote protection of the base against impact of atmospheric precipitation and water in soil in all points without exception. The operational term of this isolation will be equal to effective life of the base as they represent whole.

Pay attention! Crystals which are formed in microscopic time have water resistance. They can collapse, passing water, but even in this case over time there is their recovery. Regeneration of this kind allows to provide large-scale of protection of the base.

Advantages of the getting waterproofing for the base

The important advantage of such additives is their ability to accelerate process of construction of the house. It is connected with the fact that their application eliminates need for concrete drying. Thus, there is saving of time at the expense of the getting waterproofing for concrete. Comments on such structures mainly positive.

When putting mix on concrete surface it is necessary to know that it has to be wet. And the this indicator is higher, the quicker there is reaction of crystallization in time. Material after processing does not lose the properties, keeping all useful technical characteristics, such as:

  • air permeability;
  • vapor impermeability;
  • resistance to temperature fluctuations;
  • mobility.

The only indicator which is modified after drawing waterproofing, – water tightness. Such isolation is the most acceptable decision in that case when it is necessary to protect the base of already ready construction from moisture. It is connected with the fact that it excludes need of excavation of the basis. It is possible to buy waterproofing for concrete in profile shop or to issue the order on the Internet.

The getting structure provides reliable waterproofing protection irrespective from what party it has been caused on the base. Pressure of underground waters in this case has also no impact on quality of protection. The isolated surface and also all seams and connection points become unreceptive not only to moisture, but also to the corrosive medium possessing different indicators of Ph.

The getting waterproofing for concrete: shortcomings

Any of existing today isolation has some shortcomings. High characteristics of the getting structures do them the most acceptable for protection of the bases and other designs, however they are not ideal. The main minus of such mixes is that they are recommended to be used in complex with other water protective equipment. For example, for protection of seams of the base from moisture it is recommended to buy the special substance intended for this purpose.

One more lack of the getting water isolation is that it costs quite much. Depending on brand and specialization of mix the price of waterproofing of concrete can vary.

Pay attention! As a rule, isolation of this kind is on sale in bags which weight is 25 kg.

Before work on causing such structure on surface it is necessary to carry out preliminary preparation. It is very important to clean wall that on it there is no pollution left any (even minimum). Otherwise the structure will well not be absorbed in material. And also it is worth executing degreasing of surface in advance. Specialists recommend to use for cleaning of wall garden hose as the water which is coming out it under pressure very well copes with this task.

The cost of waterproofing material can strongly differ depending on its version and brand.

All above-mentioned manipulations are necessary to provide free access to microscopic time. In the presence of big slots and cracks in concrete walls they are required to be eliminated. It is recommended to cover such defects by means of cement slurry. This option is the most acceptable and simple.

It is also worth noting that waterproofing mixes of this kind do not work if to use them for protection of surface of brickwork. With their help it is only possible to protect and strengthen seams in such design. Thus, it is better to apply more widespread and usual options of protection to brickwork.

Nevertheless, taking into account all minuses there is no more effective remedy for waterproofing of concrete structures today. Before purchase of this structure it is recommended to study the companies which are engaged in its production. It will allow to pick up the most well-tried remedy for quite reasonable price.

Waterproofing of the getting action: overview of popular brands

Now the construction market abounds with the different materials intended for protection of the base. The getting isolation for concrete is also not exception. It is implemented by the different companies, each of which has the pluses and minuses. Specialists do not recommend to buy the cheapest structures as they most often do not differ in high quality.

Average price range is the most acceptable as it includes quite good, qualitative brands of structures. When choosing necessary means it is necessary to consult to the seller. And also before buying the getting waterproofing, useful will be to study comments on her on the Internet.

Today the following brands of the getting mixes are most widespread and effective:

  • Penetron;
  • Kalmatron.

The first option is the most widespread. It is used about half a century worldwide. Mix of the Kalmatron brand is considered the most universal getting waterproofing. Pools, wells, cellars and balconies – all these constructions can be protected, having used products of this producer. There is set of other brands which differ in the structure, application and action. However the above-stated companies have best of all proved in production for protection of concrete structures.

The getting waterproofing for concrete: protection against moisture

The getting waterproofing the Penetron: characteristics

Construction structures of the Penetron brand are applied not only in private, but also in the industrial purposes. These mixes have appeared for a long time, and the efficiency of their use is checked by time. Are part of this mix sand (quartz) and active chemical compounds.

The cost of such getting structure is quite high. However its technical characteristics completely justify such price. The getting waterproofing the Penetron allows to protect not only the base, but also walls and also the floors made of concrete. It is quite simple to count expense of the Penetron as protection of 1 m ² requires about 1 kg of structure.

Pay attention! Be vigilant as the markets are filled with different fakes which can cost much cheaper than the original. The quality of such mixes is questionable therefore you should not save on waterproofing of the base and other concrete structures.

The getting waterproofing for concrete the Penetron is used for protection against water of wells, pools, floor and walls in bathrooms and garages. Before use of such structure it is desirable to study the instruction and to watch the video tutorial in which will in detail describe all nuances of work.

The getting waterproofing Kalmatron: price and properties

Structure of this brand it is allowed to eliminate quickly and effectively small leakages which destroy house footing. This mix promotes strengthening of durability of surface of concrete material. Feature of the waterproofing substance Kalmatron is its universality.

Structures of this kind are applied to isolation from moisture of the following materials:

  • concrete;
  • steel concrete;
  • brick;
  • foam concrete;
  • gas concrete.

The price of the getting waterproofing for concrete of this brand is the most attractive of all provided brands. Similar structures can be used both in the course of construction, and during operation of concrete structures. Consumers note quite quite good water insulating properties of structures Kalmatron.

Useful information! Before acquisition of this waterproofing material it is necessary to consider one important point. It is not recommended to be applied if the Ph level on object is located in the range from 3 to 11.

Liquid waterproofing for concrete: characteristics

In addition to dry mixes, there are also other ways of protection of concrete structures against pernicious influence of moisture. One of them is use of liquid waterproofing. Today it is possible to meet liquid materials of this kind, various on structure, however are most widespread following from them:

  • liquid rubber;
  • liquid glass.

These materials have both advantages, and shortcomings. Before acquisition of one of them it is recommended to study features of their use. It is much easier to work with liquid means, especially if to compare them to bituminous mastics, membrane films and rolled products.

It is possible to buy liquid waterproofing for concrete in the construction market, in shop or on the Internet. The cost of such structures is approximately twice higher if to compare them to dry mixes. The liquid substances providing water tightness of concrete are convenient also that they can be applied on uneven surface.

Nuances of use of liquid waterproofing for concrete

Process of causing protective structure is quite simple. He does not assume mix warming up, as in case with bituminous mastic. It is also worth noting that the quality of waterproofing of this kind is very high. It is possible to distinguish from other advantages of liquid mix that it does not bear any harm to human health as does not allocate active chemical compounds.

Liquid water isolation has resistance to high temperatures therefore during the summer period you should not be afraid that it will begin to melt. Such material is excellent alternative to rolled and other insulators.

Liquid glass for waterproofing of concrete is applied by means of the following tools: brushes, construction roller. The viscosity of structure reminds density of glue. Such mix is applied with thin layer which after drying demands additional protection. It is connected with the fact that the ready layer has weak resistance to mechanical influences.

The getting isolation of this kind allows to achieve excellent results. Impregnations on the basis of dry mixes increase water tightness, and liquid structures do concrete structure almost impregnable for water. But such way has also some minuses. For example, to make with own hands layer of necessary thickness quite difficult. Therefore it is better to use services of the professional.

Characteristics of coating waterproofing for concrete

Many people confuse impregnation with coating isolation. In it there is nothing surprising as they are strongly similar on the properties. Both of these kinds of waterproofing need to be applied on design surface then they get through microcracks deep into of concrete. The difference of impregnation from coating mix is that it provides protection of concrete against moisture, getting quite deeply into blocks. In turn, coating mix does waterproof only the surface of concrete.

Useful information! The getting coating waterproofing is absorbed in concrete material superficially, exactly so to provide reliable and effective coupling with it. The main difference of impregnation from plastering also consists in it.

Very important point is that the layer having such small thickness has to be put correctly. Otherwise she will not cope with the functions.

Requirements to modern coating materials which provide impermeability of concrete for moisture are very high. It is important to note that in case of drawing the hydroinsulator from outside which resists the movement of moisture claims to material increase. It is connected with the fact that it has to resist to liquid pressure.

This structure has to have such characteristics:

  • good adhesion;
  • water resistance;
  • elasticity.

The last characteristic is very important as concrete foundation wears out over time and in it cracks appear. In such situation good means of coating type should not be damaged.

Features of waterproofing paint for concrete

The water tightness of concrete can achieve also by means of other means. It is waterproofing paint. It has set of advantages. For example, it is very simple to apply it on surface independently that causes its popularity among people.

Depending on amount of the making substances which are part of such paint it can be one-component or two-component. Paint which possesses water-repellent action most often is one-component. Such structure is enamel and differs in high technical characteristics. If desired it can be used as the sutural getting waterproofing.

These structures have waterproofing large-scale therefore they are applied most often to protection of walls of the pools and other reservoirs which are constantly contacting to water. Putting such paint is made by means of special sprays. Thus, there is possibility of independent regulation of the stream which is going out of the tool.

Features of drawing concrete waterproofing

Putting waterproofing material for concrete is carried out strictly according to the instruction. This process is conditionally separated into several stages. Specialists do not recommend to recede from them. Certainly, it is much simpler to use additives in concrete for waterproofing, but not always water isolation is made at stage of construction of the building. Let’s consider algorithm of actions by which it is necessary to be guided during the work with water protective structures.

First of all it is necessary to prepare surface on which putting the getting material will be made. The surface is carefully cleaned then it needs to be degreased. And also it will be required to carry out preventive inspection of waste communication. It should not have any damages.

Useful information! If you want to waterproof surface which it is already a lot of years, then in this case removal of old facing can be required. After that drawing plaster coat is made. In some situations there can be need for the organization of new reinforcing.

Places which correspond to seams require special attention. They should be gouging accurately. The same concerns also wide cracks (more than 4 mm). Ready channels are closed up with use of the special pressurizing structures. It is very important not to forget to close slots in the points corresponding to pass of pipes through wall. For this purpose too sealants are applied.

It should be noted that for the organization of the getting floor waterproofing the algorithm of actions will be a bit different. In that case work becomes simpler as need for gouging of seams disappears. But in general both processes are similar among themselves as they mean thorough training of surface and causing structure in the most convenient way according to the instruction.

At the following stage it will be required to prepare solution of the getting water isolation. At the same time it is necessary to study attentively the instruction in which all dosages and method of application of mix are described. Further the structure is applied on in advance prepared surface. Different tools, such as brush, roller or special paint spray gun are for this purpose used (depending on properties of waterproofing mix).

The getting structures are modern means which allow to make the base waterproof, thereby having increased its life cycle. Such mixes can differ strongly from each other, however all of them cope with the task better, than traditional materials for protection of concrete constructions. When choosing of the getting waterproofing for the bases of buildings and also other designs from concrete it is necessary to pay attention to its price, structure and way of drawing.

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