The pool for giving: the best decisions

The pool for giving: the best decisions

Rest in country house is first of all comfort therefore registration of the garden site has to include all elements most necessary for this purpose. The Alpine hills, arbors, fountains organically fit into garden landscape, but the pool most appropriate looks. Until recently the pool was considered as luxury element, today is convenient attribute of country life. The pool with own hands practically any owner having the minimum skills in construction can make.

Views of pools

Country pools at many are associated with deep reservoirs, smart facing and sun beds on perimeter. Of course, to realize such decision it is difficult and expensive. However there is number of other options which allow to create individual reservoir quite budgetary and quickly. To understand what pool will be suitable for your country house, options should get acquainted with the most widespread. On design pools separate on:

  • Inflatable;
  • Frame;
  • Stationary.

Inflatable pools

Inflatable pools are often called children’s options. Actually today to consumers the set of solutions in which also adults perfectly are located is proposed. Of course, to float in such reservoir it will not turn out, but here to take cover from summer heat quite really. So, inflatable pools differ in the small sizes, are simple in installation and operation. Depending on design can be strengthened by metal framework on perimeter and edges that increases reliability and durability of “reservoir”.

Frame pools: design and mounting

Frame pools are considered as the best decision for seasonal dachas. Among their advantages It should be noted:

  • Average sizes sufficient for good rest of adults;
  • Simple and fast mounting;
  • Quite good filtering of water in pool bathtub;
  • Possibility of dismantling for the autumn and winter period.

Distinguish bad esthetics from shortcomings, so all elements of fastening are brought to outside walls, and lack of big standard sizes.

If to speak about mounting, then assembly of the pool takes about an hour and includes the following operations:

  1. Collect metal framework according to the instruction.
  2. Along boards mount struts which problem to provide rigidity of all design.
  3. Stack waterproofing film material which at the same time carries out also pool bowl role. For pools of large volumes use film strips which coupling is provided by means of special glue.
  4. The pool to half is filled with water. Under liquid weight the film is straightened that allows to provide further high-quality mounting.
  5. Polymeric material is fixed with an overlap on boards and cut off excess.
  6. By means of rail film densely fix on perimeter.
  7. From outer side of board fall asleep with soil for half of height.

Unlike the simple inflatable pool the frame decision has much the best complete set. Here are provided: ladder, system of filtering, skimmer, water return nozzle, hose, etc.

If necessary the pool can be dismantled and cleaned quickly on storage.

But after all the stationary pool which at certain skill can be established independently was and remains the best option.

Stationary pools: features

Stationary pools so are called because of way of their installation. These are almost capital buildings which do not move and do not sort if necessary. Depending on desires of the owner be the reservoir can as on the street, and indoors – the main thing that living conditions have approached.

As the stationary pool is capital design, prior to all works it is necessary to receive approval and construction permit. Usually hindrances do not arise here and at presentation of the package of documents admission on construction is given. Among documents which will be required to be prepared It should be noted:

  • The document confirming the property rights to the earth;
  • Project of the pool, adjacent rooms with the necessary sizes and architectural features;
  • Master plan of building of the parcel;
  • Approval of construction jobs of neighbors;
  • Permission of bodies local self-government on conducting works.

Having all this and having received necessary documentation, it is possible to pass directly to creation of the pool on the site.

Usually the choice is conducted between two options: concrete and plastic basin. Serve as the defining criteria: cost of design and complexity of mounting.

The pool for giving: the best decisions

Plastic basins: mounting

The plastic basin represents ready bathtub which is mounted in ditch with observance of recommendations of the producer. Such pools:

  • Are long-lasting;
  • Are simple in installation;
  • Are made in the most different forms;
  • Are eco-friendly;
  • Are esthetic;
  • Have high cost.

Do plastic basins under the order, and from owners only competent mounting which does not present special difficulties is required. Sequence of works following:

  1. The framework from the raw boards from 2.5 cm thick which is precisely repeating geometry of walls of the plastic basin is made. Gaps, cracks or disagreements in design of boards should not be.
  2. The ditch the sizes slightly more necessary volume – on 0.5 meters in each party including in depth prepares.
  3. Walls of ditch are leveled on verticals, and bottom across. It is recommended to make laying of wooden board on hole bottom. It will provide the best warming up of water and minimizes differences on height.
  4. On two wall of ditch ready wooden boards are put.
  5. The pool is lowered in hole and densely moved up to the established boards.
  6. Lower other wooden walls and fasten design.
  7. Into the earth hammer metal crutches which problem to provide dense adjunction of framework to the plastic basin.
  8. Intervals between boards and walls of ditch are covered with earth, and to the pool water is filled in. The following rules shall be followed: water does not reach edge of board on 15 cm, water is higher than soil on 10-15 cm, soil is slightly stamped.

In principle the pool is established – it is possible to use. However for bigger comfort in operation it should be taken into account some more trifles:

  • The body of the pool is allowed to be lowered not completely to the earth, but the possible size of ledge should not exceed 0.5 meters.
  • The acting board and the timber frame construction adjoining to it needs to be processed anti-septic tank.
  • Water during the winter period should not be above ground level.

The plastic basin “is afraid” only of sharp objects, for the rest design very reliable. For the winter I recommend to leave water in pool bowl, and for neutralization of the destroying effect of ice it is recommended to lower on bottom plastic large bottles with sand – 2 tanks by 1 sq.m.

In case of damage the bowl can recover it welding, but the specialist has to be engaged in it.

Capital pool the hands

As basis for the pool the concrete bowl which needs to be constructed independently is used. Also it is necessary to take care of draining, the system of filtering and other moments of the correct operation. But result it will be unambiguous above expected and life cycle of such reservoir concerns the longest.

Works on creations are conducted according to the following scheme:

  1. The place is chosen. It has to be a little removed from green plantings, but is extremely close to the system of water supply system.
  2. The form – the more simply, the better is chosen. The circle and rectangle are considered as ideal though nobody forbids to create fantasy designs.
  3. The marking of borders by means of cord and pegs becomes.
  4. The ditch more necessary size on half-meter in each party is dug out. The recommended depth of ready reservoir – 1.6 meters. Walls of ditch should be done at a small angle to prevent soil fall.
  5. The leveled and stamped floor of ditch is closed sand layer in 0.3 meters.
  6. Do isolation of bottom and bottom of walls: two layers of roofing material which are missed the mark with bituminous mastic.
  7. Mount timbering and fill in concrete between it and soil. For increase in durability recommend to use armoring lattice. Hydroconcrete or concrete above the 500th brand will be suitable for filling. At this stage it is important to consider arrangement of outflow pipe and also necessary elements of water supply system of the pool.
  8. After removal of timbering of wall condition mix of cement and waters.
  9. On bottom fill up stones and crushed stone, put armoring lattice and fill in with concrete mix, not less than 15 cm thick. In the course of filling it is necessary to monitor creation of the equal plane and also to achieve small bias (towards outflow pipe).
  10. After concrete drying the pool is made out by finishing materials, and all communications are connected.

Thus, creation of the pool on the country site is the simple set of actions available practically to any homeowner. If there is no desire to build, then the choice is conducted among folding designs. Different options are offered fans of capital decisions too. It is a little imagination and finance, and on your site own convenient reservoir will appear too.

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