Tile for the bathroom: design and recommendations about the choice

Tile for the bathroom: design and recommendations about the choice

The tile is traditional finishing material as has all qualities necessary for this purpose. Being steady against moisture influence, the tile is capable to serve regularly for many years. Let’s consider according to what principles the tile for the bathroom has to be selected: design, photo of the best examples and the original ideas for registration.

Tile for the bathroom: design and advantages of use

The tile in the bathroom is applied to finishing for a number of reasons. Advantages of this material do it by the most suitable option and allow to create interiors which will serve many years.

So, among the main advantages of such decision It should be noted:

  • huge choice of colors and textures. It is possible to find the material imitating the most various surfaces, including brick, stone, fabric in sale. Use in the bathroom of tile under tree enjoys special popularity;
  • the tile for the bathroom has extremely high level of wear resistance and practically does not give in to mechanical damages in use;
  • mounting of tile is made quite simply, and can be conducted independently;
  • the tile is steady against influence of cleaning agents including if it is about aggressive chemical compounds;
  • temperature differences are indoors not capable to have impact on material;
  • the operational term of tile is quite long, and at care can be not one decade.

Of course, as well as any other material, tile for the bathroom has also some shortcomings among which there is low heat-insulating material properties. Besides, at strong and sharp blow the tile can break so you should not drop on it heavy objects.

How to choose tile for the bathroom proceeding from technical characteristics of material

Choosing tile in bathtub, it will be necessary to understand to what serious loadings to be exposed this finishing material, and, proceeding from it, to select tile of suitable thickness. So, walls of the room are usually subject to smaller influence therefore for their registration will be tile up to 1 cm thick enough. And here as floor covering it is better to consider options stronger – from 1 to 1.2 cm.

Besides, it is extremely important to pick up tile which size will be commensurable with room space. You should not buy finishing material of the big size if it is necessary to issue the small bathroom. First, it will badly look, and secondly, it will lead to increase in costs of material purchase as in this case more cutting will be required.

Tile for bathtub: secrets of right choice of material

The choice of tile for the bathroom is based on understanding of what characteristics are the most important and what it is worth paying attention to first of all. In certain cases incorrectly picked up tile becomes serious obstacle on the way to registration of the room.

To avoid it, in addition to color and form of elements, it is necessary to pay attention to such aspects:

  • quality of tile: all elements have to have strictly identical form, smooth surface without damages, hollows and ledges;
  • the manufacturing firm in this case plays essential role as often defines quality of material. It is the best of all to give preference to the popular foreign companies which have good reputation and not the first year take worthy position in the market of construction materials;
  • availability and also location of drawings if they are available. All the matter is that the background tile without problems can be cut to the necessary sizes, and here cutting of ornament is problematic as it is difficult correct to join the drawing;
  • availability of collection. In certain cases producers initially suggest buyers to get already ready set for registration of all room in which elements are ideally combined with each other. Usually the tile for walls and floor, borders, decors, etc. enters such assemblies.

Helpful advice! Border – the improper decision for the small bathroom. This element is appropriate only in big rooms as its purpose – creation of uniform belt which will be simply closed in the small bathroom by pieces of furniture and plumbing fixtures.

Options of laying of tile in the bathroom: examples of technologies

From by what way the tile will be laid, exterior of the room and its appearance in many respects depends. Therefore it is worth approaching this question most responsibly, having considered all popular options.

First of all we will pay attention to the existing laying methods:

  • classical – to begin to glue tile it is necessary from the center of the room. Not the most economic way, however, laying looks in this case very beautifully and accurately. In corners the tile is just cut to the necessary size;
  • it is possible to begin laying from corner, gradually moving ahead to opposite wall. But in this case, to assume for what size of the last number of tile it will be just impossible. If it is necessary to cut off elements to narrow strip, it can significantly worsen exterior of wall or floor, but this way one of the most economical;
  • laying of tile from the center means completely symmetric arrangement of elements. Unlike classical, in this case the center of wall is the share of joint of tiles, and in corners two identical cuts turn out.

The worst of the given ways the method “from corner” as it the inaccuratest also can become the reason that the surface will look not too attractive is considered. So if you have opportunity not to save on material, it is better to refuse this decision in favor of classical.

Helpful advice! In addition to laying methods, there are also versions of the layout of tile. In this case a lot of things depend on the level of skill of the one who carries out laying and also personal preferences of owners.

Finishing of bathrooms tile: non-standard options of laying

Arrangement of bathroom means carrying out set of the different communications necessary for use of those devices which are in it. And to have to them access and opportunity at any time to carry out repair works, use auditing hatches which hide pipes.

In order that the auditing window was not evident and was not allocated against the background of the general registration, over its cover often stack tile. In this case it is the best of all to use the layout from the center that undercuts were identical and were located on corners. The photo of the ceramic tile used for this purpose perfectly show as auditing hatches have to be located.

Also it is worth paying attention to registration of additional designs which often build from gypsum cardboard. By means of this material it is possible to make additional box and partition. But sometimes owners use this way to increase length of load-carrying structure, and to have opportunity to lay tile without undercuts.

At first sight, the similar measure can seem unjustified, but actually this method is very effective even for bathrooms, small on the area. Considering the fact that loss of useful space does not exceed in total 0.2-0.5 m ², and the interior at the expense of it significantly improves visually, it is quite possible to tell that the similar decision is worthy considerations.

Helpful advice! In the course of laying of tile on wall, it is better to give preference to horizontal arrangement of material, than vertical. In this case the quantity of necessary narrow undercuts will decrease, and the sizes of the room will visually increase.

As the tile for the bathroom can be laid on the floor: examples

As floor covering the tile in the bathroom is used very often. At the same time, the method of laying is chosen mainly classical, in view of only some additions. So, if it is about registration of bathroom in which the shower cabin is established, then the tile is stacked on all surface of floor, beginning from the center. If instead of shower the bathroom is established, then the space is separated into two zones, for each of which own middle line is defined.

Of course, the number of undercutting in this case increases, but nevertheless, at the expense of it it turns out to keep the number of large-format facing. Besides, it is worth remembering that it is important to distribute material so that places of undercutting were where furniture or the equipment will be located.

Bases of the choice of color scheme for tile in the bathroom: design of rooms

Coloring – one of the main criteria for selection of tile for the bathroom. The room, as a rule, has very modest sizes, and abundance of incorrectly picked up color or ornament can spoil interior.

Let’s consider what coloring are considered as the most successful and photo of options of finishing of the bathroom as tile:

  • dark floor – the best decision for bathroom. On such covering will less pollution are visible and if also to get special finish which is unreceptive to garbage then it will facilitate problem of cleaning at all. The choice of beige or brown tile as such floor covering well will look practically in any interior is considered the classical decision;
  • lighter will be suitable for walls better than tone which will not overload look. Use of several shades of one color is considered traditional, and very successful decision. In this case the lightest tile keeps within in the middle, and upper and lower layers have a little more dark tone. How exactly it has to look, it is possible to see on photo of finishing of the bathroom tile with use of this method.
  • as for finish, it can be picked up according to personal preferences. It is the best of all if its tone is slightly more dark, than tone of tile. So the room will not be overloaded visually, and in general the interior will look more attractively.

Helpful advice! It is quite often possible to meet the interesting ideas of decoration of the walls of the bathroom with use of different shades of background tile which keeps within vertically. But in practice this way is not repaid as very often visualization is partially covered with pieces of furniture.

Tile for the bathroom: design and recommendations about the choice

Options of finishing of bathrooms tile: secrets, councils and cunnings

Checking numerous pictures of ceramic tile, to provide, how exactly the similar decision will look in the bathroom, quite difficult. For this reason often it is necessary to ask for the help professional designers who making use of the skills and experience, can pick up such decision which will allow to reach desirable effect.

But actually, everyone can independently cope with this task if he approaches question of the choice responsibly and will take some recommendations of specialists into account:

  • transition from strip of dark tile to lighter has to be located at the height of 7-10 cm from the bathroom;
  • if it is about registration of space of toilet, then this transition has to be located between toilet bowl and key of installation. It is admissible to make it at any level, but nevertheless it is desirable to arrange it closer to the middle;
  • the upper strip of dark tile which is under ceiling has to consist of one or one and a half rows of tile.

Observing these simple recommendations, it is possible to issue beautifully the bathroom tile. The design in this case will concede nothing to what designers can offer, and even the smallest bathroom will look effectively and presentably.

Mirror tile to the bathroom: design of the room with use of unusual elements

Finishing of bathtub tile not always means use of exclusively traditional tile. As interesting option it is possible to consider use of mirror elements which will influence visual perception of space, and will bring originality and novelty in interior.

Consider popular ways of finishing:

  • combination of traditional ceramics and mirror tile. In this case the tile of dark tones which will act as background for mirror inserts best of all will approach. Such design looks extremely elegantly and elegantly;
  • use of mirror tile for ceiling. It is great way to expand space and to visually lift ceiling. Within this decision also creation of narrow mirror strip on one of room walls is welcomed;
  • mirror tile opposite to window. If the window is indoors provided, then to make mirror insert opposite to it – great idea. So the quantity of sunlight in the bathroom will increase. Advantages of this way can be seen on photo of design of the bathroom tile with smooth surface.

Helpful advice! Despite positive effect which the mirror tile is capable to render on perception of space of the bathroom, you should not be zealous excessively with this material. If to impose all walls and ceiling with mirrors, there will be too many reflection that will create effect of “cage”.

Advantages and shortcomings of use of mirror tile for bathtub examples of interiors

The mirror tile is not too often used in the course of registration of bathrooms for two reasons: in the course of transportation and also laying, this material is quite strongly subject to damages. Also, in order that similar elements kept the original form throughout the long period of time, indoors there shall be high-quality ventilation.

However on condition of availability of good vent system and care in the course of mounting, this material will be able to please the owners with such positive characteristics:

  • long life cycle;
  • resistance to influence of chemical elements (alkalis and acids);
  • resistance to ignition;
  • variety of color schemes of tile: the bathroom can receive any appearance.

Features of mounting of mirror tile

Independently it is simple to lay mirror tile. However this process demands knowledge of certain subtleties and nuances which will allow to achieve desirable result. For fixing it is possible to use silicone or liquid nails. For cutting of elements use the glass-cutter.

Here some more recommendations which will allow to make fastening of tile most easily and effectively:

  • the rear side of tile shall be rough. For this purpose it is possible to use bitumen and coarse-grained sand if its surface smooth and opaque. In case of work with transparent elements, bitumen can be replaced with liquid glass;
  • the chosen glue structure should not contain acids as it can provoke emergence of blackouts;
  • width of seams between elements should not be more than 4 mm;
  • in the course of laying of the first layer, it is very important to pay attention that it has been oriented horizontally;
  • after laying of tile several days are desirable to wait, and then to carry out finish of seams by neutral silicone. At the same stage it is possible to polish smooth surface.

Observance of these recommendations will allow to make surface equal and smooth. And on life cycle the mirror tile will concede nothing to normal tile.

Helpful advice! To keep mirror tile in integrity, after removal of protective film, it is necessary to avoid contact of surface with sharp objects as they can put irreparable damages.

The fresh ideas for registration of the bathroom ceramic tile: the best interiors

When choosing coloring and the invoice of tile it is possible to be guided by exclusively own preferences. And it is possible to make choice and on the basis of tile photos in the bathroom which in large number are offered on different Internet resources. Let’s consider what interesting ideas can be borrowed for creation of own interior.

Not always it is worth giving preference to tile of the large size. Especially as today producers are capable to apply the huge choice of small tile with effect of mosaic. From such small elements it is possible to lay out vertical or horizontal lines, and it is possible to create the whole pattern at all. How effectively such decision looks, it is possible to see on photo of tile of the bathroom which design is created about use of mosaic.

Using this method, it is possible to change visual space and to adjust room form. Especially well this way works if there is need “to raise” ceiling. And here using the diagonal layout, it is possible to increase the volume of the room and to create feeling of ease of space.

The special attention is deserved by the tile imitating bricks or other materials – stone, tree, etc. Imitations are very popular today so bathrooms where the whole walls make out with use of such material meet, bringing very unusual mood in the room.

What can be tile form in the bathroom: examples

Among the most courageous design decisions it is possible to meet the tile of unusual form, for example, imitating cells or in the form of rhombuses. Also options of absolutely asymmetric figures meet. Of course, creation of design in the bathroom with use of such elements demands big expenses and efforts, than in case of use of traditional material, however looking through photo of ceramic tile for bathtub of this type, it is possible to come to conclusion that it is worth it.

Interestingly! Many designers recommend to pay attention to tile of rounded shape. According to their statements, such decision, despite the originality and strangeness, is capable to give to interior cosiness.

Combination in the bathroom of different forms of tile and also use of elements of unequal form is allowed. At the same time it is important that general impression from the room remained complete. For this purpose before works and acquisition of the chosen materials, it is desirable to prepare the sketch which will show how the end result will look.

The tile which is designed to imitate not only natural materials enjoys special popularity. Even more often it is possible to meet phototile which is called by right boundless site for imagination. It is possible to apply any drawing which will be pleasant to you on it. Using this technology, even in the most normal bathroom the fine garden or the desert island in the ocean can be created. What will be the picture of the bathroom, depends on preference of owners.

Relief ceramic tile to the bathroom: options and examples

Thanks to relief surface of tile, interior it is possible to give special refinement and mood. It is possible to choose, for example, for walls tile with relief from wavy lines or rhombuses. And it is possible to combine such effects for achievement of even more interesting result.

Helpful advice! Relief tile – great way to disguise roughnesses of surface and to emphasize positive aspects of design. Tile photos to the bathroom show as it is successfully possible to change interior by means of this way of finishing.

One of the most modern and unusual decisions – the choice of tile in style patchwork. In this case it consists of the separate elements having the different drawing or the size that allows to create effect of scrappy blanket. To achieve this effect, it is absolutely optional to acquire special sets which usually have considerable cost. It is quite possible to use for this purpose several separate types of tile which are well combined among themselves.

Kinds of tile to the bathroom: some options

In the course of acquaintance with catalogs of ceramic tile for the bathroom, it is possible to pay attention to broad price range which is inherent to this material. The cost is determined by the tile size for the bathroom and also its look and manufacturing firm. Let’s review several examples to understand what prices the buyer should face.

Quite quality, but plain material. In this price range the choice of tile is rather big, and its characteristics correspond to all the main requirements which are imposed by operating conditions.

But if owners wish that the ceramic tile in the bathroom was really the best, then it is worth paying attention to products of the well-known foreign companies. So, it is possible to find quality finishing materials of production of Spain in sale.

It is possible to draw conclusion that the choice of tile for bathrooms – difficult, but very interesting challenge. Thanks to availability of large number of options, what will be to the taste can pick up everyone and to realize own ideas and ideas in this small, but very functionally important room.

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