Tile mosaic for the bathroom: versions, choice of design and laying

Tile mosaic for the bathroom: versions, choice of design and laying

The tile mosaic for the bathroom is finishing material which is the stylish and original decision allowing to issue rooms of the different sizes. The long operational term and presentable exterior causes its high popularity in the modern world. However the choice and laying of this material – difficult occupations as the mosaic demands special approach.

Advantages and shortcomings of tile of mosaic

As well as any other construction material, mosaic has the advantages and some shortcomings. It has high strength and reliability. And also what is very important, such tile can be used in rooms with the increased humidity level.

One more advantage of this facing is its resistance to temperature fluctuations. In the modern construction market it is possible to choose mosaic of the different size, form and color. Thanks to it each person is capable to buy that material which will approach design of the specific bathroom.

Choosing mosaic to the bathroom, it is also worth remembering that it is made from different materials. Each of them has the features. By means of such facing it is possible to issue not only the vertical and horizontal surfaces of the room, but also separate elements of interior.

Pay attention! Small dimensions of separate elements allow to put them on uneven surface.

Color of mosaic differs in firmness and does not fade over time that too is great advantage. In terms of design, such facing is one of the most interesting. In case of need small tiles it is possible to combine and carry out from them different patterns and drawings.

However use of mosaic tile for the bathroom has also the shortcomings. The basic from them is difficult mounting. This minus affects also the cost of works: laying of such facing by the master will cost much enough. Price of the material also high.

Mosaic to the bathroom: main types and characteristics

Similar facing material can be classified on version by several signs. The first of them – form.

Let’s consider what can be these products:

  • square;
  • rectangular;
  • round;
  • rhomboid;
  • many-sided.

Most often use square and rectangular elements. The mosaic of such form is the traditional decision for facing of surfaces in the bathroom. Application of the elements having irregular shape is considered original option.

The mosaic for the bathroom can have the different sizes (from 1х1 to 5х5 cm). Use of tiles of 2х2 cm is considered classical option. And also in case of need it is possible to get the mosaic collected in blocks. It represents tile, 30х30 cm in size which consists of basis (paper, rubber, etc.) and the separate elements pasted to it. The price of self-adhesive tile of mosaic for the bathroom is lower, than separate elements.

Important criterion is material of which the mosaic is made. In this case there are several main options. The most widespread is the mosaic made of ceramics. Also glass elements and also smalto enjoy popularity. To emphasize originality of interior, it is possible to get the facing of this kind made of non-standard material (for example, tree).

Features of ceramic mosaic: photo and characteristics

As already it has been told above, such tile enjoys the most wide popularity among buyers. It differs in universality and moderate cost. Elements from this material possess the same technical and physical characteristics, as well as ordinary tile for the bathing room. The main difference in this case consists in dimensions.

The surface of ceramic tile of mosaic can be different: glossy or opaque. The first of them is carried out with use of technology of glass glazing and is simple in leaving. The opaque mosaic more stylish, is applied it to finishing of mainly horizontal surfaces (floor) as excludes sliding.

Useful information! The surface texture of the elements made of tiled material can also differ. In the market it is possible to meet the products imitating surface of tree, stone, etc.

Ceramic facing has set of advantages. The good selection of such products causes their wide operational sphere. Using ceramics, it is possible to turn practically any design idea into reality. It is steady against temperature fluctuations, resistant to humidity and idle time in leaving. The tile mosaic to the bathroom from ceramic material also differs in fire resistance.

Such facing not bad looks in combination with normal tile. Its pointed application is widespread design approach which allows to place emphasis on specific zone of the room. In case of need it is possible to make such facing independently of old or beaten tile. From the mosaic received by the hands it is also possible to lay out separate element, like panel.

Glass mosaic tile to the bathroom: photo and properties

The mosaic tile from glass is in the second place in popularity among buyers. Such facing will cost cheaper, than ceramic. It possesses the same technical characteristics, as normal glass. However there is also one difference – high strength of tile.

Production technique of glass mosaic considers use of several materials among which:

  • quartz sand;
  • feldspar;
  • dye (metal oxide).

To receive facing of this kind, the technology of melting is applied. At the following stage stamping is carried out. At the end of process the received elements temper by means of roasting. Thus, the glass tile mosaic to the bathroom gains high resistance to mechanical influences (blows).

Glass elements differ in presentable exterior and are presented at the modern market by set of coloring and invoices. Products can be glossy or opaque. The transparent mosaic from glass enjoys wide popularity.

Similar facing is resistant to bacteria therefore the possibility on its surface of fungus is almost reduced to zero. It differs in thermal stability and moisture resistance and also is simple in leaving. Separately It is necessary to tell that the mosaic from glass is capable to transfer not only high, but also low temperature.

The tile from this material is most often used for wall decoration, however it can be put also on floor. The mosaic for horizontal surfaces shall have the anti-sliding property.

Smalt mosaic tile for the bathroom: photo and advantages

The facing material made of smalt differs unique, inherent only to it in properties. Production technique of such mosaic includes several stages. In the beginning material gives in to pressing then the glass particles painted by dye are alloyed in separate elements.

The mosaic for the bathroom from smalt is used in rooms on which there is raised loading. Thus, it is possible to draw conclusion that this material has high strength ratio. It is also possible to refer to advantages of such facing resistance to low temperatures and active chemical compounds.

Pay attention! Products from smalt, as well as glass tile mosaic, it is possible to use for finishing of pools.

The smalt mosaic is opaque, but its feature consists in play of light. If to look at separate element of such facing, then the effect of radiation of light will be noticeable from within.

Today the construction market offers the wide range of the mosaic made of smalt. The form and the size of these products can be different. The main lack of smalt facing is its cost which is higher, than at glass.

Stone tile mosaic for the bathroom

Such facing is made from different breeds of stone. It can be marble or granite. And also quite often in the market products from jasper and slate meet. The stone mosaic differs in presentable exterior and is capable to become decoration of any interior of the bathroom.

For increase in esthetic effect ready elements from stone are exposed to additional treatment. Small elements are ground, polished or grow old in the artificial way. Such production technique promotes production of unique facing which perfectly looks on walls and floor. It is for descriptive reasons recommended to study the corresponding photos. The tile mosaic from stone is used not only for full facing. By means of it it is possible to allocate separate elements of interior, to place accents.

Technical characteristics of stone tile are caused by its origin. It can be used in rooms with the increased humidity. She is not afraid of temperature fluctuations and is fire-resistant. Such material perfectly is suitable for facing of surfaces as inside, and outside the house.

Exterior and high technical characteristics influence the price of tile of mosaic of this kind. It costs very much (especially marble). There are options when it is possible to save finance considerably. For example, elements from pebble have perfectly proved, and this material in case of need can be collected free of charge on the seashore.

Metal tile mosaic to the bathroom

Such mosaic has appeared not so long ago, but has already found the buyer in the construction market. Facing of this kind is made of different metals, however the most widespread is steel. Also the brass mosaic tile is not less popular.

Separate elements which can have the different size are fixed on special basis. It is, as a rule, made of flexible materials (for example, rubbers). There is set of kinds of metal cladding for the bathroom which differ not only on dimensions, but also in form. It is possible to find elements in the form of triangles, hexagons, the wrong geometrical figures, etc. in profile shops.

Useful information! It is important to remember that such facing demands special leaving. Categorically it is not recommended to wipe such tile with the chemical compositions which include abrasive particles.

The surface of metal cladding is also classified on several types. It can be glossy or opaque and also have certain texture. Mosaic photos to the bathroom of this kind will help to carry out right choice therefore it is recommended to get acquainted with them.

Tile mosaic for the bathroom: non-standard decisions

The mosaic for facing of the bathroom can be made also of other, less traditional materials. For example, if you want to save the finance, it is possible to get tile on the basis of plastic. Products from polymers cost much cheaper, however they have no such high engineering properties. Such mosaic looks not so effectively, but quite is suitable for facing of horizontal and vertical surfaces in wet rooms.

From advantages of polymeric facing it is also possible to note that it very well keeps practically on any surface. Besides, it can be used as floor tile of mosaic. Surface of polymeric mosaic not such slippery, as at tiled facing. The non-standard, but effective decision is purchase and laying of mirror tile. The technology of its production includes processing of separate splinters of smooth surface. It is used most often for allocation of some element in bathroom interior.

In case of need it is possible to get mirror mosaic with silver or golden sputtering. It is possible to buy mosaic for the bathroom of this kind in profile shop or to execute the order on the Internet. Cost of such material quite high.

The least widespread is the mosaic tile made of tree. In the market it has appeared quite recently. By its production rare, expensive breeds of trees are used. Application of such facing allows to execute bathroom wall decoration small tiles of different shades. Certainly, such decision is the most original.

The tarsia needs special leaving and is not fire resistant. And also it has no such moisture resistance as other kinds of these products.

Tile mosaic for the bathroom: versions, choice of design and laying

Kinds of mosaic as basis

Before purchase it is recommended to pay attention not only to outside part, but also to mosaic basis. The bathroom is the room with the increased humidity therefore material for its facing needs to be chosen with special care.

Let’s consider on what basis there can be mosaic tile:

  • mesh;
  • paper;
  • without basis.

Tile mosaic on grid. In this case separate elements are fixed on special grid. They are located in certain order, forming necessary pattern. The rectangular or square blocks consisting of consistently collected separate tiles perfectly are suitable for mounting on any surface. They can be stacked on uneven walls, regulating distance between elements.

Tile mosaic on paper. The basis from such material promotes fast and exact laying of the tiled block. Paper is fixed on face side of mosaic that allows to keep necessary arrangement of separate elements.

Useful information! After laying of such facing it is necessary to remove paper from its surface. For this purpose it is moistened with warm water.

Tile mosaic without basis. For laying in bathrooms it is used quite seldom. Products without basis are, as a rule, applied to the organization of beautiful panels. For such work it is necessary to have certain qualification. Therefore for independent mounting it is better not to use scattering of tiles. It is necessary to tell that today it is possible to get the ordinary tile executed under mosaic also. It presentably looks on walls in the bathroom, and its mounting is much simpler. It is possible to buy tile under mosaic in profile shop or on the Internet.

Mosaic tile in the bathroom: design, photo

Exterior of similar facing is affected by several major factors. Carry to them: production material, option of processing of face side, size, form and mounting technique. To execute original wall decoration and floor in the bathing room, it is necessary to consider all these criteria.

The mosaic tile in itself is material which after laying looks presentably and stylish. Application of similar facing enjoys bigger popularity, than creation of classical panel. It is connected with the acceptable cost and rather simple laying.

Let’s consider what options of design of mosaic in the bathroom exist today:

  • one-color;
  • background;
  • gradient;
  • mix;
  • panel.

One-color. In that case on vertical or horizontal surface the tile of one shade keeps within. Most often it has the identical size and also form. Such design decision is suitable for creation of the bathroom in style minimalism.

And also the one-color mosaic is quite often used to organize bright strip or geometrical figure on wall. Such course in interior influences visual change of proportions of the room which is characteristic of modernist style. One more option – application of facing, non-standard in form, but one color and the size.

Background. Such option of design registration of the bathroom means use of tiles, identical or different in the size. Their combination should not form accurately expressed pattern. It should be noted that such design decision can be both monophonic, and color and also with the drawing.

Gradient. Original and stylish option of design of the bathroom with mosaic. The feature of this decision consists in soft junction of shade from one edge of wall to another. Such method of laying of mosaic is used, as a rule, when it is required to expand visually space or to increase ceiling.

Mix. From the name it becomes clear that this design way considers combination of different shades. Separate elements of facing in this case have the identical form and the size. In case of laying of dimensional mosaic (it is not less than 5х5 cm) by this method there is opportunity to use elements with pattern or imitation.

Similar facing has great popularity in the construction market because of the favorable cost. If you are interested in question of how to issue the bathroom then this option is one of the most suitable.

Panel. The effective design decision demanding professional skills. From mosaic it is possible to put the present works of art which will serve many years. The form of separate facing tiles in this case can be the most different, as well as the size, color.

Pay attention! Separate tiles which are applied to the organization of panel differ in the small size. They are not collected in blocks therefore they can be stacked on curvilinear surface.

There is option meaning use of block mosaic. He is more popular as he demands less skills when mounting and costs cheaper. In turn, manual laying demands both vocational training, and big financial expenses. However the panel collected manually is the most effective decision in interior which can be made. Panels quite often use in combination with background mosaic in the bathroom. Photos of designs of different type will allow to estimate beauty of this or that method of laying visually.

Design of tile in the bathroom: choice of color

Before buying tile mosaic, it is necessary to decide on its color. What shade to choose? Specialists recommend to pay attention to the colors close to the nature. Most often focus the attention in the modern world on them. It can be brown, blue, beige and gray shades.

Originally the wall issued by impressive mosaic which imitates stone or tree looks. The ideal decision for the bathroom – tile paving, made of natural stone. In case of lack of funds it is possible to use less expensive artificial stone also.

Use of multi-colored mosaic enjoys wide popularity. The bathroom issued in different shades looks stylish and is pleasing to the eye. However it is necessary to remember that in that case categorically it is not recommended to combine more than three shades.

When choosing suitable tones it is desirable to consider rules of their combination. For example, designers advise one color to note as background. Two others will also perform certain function. The second color will become additional, and the third – will place the necessary accents indoors.

For the bathroom it is desirable to choose pastel shade as background. The complementary color in this case has to be brighter. Separate elements can be issued more contrast shade. Anyway, before deciding on design registration of the room, it is recommended to pay attention to tile photo for the bathroom. The mosaic can both decorate the room, and “to oversaturate” it.

The safe decision – white mosaic. Such room will always look stylish. Therefore if you cannot be defined in variety of flowers then stop the choice on white tile. It has one more powerful advantage: on it water stains are not so visible.

Overview of popular options of laying of mosaic

There are several ways of laying of mosaic tile. Some of them are more traditional, and others are used in rare instances. Let’s consider options of mounting of this facing material in more detail.

Basic (grid). This method differs in the popularity as is the simplest. In this case laying of wall tile of mosaic is made parallel to the plane of the wall. And also It should be noted that seams between separate elements at such mounting get grid form. Such method of laying allows to use not only tiles, classical in form.

Useful information! For laying as grid it is the best of all to choose facing of one shade. Use of multi-colored elements is not recommended as they distract attention from seams.

Basic (angular). Such way also is widespread and means laying of separate mosaic elements rhombus. They are pasted to wall under certain inclination which makes 45 °. The similar arrangement of mosaic allows to level visually walls if they are curvilinear.

And also It should be noted that angular laying promotes visual expansion of the room. However at such mounting there are also some minuses. The main of them – need of cutting of material for its adjustment. Designers recommend to use one or two shades at wall decoration in such a way. There are also other ideas of repair of the bathroom, but anyway it is impossible to combine more than three flowers.

Chess. Laying of mosaic is in such a way similar to the first option (basic). The difference in this case consists in arrangement of seams and coloring of separate facing elements. At such mounting two colors of mosaic which shall be contrast relatively each other are used. And seams are located consistently, without shift. The chess option is quite often applied to laying of relief tile which has notches. Alternation of horizontal and vertical strips forms stylish and interesting facing.

Linear. The technology of such laying is made in the same way, as well as in the first case. It differs from basic way only in the fact that means mounting of ranks which differ in texture and shade from the main background. Such laying is most often used for registration of bathrooms in modern style (for example, hi-tech).

In break off. It is applied when laying tile of mosaic on floor or wall. Is one more kind of traditional basic style. In that case the mosaic keeps within with mixing exactly on half of one facing element. The effect which is reached when mounting in break off gives to facing type of brick wall.

In certain cases for laying of mosaic use also other technologies: modular, parquet, relief, etc. However options of laying of such tile most widespread today are listed above. It is possible to buy mosaic for the bathroom in profile shop, construction hypermarket or to order on the Internet.

How to glue tile mosaic: laying algorithm

Laying of mosaic is more difficult action, than facing of surfaces normal tile. The mosaic tile demands special approach, availability of certain skills and knowledge. In case of independent laying specialists advise to pay attention to wall or floor tile under mosaic. Such material will allow to simplify mounting. The face side of similar products imitates mosaic, but the back surface is executed in the same way, as well as at normal tile.

In turn, the algorithm of laying of mosaic facing is more difficult, than in case with tile for bathtub under mosaic. Therefore it is recommended to study it attentively. First of all it is necessary to prepare surface on which the mosaic tile will be glued. It is desirable to carry out alignment of walls and floor. Further it is necessary to ground surface. It will allow to strengthen coupling of tile.

At the following stage preparation of the corresponding tools and materials is made. Special attention needs to be paid to the glue choice. For the majority of kinds of such facing use gray structure. In turn, white glue is applied when mounting glass mosaic.

Useful information! Surely it should be taken into account specific features of the room. Glue for mosaic tile can be moisture resistant it (is recommended), frost-resistant and also antifungal. The last has resistance to fungi and mold.

From tools it is required to buy the special toothed palette (3х3 mm), tape measure, construction level. And also it is necessary to prepare marker for marking and rag which will be required at finish of seams.

Drawing the necessary drawing on wall or floor will allow to avoid mistakes when laying such facing. Especially specialists advise to use such cunning when the difficult option of mounting of mosaic in the bathroom is chosen. Photos of different stages of this process are also capable to help at independent laying. Therefore it is recommended to study them.

Then mounting of mosaic tile is carried out directly. In the beginning it is necessary to apply glue on the small site of wall or floor. At the following stage laying of separate elements is made. Each tile needs to be pressed into glue and to control that it has not got on front surface. It is important to remember that during laying it is necessary to watch flatness of row. For this purpose construction level is required.

After mounting of mosaic it is necessary to wait about two days. During this time glue will manage to dry. Further it is necessary only to remove basis (paper) from front surface and to execute finish of seams.

Mosaic tile – stylish and modern option of facing. The construction market offers set of kinds of such material, each of which has the features. Laying of mosaic can be executed independently, however it is desirable to use services of the specialist. It will allow to avoid mistakes which lead to material damage.

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