Two-level stretch ceiling

Two-level stretch ceiling

Stretch ceilings give the chance to create difficult multilevel ceiling designs by means of which it is easy to change the room to beyond recognition: to separate it into several functional zones, to change lighting picture due to multi-line arrangement of lamps, to decorate ceiling fabric, mirror or color inserts. The polyvinyl chloride film gives the chance to turn design ideas into reality and to turn normal, not always equal ceiling into the real masterpiece of imagination and skill.

Mounting of two-level design requires no more knowledge, than at installation of simple stretch ceiling. It is easy to execute some construction nuances by means of the instruction. Works will not require accessory construction materials: paints, primers, putties — besides, only one day is necessary to build beautiful and original tension design. Putty is applied only to strengthening of angles of plasterboard registration.

Two-level tension designs: pluses and minuses

For mounting of modern stretch ceiling it is enough to fix framework from profile and to pull on it polyvinyl chloride cloth. As a result we receive plain surface, ideally smooth and not “greased” with additional seams or hems. Application of welding gives the chance to connect two or more cloths in one integral, but in this case seams also remain imperceptible.

If it is necessary to build quickly ceiling, beautiful, faultless from the esthetic point of view, it is necessary to choose tension option – with one, two or more than levels. The only condition under which the tension design will be really appropriate – the room, big on the area, with rather high walls. The choice of cloth remains for the owner of the room: both the vinyl film, and the fabric material having different texture and shade and also opaque or glossy version are equally good.

Tension designs choose for their indisputable advantages:

  • Ideally plain surface. Ceilings owing to the design features cannot be absolutely direct, they have differences, seams, noticeable joints, not closed up connections. Works on alignment of ceiling surface of labor costs also take a lot of time whereas construction of tension construction guarantees the necessary result received by small forces during the short period. Also the lack of construction waste and the dirt connected with use of finishing mortar pleases.
  • Protection against flooding by neighbors from above. The water supply in apartments is imperfect, accidents and as a result – water leakage on first floors are possible. Technology features of tension design are that that it can detain water, having kept apartment interior in safety. Besides, also the panel will not suffer: after removal of water it is necessary to use the heat gun, and the ceiling will be as new.
  • Esthetic attractiveness. Certainly, stretch ceilings are beautiful, and considering film species diversity, it is possible to create really unusual, exclusive options.

Let’s not play the hypocrite, shortcomings are also available. For example, instability of panel to sharp objects. It is enough to concern film knife or corner as the puncture or scratch will appear. There are ways of correction of defects, but it is better not to allow emergence of such problems.

Much do not like the high price of stretch ceiling. But there are two important points. First, the most elementary modern designs have considerably fallen in price, secondly, it is possible to save, having made the most part of works independently.

When mounting panels from PVC in country houses of changeable accommodation it is necessary to remember that low temperatures have negative effect on film. It is better to apply materials on fabric basis to the device of ceilings – they much stronger and with ease will take out any cold.

Drawing up sketch

When developing the project it is necessary to pay attention to two things: functional expediency and esthetic attractiveness. The tension design from two levels will easily hide any shortcomings and roughnesses of ceiling, and correctly picked up illuminating equipment will give to all interior desirable completeness.

Using combination of two levels of different registration, it is possible to break the placement on convenient zones with ease. Making different color, impressive combinations, experimenting with construction form, it is possible to achieve amazing result. Besides, it is easy to increase or reduce one of parts of the room visually.

Choosing color and texture, it is necessary to be based on the general concept of creation of interior. The room equipped in official style demands the plain, painted in reserved tone ceiling design. And on the contrary, the bedroom or the children’s room give the chance of use practically of any shaded options, the device of various light drawings or unusual constructive decisions.

When using cloth with photo printing it is necessary to remember that it will be the visual center of the room. In this case the heap of home decoration or too difficult zoning is inadmissible.

Mounting of two-level ceiling: main requirements

Installation of the ceiling tension design consisting of two levels will require the following materials:

  • the cloth created from several soldered pieces of PVC of film;
  • the aluminum or plastic shape (baguette) necessary for mounting of film on box or ceiling; he is three types: ceiling, wall, connecting;
  • flexible harpoon for facing at the edges;
  • decorative element for cover of gap (about 4 mm) which arises between cloth and wall.

The most part of time is occupied by the preparatory work connected with repair of walls, ceiling, mounting of baguette. The film is pulled in the last turn.

In the course of installation of two-level ceiling it is necessary to observe the following requirements:

  • Strong, stable surfaces from gypsum cardboard, brick, concrete, plaster, tree, tile, aluminum form the basis for installation of profile. Destruction or fall of old finishing is inadmissible therefore before mounting it is necessary to clean and ground surface carefully.
  • At preparatory stage it is necessary to decide on the scheme of communications and electrical wiring in the place of mounting of tension design.
  • Installing electric equipment, dot lamps, climatic devices and ventilation, it is necessary to follow rules of the thermal mode to exclude overheating of tension construction.
  • Mounting in rooms with furniture and household appliances is allowed, but provided that between upper part of cabinets and ceiling the distance not less than 0.7 m will be observed.
Two-level stretch ceiling

Installation of framework from metal section: step-by-step instruction

Mounting of the profiles which are specially provided for suspended designs has to be carried out in the accurate sequence, with observance of the main condition – strictly horizontal position.

  1. For marking use the water or laser level: at first designate tags, then lead round room perimeter beater cord.
  2. Using dowels and the perforator, along noted line record U-shaped profile. Using the sketch, fix similar profile on ceiling. If box form not direct, but curvilinear, on profile make small cuts scissors with interval of 4 cm. They will help to bend smoothly profile to necessary corner.
  3. Make of pieces of profile omitting which need to be recorded on ceiling baguette. Level of bottom edge of omitting has to match the level of wall profile is future border of the lower plane of ceiling design. Omitting mount 30 cm with interval.
  4. For assembly of box it is necessary to fasten pieces of profile so that the subject reminding pipe with rectangular cross section as a result has turned out.
  5. For bigger stability stabilize box, having attached it to wall profile by means of the bearing profile. In the course of work regularly use level for exact observance of verticals and horizontals. The ready box is basis for mounting of baguette to which PVC cloth fastens. The film warmed during tension will cool down and will stretch that will serve as one more guarantor of durability and stability of ceiling design.
  6. Making of electrical wiring and covering gypsum cardboard – completion phases before mounting of film. Arrangement of illumination happens on in advance planned sketch. It can include installation of chandelier, dot lamps or optical fiber. For covering prepare sheets of gypsum cardboard, cut parts of the necessary size, fix them on box by self-tapping screws. For strengthening of corners use the perforated corner processed by finishing putty.

Seams and poles from self-tapping screws need also to be puttied, and then to grind to necessary smoothness. In places of fastening of lamps make openings by means of drill (nozzle “crown”). Cover the surface of gypsum cardboard with primer, and then – paint (or wall-paper). The lower level of ceiling is ready.

Mounting of stretch ceiling: options of fastenings

Special purpose tools are necessary for mounting of tension cloth, ordinary improvised devices are no good. It is necessary to prepare the heat gun for warming up, the perforator, level, the screw driver, step-ladder, blades for material PVC tension. For operation of the heat gun gas therefore in the course of warming up it is necessary to follow safety instructions is used.

Mounting modes:

  • Harpoon. At the edges of panel fix harpoon – some kind of hook necessary for fixing and tension of film. This way is most preferable as in case of repair or flooding it is easy to dismantle and establish cloth into place.
  • Wedge. It is applied when the area of cloth is more than the size of ceiling. Excess material is deleted after installation of ceiling.
  • Shtapikovy. The tension cloth is fixed by means of tape which regulates tension level.

Sequence of mounting works of tension design

Before mounting process once again it is necessary to check compliance of the sizes of panel of the area of design. If measurements are made incorrectly, all work will come to nothing. It is also important to trace durability of installation of baguette and density of prileganiye of all elements of fastenings. Exterior and term of operation of two-level design depends on reliability of framework.

Just before the PVC installation material is given softness and elasticity, for this purpose heat it to +60 °C, at the same time air temperature has to equal +40 °C. At first record cloth in one corner, then in opposite, further in two other corners. Difficulties can arise only when mounting film in the last corner.

After angular mounting panel fix on perimeter with interval 0.08 m, pulling film at the help of the palette. If there were folds, it is easy to remove them, heating the hair dryer and smoothing. Being cooled, the film stretches, and the cloth becomes smooth and elastic.

Along wall the technology slot is formed. For its masking use flexible tape. For installation of lamps in cloth cut through openings of necessary diameter, paste over edges with thermoinsulating material – for protection against heating. Lamps should not concern film.

At observance of rules of mounting it is simple to achieve result: works are available even to newbies in construction business. Having created the two-level tension design equipped with lighting system, receive strong, beautiful, wearproof ceiling which will close initial defects and will protect the room from flood.

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