Wall panel MDF: prices, catalog and main technical characteristics

Wall panel MDF: prices, catalog and main technical characteristics

Various panels for finishing of walls use in the course of repair very often. However many when choosing are guided only by the price, ignoring many important technical characteristics which define not only the term of operation of material, but also what impact it can have on human health. Let’s consider, than are remarkable wall panel MDF: prices, catalog of photo examples, characteristics and features of operation of this material.

Wall panel MDF: catalog of photo samples, advantages and shortcomings

If you look at the catalog wall with MDF of panels, then will find out that externally this material a little in what differs from all other plates of wood-fiber origin which produce by pressing of excelsior under strong pressure with addition of special organic binding materials. Thanks to influence of pressure and high temperature, the final product has dense homogeneous structure that considerably expands possibilities of its processing even in comparison with natural wood.

To make the sheet medium density fibreboard, as a rule, use the products received as a result of woodworking or low-grade wood. At the same time the product which turns out as a result completely corresponds established ecological and to specifications and gives extremely ample opportunities for use. Plates of MDF paint or paste over with special film that gives them excellent exterior.

Distinguish from advantages which MDF in comparison with other similar materials has:

  • total absence of synthetic substances, environmental friendliness;
  • providing additional sound insulation;
  • resistance to moisture influence: high-quality panels are not deformed under the influence of steam or water;
  • the plate can be issued independently in any style, using one of ways of its final finishing;
  • the surface of this material is not the favorable environment for emergence and development of different microorganisms, mold and fungi;
  • material perfectly gives in to any machining, including cutting out and decorative thread;
  • MDF of plate have dense structure at the expense of what perfectly hold the elements fastened by self-tapping screws or nailed up to them;

If to compare panel MDF to standard plywood, then the first option can brag not only of the best characteristics (moisture resistance, lack of defects), but also more favorable price.

Even in comparison with the MDF natural wood of plate have the advantages: it and big resistance to emergence and development on surface of different microorganisms, more ideal surface, homogeneous density on all thickness. But the main thing that at the cost of MDF is 60-70% lower, and is significant economy, especially if finishing of the whole room is necessary.

Often it is necessary to hear comparison of MDF with chipboard, however in this case it is worth paying attention not only to serious technical superiority of the first, but also to that fact that in the course of production of chipboard use pitches which are capable to emit dangerous gas formaldehyde. Being toxic substance, it can become the reason of many serious diseases. And similar risks cannot be justified by any economy.

Helpful advice! To be sure that you have bought quality and environmentally friendly products surely demand from the seller the corresponding certificates on each consignment of goods.

Shortcomings of use of wall medium density fibreboard of panels

In addition to the highest level of ecological security, MDF is famous for many excellent technical characteristics. However, as well as each material, MDF has also shortcomings which anyway should be considered. It is necessary to know about them to avoid emergence of unpleasant situations.

The main lack of this material – it very easily ignites. Moreover, not only the direct contact with naked flame, but also with the heated surface can become the reason for ignition. Besides cases when the faulty wiring laid in close proximity to MDF was the cause of ignition are known.

It is possible to struggle with this increased fire danger and many producers specify that their products are fireproof. However here too it is worth showing special vigilance and to be convinced of it, having demanded documentation confirming this fact. But even in case of acquisition of quality products, you should not place MDF in close proximity to fire sources.

Kinds of the medium density fibreboard panels

All MDF types of panels are manufactured by the same principle. Nevertheless, MDF plates differ in the sizes, exterior and some technical characteristics among themselves. Thanks to such division there is opportunity to pick up material for different works, having given preference to this or that type, depending on specifics of operating conditions. Let’s consider three main options.

Whole pressed sheet products are panels which are characterized by average density and are very often used as facing material for office rooms. They represent smooth on both sides of strip, consisting of fibrous material.

For fastening of whole pressed sheets most often use special clip-on earrings. Apply less often glue as this way demands very smooth basis deprived of any roughnesses or defects.

The laminated material differs from the first option in the fact that has covering additional layer of special colourless lacquer. It adds the moisture-proofness panel and also its life cycle considerably prolongs term. Besides, such panel also very well looks.

However it is important to understand that lamination is not capable to provide full moisture resistance of material and it is impossible to use such panel MDF, for example, in the bathroom. It is better to apply them to facing of door openings and so forth.

The steadiest and durable panels it is considered to be moisture resistant plates. Among all other they have the best water tightness, perfectly keep heat and also well isolate from noise. They can be used both in kitchen, and in the bathroom, without being afraid of deformation as a result of long influence of water.

As for the price of MDF of panels for walls, the simplest and cheap option is whole pressed sheets. They have the simplest characteristics and cost them, respectively, is lower than others.

Helpful advice! Some producers in addition offer fire-resistant panels which are characterized by the increased fire safety. The cost of such panels is much higher, however it is possible to consider also such option.

Wall panel MDF: prices, catalog and main technical characteristics

MDF sizes: thickness of sheets and price for products of the Kronostar company

Among firms which are engaged in production of MDF of panels the Kronostar producer uses the greatest popularity. Its products are ideal example of compliance of the price and quality. On many websites which are engaged in implementation you can see photo, the prices of MDF of panels for walls and also to pick up suitable coloring from the huge choice of the offered shades.

Certainly, the cost of the panel will depend on many factors among which there are leaf MDF sizes, availability of protecting cover and also some technical characteristics.

Considerably the laminated panel will be more expensive, however, as it was already noted earlier, such expenses by all means pay off.

Apparently, to buy the MDF panels for walls for interior finish quite perhaps. Of course, it is impossible to call the prices low, however they are quite reachable, especially if to consider that you get qualitative, environmentally friendly product which will serve not one year.

The MDF wall panels for interior finish: photo and prices of products

The Sheksna plant of wood plates is famous for the products and makes, including, qualitative MFD of the panel. Specialization of the enterprise – whole pressed polished plates. However if to compare Sheksna panel MDF (sheet sizes and the prices) to foreign analogs, then it is possible to be convinced, how more favourably to buy materials of domestic production, considering the fact that they are of a lower quality nothing than the rest.

Here what it is possible to see, having seen photo catalog wall MDF of panels: price, size and also thickness of each type of leaf. As a rule, cost is specified from calculation for 1 m².

Apparently, these prices are lower not only in comparison with many foreign companies, but also with the Kronostar company. Nevertheless users note high quality Sheksna MDF of panels for ceiling, walls and floor.

Whether it is worth buying MDF of the panel and options of use of this material

The photos of MDF of panels for walls offered on the Internet perfectly show, possibilities of use of this material are how big. So, in addition to traditional wall decoration it is very often possible to meet the wall panel for kitchen from MDF.

Such decision has set of advantages among which not the last position is taken by the price. It is possible to buy the wall panel for kitchen from MDF much cheaper, than in case of acquisition of quality plastic. At the same time photos of MDF of panels demonstrate that the range of color schemes is very big and in the choice you will be limited to nothing.

Helpful advice! It is possible to order apron for kitchen from MDF with photo printing. It will cost rather much, however thus you will be able to realize any ideas and preferences.

One more remarkable ability of this material – to hide basis shortcomings. Pads on door from medium density fibreboard are excellent example of it. Their price is simply incomparable with if it was necessary to replace door completely. At the same time effect which you reach, using panel MDF for doors, it is possible to consider more than worthy.

How independently to choose qualitative panel MDF for walls

To buy wall medium density fibreboard of the panel, the small sum will be required, however upon purchase it is worth paying the attention to quality of the acquired material that further it was not necessary to be spent for acquisition of already quality goods once again.

Let’s consider what it is worth paying attention to before buying plate MDF:

  1. Availability of the certificate on products in which it has to be specified that in the course of production have been used exclusively environmentally friendly raw materials. Also it has to be specified that the product does not contain formaldehyde and other toxic impurity hazardous to health.
  2. Be convinced of compliance of the goods offered you to those characteristics which the seller initially declares. Examine party, evaluate, the quantity of the rejected products is how high. If you see that the number of low-quality units is high and the burst, chopped off or uneven panels meet, refuse purchase of goods of this producer better.
  3. It is worth paying attention not only to the sizes, prices of MDF of panels for walls, but also to their coloring. Besides that MDF color of the panel has to just you be pleasant, be convinced also of uniformity of its drawing, having captiously examined several plates from party.

MDF colors of panels: the catalog of the most popular decisions for creation of interior

Technical characteristics and the price wall MDF of panels not always play crucial role in question of the choice. Often we are guided by color, wishing to pick up the most suitable option which will ideally fit into interior. To estimate all variety of the offered range, it is enough to look at finishing photo with the MDF panels of the hall or any other room which are offered on specialized resources.

On sale it is possible to meet both monophonic options, and imitations of the most different surfaces: Panel MDF under brick, stone, exotic breeds of tree, MDF white gloss and also many other things.

It is quite often possible to see also the furniture made of this material. Most often on the Internet it is possible to meet photo of kitchen from MDF. It is much more pleasant than both the price, and characteristic of such products, than from many other materials, and opportunities for registration are almost boundless. It also became the reason of their popularity.

How to fix the medium density fibreboard panels: size of furring and mounting of sheets

To install wall MDF of panels the hands quite perhaps. For this purpose it is enough to buy panel MDF for walls which sizes conform to requirements of the available room and also to find some tools which for certain will be at everyone in the storeroom.

There are two possible ways of fastening: on glue basis or on furring. Use mainly the second option as it allows to hide the available communications and also not to worry about dismantling of the previous covering. In case of glue use, the prepared surface has to be ideally equal and smooth that it is not always obviously possible.

Work requires tape measure, construction level, the screw driver, metal corner, the hand saw or the electrofret saw and also self-tapping screws or glue, depending on what way you will choose.

Exactly to attach panels by means of glue, at first it is necessary to put the corresponding marking, since room corner. Vertical and horizontal borders of each panel which will be fixed are designated. After that it is possible to apply glue on reverse side of the panel as it is specified on packaging, and to paste element to wall. As reference point it is recommended to look at photo of finishing of walls with the MDF panels.

Helpful advice! Start gluing of the following panel only after be convinced that previous has been placed exactly. For this purpose it is necessary to use construction level.

If you have decided to make furring, then here it is necessary to adhere to standard recommendations about this type of works:

  • for creation of furring it is possible to use both metal guides, and plain wooden bars;
  • the distance between elements of furring has to make 40-50 cm. It will provide the most reliable fixing of panels;
  • it is necessary to watch strictly that furring was equal. Otherwise it can affect facing – it will be wavy;
  • to begin to fix plates it is necessary from room corner;
  • it is necessary to check that in places of joints of the panel densely adjoined to each other, without forming gaps;
  • between floor and panels it is necessary to leave some distance which will close afterwards plinth;
  • to give to corners esthetic exterior, use special flexible corner.

As well as any other repair works, wall decoration the MDF panels requires efforts and attention. However this task can do practically to any who has at least basic skills of work with tools. To facilitate to itself task, it is possible to use detailed videos or photo instructions which there is a lot of on the Internet.

Irrespective of the sphere of use, wall panel MDF for interior finish is shown by equally good operational indicators. The main thing is responsible to approach their choice, to perform careful inspection and to be convinced that products correspond to certification, environmentally friendly and capable to serve you throughout long term.

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