Wall panels for the bathroom: available way of registration of interior

Wall panels for the bathroom: available way of registration of interior

Repair in the bathroom pursues two aims: to make the room pleasant, esthetic and to issue it the materials suitable for operation in the conditions of the increased humidity. Without implementation of the second intention the first task to execute it will not turn out. Wall panels for the bathroom meet all necessary requirements. This finishing material can keep invariable exterior for a long time.

Panels for the bathroom as special decorative finishing material

Panels for the bathroom – rather recently appeared material. The first options began to apply in 80-90 years of last century. They have replaced the washing wall-paper and vinyl tile which, though gave the chance of effective leaving throughout use, nevertheless not for long kept the esthetics. And process of decoration of the walls demanded use of high-quality special glue mixes and equal basis.

Plastic panels have practically saved from the listed difficulties arising during finishing. They have also considerably exceeded wall-paper and vinyl on duration of life cycle and maintaining esthetics, simplicity of leaving. Finishing of the bathroom wall panels does not lose popularity and today, it is constantly supported with emergence of their new types.

This material can be carried to special types of finishing. In addition to decorative effect which it gives to the room also protection of walls against moisture influence is carried out. Features of mounting of panels consist that they do rather hermetic facing at moisture resistance of the material. Decorative processing at registration of the bathroom promotes implementation of the different design ideas. The set of high utilization and esthetic properties allows wall panels to be fine decorative finishing material.

Main types of wall panels for bathrooms

The main requirement which is imposed to wall panels for the bathroom – moisture resistance. This qualitative characteristic considerably narrows circle of facing coverings which can be used for finishing of these rooms. The main types of materials applied at production of panels:

  1. PVC – polyvinyl chloride, or thermoplastic polymer. It is created from particles of oil products. Different additives modifiers allow material to be more or less steady against mechanical influences, ultraviolet, temperature drops, etc.
  2. MDF (fine fraction) – the plate made of wood dust without application of chemical binding materials, having strong moisture resistant covering.

If to see the photos of panels to the bathroom provided on the Internet visually features it will not be possible to distinguish types of material. Are shown during operation. Panels from PVC differ in the low price. It is possible to pick up the budgetary option with interesting decorative registration.

These panels are characterized:

  • anti-static character (do not attract dust);
  • moisture resistance;
  • thermal stability (do not react to temperature drops);
  • simplicity of leaving (do not demand application of special cleaning agents).

All above-mentioned characteristics are inherent in wall panels from MDF. In addition it should be noted that the basis of material of this type is also good heat insulator and the sound insulator.

Helpful advice! It is better to cover the walls in the bathroom having external situation, that is not being internal designs with plates from MDF. They will promote heat preservation in the bathroom.

In addition to quality of the used material, panels also differ in form of production and mounting mode. Distinguish rack, tiled and sheet types.

Rack panels for the bathroom: sizes and types

This type of material represents strips which are mounted in the type-setting way. These panels are called still plastic lining. Decorative processing does not demand certain adjustment of the drawing therefore it is quite simple to collect elements.

Panels for walls in the bathroom in the form of rails can have the following sizes:

  1. Thickness fluctuates from 8 to 12 mm. This indicator considerably influences durability. Than panels are thinner, especially they are subject to mechanical influences.
  2. Width is 125-400 mm. The mounting mode and the overall decorative view in many respects depends on it. It also to some extent promotes visual perception of space (broadens the room, increases height, etc.).
  3. Length of strips varies from 2400 mm to 5900 mm. The economy of expenditure, exterior and tightness of covering depends on right choice of length of material. The lack of need to join strips on height promotes esthetics of registration and prevents emergence of unnecessary additional connections which difficult hermetically to close.

On photo of bathrooms from the PVC panels it is possible to see both vertical, and horizontal arrangement of rails. The possibility of mounting of material gives in the different ways additional freedom to design creativity and promotes emergence of the interesting design ideas.

Use of modern tiled panels in the bathroom

Interesting option of covering of walls in the bathroom are tiled panels. They can have both square, and rectangular shape. This material has no standard dimensions, the parties of plates can be both 250, and 900 mm. Thickness of products same, as well as at rack, 8-12 mm.

This type of finishing differs in big variety of decorative registration. It is confirmed by the photos of panels in the bathroom which are posted online on design and the selling websites. Options of products with the interesting invoice of external layer, deep color shades, different drawings including imitating ceramic tile, types of wild stone, other natural materials and also with flower and other interesting ornaments are presented on them.

Process of covering of walls tiled type of panels differs in some features. First of all, it is necessary to pay attention to each unit of material: to lay out, trace situation, to esthetically issue joint.

The last moment is the most difficult. Tiled wall panels for interior finish of the bathroom during assembling are more often joined (have no feature connectors). At ideally equal walls of connection are esthetic, but even insignificant roughnesses significantly spoil exterior.

Helpful advice! Roughnesses of joints can be closed laid on levels. Their application should be considered even by drawing up the design project of registration of the bathroom.

Sheet panels in the bathroom: high speed of finishing and minimum of seams

The convenient and quite often preferred type of finishing material for bathrooms are sheet panels. They can have the various invoice of top layer and different color registration, differ in opaque and glossy surface. Designers have developed large number of panels with imitation of different materials.

Standard dimensions of the sheet panels released by the industry:

  • 1035×500×4 mm;
  • 2700×500×8 mm;
  • 2700×250×8 mm;
  • 3000×500×8 mm;
  • 3000×250×8 mm.

Separate types of the panels imitating mosaic can have the sizes of 955×480×4 mm. Such parameters promote more convenient placement of sheets on walls during mounting.

Wall panels to the bathroom in the form of sheets are usually manufactured without connection elements. Therefore places of connections need to be closed up in addition by means of molding (if only the decorative effect is necessary) or other laid on levels promoting stronger fastening.

Panel sheets are easily knifed joiner’s that considerably simplifies installation works at registration of the bathroom. The big sizes of material provide the high speed of performance of finishing.

Helpful advice! When using ornamental or functional and decorative laid on strips it is necessary to close up places of joints of sheets special silicone structure which will create tightness of seam.

Ways and features of mounting of wall panels in the bathroom

That the design of the bathroom was interesting, and finishing work is carried out qualitatively, it is necessary to think over mounting mode correctly.

It most of all depends on two indicators:

  • from form of the material chosen for finishing. For example, rail and the big sizes it is difficult to paste sheets and the result can disappoint with inaccuracies at laying out;
  • from condition of surface of walls. Availability of roughnesses will not allow to issue qualitatively the room without arrangement of framework.

To photo of panels for the bathroom which are advertizing of producers and the trading companies mounting hints are not made. And according to the picture of interior the way of finishing cannot be understood. Therefore, the choice is made independently (if the bathroom is equipped with the hands) or the specialist who should carry out mounting.

Main ways of finishing of the bathroom panels:

  • gluing of material to wall;
  • fixation to framework.

Both options have both advantages, and shortcomings. The last can be consequence of specific conditions or to be objective actual result. Absolutely different sets of tools and expendables are necessary for every way.

Gluing of plastic wall panels for the bathroom

Gluing of panels is considered quite simple, fast and not troublesome mounting mode. It is true only if walls equal. With cambers and differences of level it is necessary to make efforts for their elimination. Cracks and hollows should be puttied. The acting parts can be removed by means of the palette. If concrete walls, such way it is inefficient. It is necessary to use the special cutting electric tool.

If large amount of wall defects takes place, it is better to plaster or sew up completely surface with gypsum cardboard, and then on it to paste panels. Such option of finishing is presented on photo. Wall panels are ideally joined, and seams are almost not visible.

As adhesive substances it is possible to use the following:

  • special glue structure for polyvinyl chloride rails;
  • liquid nails.

Helpful advice! At covering of walls panels by means of glue it is necessary not only to level ideally, but also to remove dust from surface, to remove traces of fat and dirt. Otherwise durability of connection can decrease considerably.

As shortcomings of this mounting mode it is possible to allocate the next moments:

  1. In case of damage of panel covering it is almost impossible to remove and replace separate fragment without loss of the general esthetics.
  2. It is difficult to dismantle element with connector. On seams end-to-end after replacement of part of covering there are traces of mechanical damages.
  3. During repair work dismantling of glued panels demands a lot of time and considerable physical expenses.

It should be noted that the lack of emptiness between wall and panels does the last less subject to mechanical influences.

Wall panels for the bathroom: available way of registration of interior

Frame mounting mode of wall panels for the bathroom

The frame mounting mode of wall panels assumes preliminary performance of furring from wood or metal. It should be noted that this type of fastening is more acceptable for rooms where there is no need to save each centimeter as the design is discharged of wall therefore she steals certain number of centimeters of total area. In small rooms such reduction of free space is considerably felt – and not only visually.

For creation of lathing design it is possible to use bars of 20х20 mm in size. They cost much cheaper, than metal elements. For metal furring it is required to get the UD profile for contour and CD as guides.

Important! When performing design of furring from wood it is necessary to process previously bars antiseptic.

The first that it is necessary to make before decoration of the walls of the bathroom the PVC panels, – to execute marking for framework. The lower and upper lines (taking into account plinth) are removed by means of construction level. For exposure of vertical elements it is worth using plumb. Discharge of framework from wall needs to be determined by the most acting point.

It is better to carry out fixing of furring self-tapping screws with size of step of 150-250 mm. Installation of profiles (or bars) at first becomes on edge of design, and then in internal part. The arrangement of the directing elements in design depends on mounting mode of panels – horizontal or vertical. Panels have to be fixed perpendicular to guides.

Calculation of material at registration of the bathroom panels

Very important stage in the course of registration of the bathroom panels is material calculation. The procedure rather difficult and in many respects depends on what form and design the covering will be applied.

Option first. Walls are vertically closed by rack panels. Such look usually has no drawing demanding special placement of elements.

Calculation can be made as follows:

  • to execute the measurements allowing to calculate room perimeter;
  • from the received digital value to subtract width of doors and window openings;
  • to separate result into rail width.

At this mounting mode it is important to choose correctly length of moisture resistant wall panels for the bathroom. It is worth getting option at which withdrawal after upper cutting will be minimum.

The horizontal arrangement of rails demands other calculation:

  • to calculate the area of each wall (or the area of the site of each wall which is sewn up by panels), to put;
  • to subtract the area of windows and door opening;
  • to separate the received result into the area of one rail.

Helpful advice! At the mounting mode assuming joints only in corners it is worth calculating what withdrawal will be and to take in attention the area of rail without the cut-off part.

On the Internet on photo of finishing of the bathroom the PVC panels it is possible to notice reasonableness of “laying” of the drawing in angular parts of the room. If the full fragment is not located, it is necessary or to continue it after angular cut, or to make identical incomplete parts of panels in adjacent angles.

When using sheet and tiled panels calculation is carried out by division of the area of walls into the area of facing material.

Features of mounting of panels for the bathroom under tile

Wall panels under tile enjoy special popularity. Many give preference to this look just because visually the bathroom looks as faced by the real ceramics. For quite little money the room can give presentable look and to provide it with reliable covering.

Panels under tile are issued square or rectangular shape more often (though there are also rack options). If one of the parties has the size not less than 700 mm, material it is possible to fix to framework. At smaller parameters of panels furring with frequent internal guides is necessary that costly as financially, and on time. It is more convenient to glue small panels on wall.

The condition of wall surface is of also great importance for wall panels under tile for the bathroom. Roughnesses not only will spoil exterior, but also will not allow to stick together both surfaces qualitatively. Not recorded edges of plates in the course of use of the room can be damaged.

Availability of imitation of seam allows to cut material on its line and to join to other parts without loss of esthetics. It gives the chance to interestingly arrange elements during decoration of the walls: to use friezes, inserts, ornament, etc.

Characteristic and features of mounting of the MDF panels for the bathroom

The special attention is deserved by panels from MDF. They have several positive differences from finishing material from PVC:

  • more eco-friendly. The basis has no as a part of hazardous substances, lamination is made of non-toxic materials;
  • degree of durability is much higher, than at plastic options;
  • the texture and color registration are more various.

Confirmation of variety of types of design developments of covering from MDF can be found on photo of the wall panels for the bathroom provided on the Internet. It and the imitation of tree transferred by similarity not only color shades, but also structure of wood. It and the panels imitating tile, and even options with 3D – the image.

Panels from MDF are issued the big sizes more often, that is are sheet material. It is better to use them for rooms where vertical cutting will not be required. Such limitation of application is explained by the fact that to execute cut, is similar to industrial, it is impossible. Therefore, the joint will be noticeable that it considerably will affect esthetics of finishing.

It is possible to mount this material as by means of glue, and fixing on frame basis. Resistance to mechanical influences and durability of external layer allow this type of panels to compete on durability to tile.

Helpful advice! When fastening the MDF panels it is necessary to apply with frame way on wall antiseptic surely.

Wall panels for toilets: features of application

At combination of the bathroom with bathroom the question of registration of the last does not arise. If this certain room, the design also has to pay attention. Many aim to identify way of covering of walls in toilet and in the bathroom. Not always it is justified as the toilet has the small sizes more often. Application of frieze, molding, laid on levels does it visually even less, turning into box.

Use of moisture resistant wall panels at registration of toilet quite appropriate. It is better to choose options of light shades, without the strict geometrical drawing. Also the opaque surface is more organic for this room. It is connected with lighting: in small space of patches of light it is impossible to avoid.

Considering that at frame mounting mode the room decreases, it is better to prepare walls under gluing of panels. And the lack of emptiness will promote maintaining integrity of material.

The efficiency of application in toilet of wall panels increases also because it is convenient to do of them box, the closing communications.

Helpful advice! You should not use at closing up of seams in toilet laid on corner of color, dark or contrast in relation to panels.

Use of wall panels in interior: opinions of pros and cons

On the Internet it is quite often possible to meet negative opinions on application in bathrooms of panels. Main arguments two:

  • externally the room looks cheap and naively;
  • not eco-friendly material.

Many are sure that through time such type of finishing of walls will surely want to be replaced with ceramic tile. Most likely, this opinion of those who have not managed to create interesting interior and was just gained by material and has fixed it on walls.

Wall panels for the bathroom moisture resistant. This quality allows them to keep exterior long. Therefore, in the absence of traces of mechanical damages and appropriate leaving of the panel will not lose esthetics. If in due time to development of design the serious relation has been shown, the interior will please throughout long time.

Also it is worth approaching question of environmental friendliness reasonably. Standard situation: at decoration of the walls eco-friendly material, that is ceramic tile is chosen, but it is laid by means of chemical mix, the acrylic bathtub is established, as cleaning agents aggressive structures are applied.

Neither panels from PVC, nor the laminating layer of products from MDF are materials toxic (allocating hazardous substances).

Interiors with MDF and PVC panels in the bathroom which photos are posted on the websites show so interesting ideas of registration what to think of alternative – ceramic tile – at all is not present the bases.

Plastic panels for the bathroom: photo of products, designs

Availability of photo of panels considerably simplifies material selection. Products are classified by certain signs, by means of the filter it is possible to see the interesting options or to get acquainted with the full range and more attentively to study characteristics of the pleasant types.

Having certain desire, to pick up panels of big will be not difficult: the choice is wide and various. It is possible to find in any selling company as simple rack products with the vague drawing of reserved shades, and bright options with large decorative patterns, contrast views with identical external texture of which it is possible to make expressive composition.

If there is no exact idea of interior, it is worth seeing ready options of design of the bathroom the PVC panels. The photo of the ideas of registration on pages of the Internet is placed enough – for certain it will turn out to find the suitable project. It is much easier to select material under ready composition for the nonprofessional, than to think out design from available. It is necessary to visualize the interior offered on photo only correctly (to transfer to specific conditions). Color, proportional, composition changes can affect final result considerably.

Wall panels for the bathroom: as it is correct to choose

Whether it is possible to choose according to the catalog the PVC wall panels for the bathroom? Such option of acquaintance with products is offered practically in any shop. In spite of the fact that previously at the stand to see the pleasant material not always there is opportunity (there is just not enough place for placement of all range), it is not necessary to buy blindly.

To buy quality goods, it should be taken into account the following characteristics:

  • thickness of front part. The indicator is higher, the panel is stronger. It is better if it is not less than 2.5 mm;
  • quantity of stiffening fins. Same rule: the their is more, the steadier against deformations and mechanical influences product;
  • lack of chips, dents and other defects on all surface of panels, including elements for connection (if those are available);
  • goods belonging to one party. Even having the identical article, products can differ in shade that will considerably be shown after completion of mounting.

Helpful advice! If the choice is carried out only on the basis of photo, panels for the bathroom should not be bought, without having received the answer of the manager-consultant to the questions concerning above-mentioned characteristics.

Moisture resistant panels for the bathroom: producers and prices

When choosing any thing there is a wish to receive the answer to question of the one who is manufacturer. The name of the known brand usually disseminates doubts, and problems of cost pass into the background. Wall panels produce hundreds of the enterprises. Among them both domestic, and foreign producers.

The most recognized is the following today:

  1. Belgian company Venta. The photo catalog of the PVC wall panels for the bathroom of this producer constantly is replenished with new types. The last development – panels with the digital press.
  2. Italian company Forte. Constantly studies consumer demand, reacting to changes of trends. Releases including exclusive wall panels.

Products of all above-mentioned enterprises are provided on the Internet. Photos of plastic panels to the bathroom are complemented with the name reflecting design feature of registration, information on the sizes and the price.

Merits and demerits of wall panels to the bathroom

Summing up the result of the technical and esthetic characteristics of this finishing material, ways of its mounting and rules of the choice given above, useful will be to allocate and generalize the main merits and demerits of wall panels from PVC and MDF.

Among advantages It should be noted the following:

  • low price. Repair with use of wall panels will cost twice cheaper, than using ceramic tile;
  • opportunity to hide even considerable shortcomings of surfaces of walls;
  • simplicity and availability of mounting which can be executed the hands. Material is easily cut;
  • resistance to influence of moisture and ultraviolet;
  • durability (more treats panels from MDF);
  • providing additional sound insulation and heat insulation;
  • variety of forms, shades and invoices. The photos of panels to the bathroom which are posted online show the mass of the original design ideas;
  • simplicity of leaving.

From shortcomings it is necessary to allocate the low level of environmental friendliness, exposure to mechanical influences (in relation to the PVC panels), reduction of room space at frame mounting mode.

Use of wall plastic panels allows to give quickly to the bathroom esthetics and does use of the room comfortable. Variety of the choice gives the chance to realize the interesting design ideas. And to fans periodically to change interior this material will allow to do it simply and cheap.

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