Water repellents for concrete and brick: modern technologies

Water repellents for concrete and brick: modern technologies

The external environment does not spare even the most quality materials used for construction or repair. Premature wear, cracks, destruction of surfaces, education fading and mold not only spoil exterior of buildings, but also directly affect durability of designs. Will be able to avoid constant repair costs and to prevent wear of facades special impregnations – water repellents for concrete, brick, stone and paving slabs.

Water repellent: what is it and to what it is applied

In construction understand giving to material of properties which reduce its ability to be moistened with water as the term water repellent. Similar need arises because of honeycomb of front facing materials and their ability to absorb underground waters and rainfall. The main negative effect of this phenomenon – increase in risk of destruction of designs because of clinking, gradual washing away of material and presenilation.

Besides, rainfall and underground waters are mixes of salts of different structure which in interaction with construction materials form new chemical compounds. The result of their influence can be observed visually in the form of large-scale fading, doing building facade to very unattractive.

Purposes of application of water repellent:

  • to protect material from penetration in its moisture;
  • to increase heat-insulating characteristics of the processed surface;
  • to completely protect fading from education;
  • to increase resistance of designs to corrosion and low temperature impact;
  • to prevent education on surface of colonies of lichens and mold;
  • to strengthen structure of materials and, as a result, to increase their durability.

Important! Water repellent reduces water absorption by materials at 15-25 times.

By the form drawings water repellent happens:

  • surface when the special structure for processing is applied only on top layer of material – such protection works about 10 years;
  • volume when special openings for the purpose of the best impregnation by special structure are drilled – once, for all the time of operation of design is carried out.

What is used for water repellent of construction materials

For increase in water-repellent properties of materials in construction apply special structures to processing of surfaces – it is water repellents. What is special contains in their structure and as they can protect surface, we will try to understand this article.

The operation principle of special impregnation consists that it does not remain on the surface of the processed material, and is absorbed by it. Therefore protection against water has not the superficial, but internal character directed to isolation of capillaries of material. Water repellents are capable to get of depth up to 15-20 mm is and creates the protective isolating layer.

Features of water repellents properties:

  • opportunity to process the surface of any construction material, at the same time impregnations universal (are applied to number of surfaces) and narrowly targeted distinguish (work only with one type of surface);
  • practically do not reduce water repellent (loss of 10-15%) that allows materials to keep air exchange and to exclude formation of fungus and mold;
  • promote protection of surface against dust and dirt, their easy removal by rain;
  • the universality of use allowing to apply mixes independently or as additional component when forming front surfaces;
  • owing to the transparency do not change exterior of designs, and in some cases even help to improve it;
  • allocate construction materials with additional qualities, such as frost resistance (by 3-5 times) and corrosion protection (by 1.5-2 times);
  • postpone the time for the subsequent repairs: the next processing will be required in 10 years, and in certain cases it can be avoided at all;
  • the price of water repellents is much lower than the cost of other options of waterproofing.

Specialized impregnations for surface materials the industry are issued in mixes or concentrates and get divorced in certain proportions water, but there are such that are completely ready to application. On the chemical composition they are divided into water-based substances and silicone. Silicone water repellents since have advantages in chemical and thermal durability are considered as the best, have potential to get more deeply in material. They are less susceptible to external influences, so, form more long-lasting protection.

Important! Water repellent needs to be carried out at stage of construction of constructions at once to provide protection of facade from the destroying water influence.

Water repellents for concrete: solution of different problems

Concrete is one of the most popular construction materials at construction of buildings and constructions therefore its properties and structure are important at further operation of objects. The construction of the base, walls, platforms, use in laying of brick and forming of reinforced concrete constructions, etc. leave certain mark on requirements to concrete. Material is strong, but the moisture-proofness because of the increased porosity has low threshold. Water, getting to this time, actively promotes destruction of concrete structure and mold growth, provoking frequent repairs. Especially socle parts of buildings and the base suffer.

Water repellents can be added to concrete in two ways: at stage of its production and drawing on surface of ready constructions and designs. Application of means of impregnation as additives in concrete solution in addition can reduce expenses at the organization of heat insulation.

In addition to the general properties, all hydrophobic additives for concrete have such additional characteristics:

  • increase density of solution and promote increase in durability of concrete at compression (for 30% of starting standard values);
  • can become replacement of plasticizers which use in mix for giving of plasticity;
  • exclude repair costs since considerably prolong the term of operation of buildings;
  • lift indicators of water tightness of concrete to brand W;
  • enhance frost resistance;
  • if with concrete the reinforcing framework is used, then additives at the same time protect also it from corrosion.

The Internet dazzles with the different ideas and recipes, it was not also without councils how to make water repellent for concrete with own hands. It is possible to try, of course, however the probability that the result will turn out worse is high, than it is imagined, or will be absent at all. Therefore it is recommended to buy ready water repellent for concrete, it is better for them to pick up – in the matter it is necessary to proceed from assignment and the desirable end result.

Helpful advice! When choosing impregnation for concrete surely pay attention to its assignment. Water repellent for gas concrete and for concrete are liquids, different in properties.

water repellent price for concrete depends on the chosen brand and the producer. Also the complexity of mix allowing to receive more merits for the processed surface can influence her. Liquids on silicone basis will be more expensive, however protective properties at them are higher.

Water repellents for concrete and brick: modern technologies

Water repellents for brick: fight against porosity

Brickwork – bright indicator of influence of environmental conditions on destruction of construction surfaces and designs. How enhanced properties of brick on density, it all the same remains quite cellular material for which special processing is necessary. Hydrophobic impregnation for brick can help with protection of this material against moisture and dirt, premature destruction, cracks.

On brick facades are most often formed fading, spoiling exterior. For their elimination put special means of fight which for a while fix problem. However it is recommended to apply processing of brick of water repellent to fixing of effect of cleaning and prevention of repeated emergence of fading. Only he is able to cope with similar task.

On sale there is wide choice of water repellent for brick. It is better for them to choose: universal for any surfaces or used only for this material? If there is need of processing only of brickwork, then it is worth looking narrowly at specialized means of impregnation. They are differentiated on concentration, level of protection and consider facing type. water repellents price for brick will depend on these factors.

When processing brick surfaces for the purpose of giving of water-repellent and other protective properties to them can improve visual characteristics of facades at the same time several. water repellents with effect of “wet stone” are for this purpose used. – one of such means capable to give to brickwork easy gloss and to emphasize with type M color of brick basis.

Helpful advice! Before drawing water repellent with effect of “wet stone” on brick surface test means on sample and wait for 3-5 days before full forming of protective layer.

For what water repellents are applied to stone

Artificial and natural stones are often used for outside facing of facades, barriers, at the organization of paths and also for interior impressive finish of rooms. Material can have different structure – polished or relief, but each of them has ability to absorb moisture. Active moisture absorption negatively affects exterior, conducts to mold growth and overgrowing by moss or lichen, especially if outer surface relief. At temperature reduction the moisture which has got into stone leads to its cracking. Apply protection by drawing hydrophobic means to fight against these negative factors.

Water repellent for artificial or natural stone is selected depending on type of surface and desirable effect. There are universal remedies which are suitable for all types of surface. They are favorable in that case when it is necessary to process facade from the combined materials including stone covering. The specialized liquids applied only for drawing on stone are not less effective. They can exclusively intend for internal works and to be safe for foodstuff. It is important for processing of sinks and table-tops in kitchen.

Helpful advice! When choosing hydrophobic means for outside processing pay attention whether it has protection against ultra-violet radiation thanks to which material will serve longer.

Water repellents for stone can intend only for protection or include such additional options as the organization of effect of “wet stone”. After processing the top layer gets small glossy raid that does stone surface of brighter. On packagings with liquid always point out similar properties. It has responses positive, especially concerning processing of outside stone facing.

Before large-scale drawing check its action on the remains of facing for stone surface of water repellent or in the imperceptible place. So you will be able to evaluate extent of drying, processing speed, need of covering the second layer and quality of “wet” effect (if have chosen such means).

Water repellents for paving slabs: protection against water and pollution

Basis for production of paving slabs is concrete. It defines the main properties of this facing material, that is porosity. The danger consists that through numerous time in paving slabs water filters. It does the greatest harm to this material during the winter period when, freezing, increases in volume and promotes clinking of different size, up to full split of tile. If on the surface of material sleet is formed, then at its inaccurate pin together the covering is often deformed.

The advantage of paving slabs is that if necessary it is possible to replace the damaged material with new. However, to avoid frequent repairs, it is more reasonable to use water repellent for sidewalk laying. Special means has the protective properties protecting from influence of water, frosts, sunshine, salts, fungi. After processing from the sidewalk dirt is easily washed away and ice is chopped off, exterior of material completely remains.

Important! Water repellents will not be able to protect paving slabs if it resides under water.

Not each means presented at the market will be suitable for processing of this material. In instructions of universal remedies for concrete in most cases it is specified their inefficiency for horizontal surfaces. Therefore it is worth selecting special liquids for paving slabs, for example, of water repellent GKZh 11 which actively fights against moisture and fading. If means is on sale in the concentrated look, it is diluted surely with water according to the instruction, otherwise on surface not esthetic stains are formed.

Main criteria for selection of water repellent of liquids

To stop the choice on any specific water repellent of liquid, it is necessary to decide on such questions:

  • what surfaces will be processed (material, wet or dry basis);
  • level of positive properties which are desirable for achieving after processing;
  • universality of application;
  • producer or trademark.

Universal water repellents Ceresit and Optimist

The universality of application is relevant when it is required to process different surfaces and to provide them identical water repellents properties. Any water repellent which is issued in the concentrated ready solutions and has the democratic price will be suitable for these purposes. It is suitable for all materials applied to roof or the base reduces water absorption of concrete, foam concrete, natural and artificial stones at 10-15, and brick at 15-40 times. At the same time decorative qualities of the processed materials do not suffer. The guarantee without additional repair – 10 years, but in some cases updates of covering can not be necessary also up to 30 years of operation.

Helpful advice! Always follow exact compounding of cultivation of water repellent. The mistake in concentration can lead to formation of stains and fading.

Water repellent Ceresit is chosen, as a rule, because of popularity of the brand which guarantees quality of construction mixes. In this case it is lawful too. The producer has series from several water-repellent protector of universal action, in each of which one of characteristics is increased. Ceresit CT 13 for strongly absorbing types of surface, except horizontal is most popular (paving slabs). It perfectly isolates internal small cracks to 0.2 mm and provides 8-12 years of warranty period during which repeated impregnation will not be required.

We will apply water repellent to processing of different surfaces of building constructions the Optimist. It is not so rich with additional options as Ceresit, however copes with problem of protection against water and dirt brilliantly. Besides, the line of products includes special structures for individual processing of materials, for example, of stone, wood. For protection against mold, for the purpose of ensuring plasticization, frost resistance of concrete, etc. special means are issued. Liquid is completely ready to application.

Water repellents: their use and features

It is wrong to believe that the price defines quality of impregnation – first of all reliability of solutions is provided with the properties put by the producer. The majority of means does not change exterior of surfaces, however there are liquids which are capable to add gloss of surface, to create effect of “wet stone”. If to you it is important, choose the corresponding water repellent. Responses of users on the Internet with the accompanying photos will help you to estimate the expected effect of application.

Helpful advice! Choose water repellent according to type and quality of surface. If moisture gets on it seldom, it is possible to manage cheaper structures.

Pay attention to that fact, whether the concentrated this means or already ready for use. Their cost differs, however the final volume of liquid for processing will be different too. For the big squares demanding covering hydrophobic means it is more favorable to choose concentrates.

Follow recommendations, correctly choose and in time process water repellents facing materials that they long time kept excellent exterior without repair.

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