We choose fireplace for the house: overview

We choose fireplace for the house: overview

Fireplace in country house. These two concepts ideally supplement each other, engendering in owners dream of evening rest under easy rustle of the crackling flame. The fireplace is synonym of cosiness and comfort therefore desire about construction of source of live fire is quite natural and predictable. However the variety the decision frightens unsophisticated users, forcing to press in technical features and utilization properties deeply. To understand features of the offered designs, it is worth making small virtual digression to houses with different models. It will allow to evaluate objectively advantages of fireplaces, their shortcomings, specifics of installation and use.

Requirements to fireplaces

Not to be mistaken with the choice of fireplace, it should be taken into account answers to some questions in advance:

  1. Whether you that the fireplace served at the same time and source of heating want or its purpose only to decorate interior and to provide room cosiness.
  2. You will build fireplace at the time of construction of the house or you need simpler design.
  3. It is how real to provide competent conditions for fire safety of the room.

Also it will be required to consider number of smaller, but the significant moments: type of fuel, opportunity in acquisition of materials, labor input of works. It is worth thinking in advance whether you will undertake construction of fireplace independently or you will involve team of specialists in works.

Fireplace in the house: we choose the best place

Traditionally fireplaces place along walls, but it is not the only possible option. Also the fireplaces built by other principles enjoy not smaller popularity. It is necessary to distinguish the fireplaces established from the most widespread decisions:

  • In room corner;
  • In the center of the room;
  • Along wall.

Let’s look, each design is how convenient.

Angular fireplaces most often can be met in rooms, small on the area. They perfectly fit into any interior therefore they are used willingly even for registration of apartments and polygonal rooms. Among all fireplaces angular – the most functional, thanks to them the placement on zones different to destination turns out to break. For achievement of similar effect projects on creation of asymmetrical designs which form is as close as possible to rectangle are used and is extended along one of walls.

Symmetric angular fireplaces are triangular option. Refer elegant style, the increased functionality including ability with higher quality to heat the room to its advantages.

As for mounting of angular fireplace, it does not belong to complex works – the flue is built in one of adjacent walls. Other mounting is conducted according to the scheme traditional for chosen like fireplace.

The fireplace separate does not adjoin one of walls. It is built on small podium usually in the center of the room and does not adjoin to the bearing or decorative surfaces. The main advantage of similar model is availability of the protective shield that provides to fireplace the maximum indicators of fire safety. Except this indisputable plus, it is necessary to mark out also smaller advantages:

  • Great view of fire from any point of the room;
  • Opportunity to gather at fireplace the big company or family.

Besides, such fireplaces are very quickly mounted. The biggest complexity at installation – to choose the place for arrangement of design and to qualitatively perform all works on carrying out flue and arrangement of fire chamber.

Wall fireplaces are classics. Their main advantage is that they only adjoin wall, but are not implemented into its design. It means for owners of the house that the bearing properties of walls remain invariable. Also wall fireplaces are loved, thanks to following “pluses”:

  • They perfectly look in rooms of any area;
  • Can be located at load bearing wall or partition;
  • Located in corner are capable to heat several rooms at the same time;
  • Are combined with any interior decision.

It is worth allocating with separate group the built-in fireplaces. They can be located in wall niche and also is quite admissible to mount them in angular zone. The majority of works on installation is performed at stage of construction of the house therefore availability of this fireplace should be considered even at design of the building. The most powerful advantage of the built-in design – the minimum use of useful area that is especially valuable to small rooms.

Having decided on location of fireplace, it is necessary to analyze offered in the market of types and model. Here too there are a lot of reasons for reflections and estimates.

We choose fireplace for the house: overview

Types of fireplaces

In total it is accepted to allocate five types of house fireplaces. Among themselves they differ with types of fuel and constructional elements. It is necessary to choose from the following options:

  • Fireplace with open fire chamber — the classics losing the popularity;
  • Fireplace with pig-iron fire chamber, the same classics, but safer and simple;
  • Fireplace the furnace – interesting modification with number of clear advantages;
  • The gas fireplace – is safe and nice;
  • Electrofireplace — it is rather imitation, but it is inexpensive and presentable.

The fireplace with open fire chamber is considered classics for two reasons: it uses firewood and it is possible to admire live fire without obstacles. Besides, registration of such fireplaces is also executed about use of traditional materials – stone, marble, effective tile. As for design, among all existing types there is it the most difficult in respect of mounting. Any mistake leads to violation of draft, impossibility to make fire and to other unpleasant effects. Installation of such fireplace has to be carried out only by professional masters. Evaluating fireplace with open fire chamber from the qualitative party, It should be noted number of significant advantages:

  • High esthetic rates – rest becomes the real pleasure if to be located before the open center. The real fire with its tender heat are one of the main reasons of construction of fireplace indoors.
  • Thanks to fire, the room is warmed with radiant heat that even in small amount is useful for human body.
  • The fireplace is completely deprived of artificiality as the open fire chamber and the real fire always look effectively.
  • Perfectly warms the area in radius of 1-2 meters.
  • There is possibility of cooking on fire by means of grill grate or other similar means.

Unfortunately, minuses of similar design is if no more by quantity, then is precisely more significant on negative characteristics. Because of shortcomings fireplaces with open fire chambers establish less frequently:

  • The fireplace does not cope with heating even of the small room as the efficiency of the working design is not exceeded by 20%.
  • Heat does not accumulate therefore the fireplace quickly cools down at the termination of process of burning of firewood.
  • It is necessary to observe all known measures of fire safety carefully.
  • Burning is always connected with big consumption of oxygen. Therefore, at installation of fireplace it is necessary to take care of high-quality ventilation with continuous air flow.

At all sympathy for fireplace from open fenny characteristic it is caused feeling of vigilance, forcing to look for replacement among other types. The fireplace which device is based on availability of pig-iron fire chamber can serve as good alternative.

The fireplace with the closed fire chamber represents the camera from cast iron or steel in which one of walls is executed in the form of glass door. And though the similar design conditionally is called closed, to turn it into open fire chamber absolutely simply. Such fireplaces are very simple in respect of mounting as the main objective of the master to revet the pig-iron camera with decorative material and to hide metal walls and other elements from the overview. Among other advantages It should be noted:

  • High operating efficiency that allows to use fireplaces with pig-iron cameras as heat sources;
  • Wide model range of products;
  • Long life cycle and reliability of design from wear and breakdowns;
  • Good fire safety of working system;
  • The simple and fast mounting available even for the nonspecialist;
  • Low cost.

Negative reviews are not among significant, but if to carp, then fireplaces with the closed fire chamber:

  • Have the small overview of the burning flame;
  • The glass door through which watch fire quickly becomes covered by soot and needs systematic cleaning;
  • Color of the camera – only black. Creation of color variety significantly increases product cost.

It is simple to reconcile to such shortcomings therefore demand for the closed fireplaces gradually increases, forcing out traditional model.

Fireplace the furnace is design, worthy the separate story. If to describe shortly, then it is the furnace executed in design of standard fireplace. Such model will be especially interesting to the users considering fireplace as individual source of heat.

Fireplace the furnace differs in fast ignition, good speed of heating and high-quality accumulation of heat that allows to minimize temperature drops in the room at hard work of model and at its almost gone out state.

The design of fireplace of the furnace is difficult for independent installation as except fireplace with the closed fire chamber it is necessary to take care of mounting vertical oven turnover of smoke.

Two more models are tribute of the present. Gas and electric fireplaces do not show us the real flame, and only imitate it. So on utilization properties these look it is worth carrying to design solutions of heaters, than to full-fledged fireplaces.

Gas fireplaces are simple in installation and are very available in service. It is possible to include in the list of their advantages:

  • profitability as there is always fireplace possible connection to the centralized gas system;
  • differ in compact design and the small offtake;
  • are rather just mounted;
  • have high efficiency – up to 70%;
  • are simple in leaving as do not demand cleaning of fire chamber and flue from traces and the remains of products of burning;
  • easily imitate classical fireplaces;
  • are quickly kindled;
  • are almost completely safe when using.

The electrofireplace is very close according to the description to gas, only works from electricity and differs in simpler mounting. It is the heater stylized under fireplace designs therefore most often he can be met even not in country houses, and in apartments.

Having studied descriptions of the main types of fireplaces, it will be simpler to choose the ideal decision for your house. If you still have no fireplace (even if also gas), then for certain in the rainy cold evenings in your house something is not enough. Some natural cosiness, heat proceeding from languages of the inflaming flame.

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