What to do if laminate creaks?

What to do if laminate creaks?

The very first problem which each owner of beautiful floors from the laminated board can face is the noise accompanying its movement on the house. Many believe that it is inevitability and treat it calmly, others do not intend to be reconciled with such state of affairs, and are absolutely right because emergence of noise of a different type at operation of the laminated floor is not norm. Does not mean, of course, that the house is on the seashore, the rivers or paths near the house are sanded, and you have got used to walk on the house in street footwear. Emergence of sand on floor in this case will inevitably provoke rustle and crunch when walking. We will understand concerning why the crash appears, the peep, gnash, laminate crunch if all main requirements for its mounting are observed and is operated it very accurately.

What do specialists about it think?

Laminate master stackers with experience note unpredictability of floor covering of this type. Reality such is that in certain cases customers ask to lay it without preliminary alignment of floors. Despite preventions of masters, they draw and then stackers, having declined all responsibility, perform necessary works. Surprisingly, laminate behaves faultlessly both when mounting and at long operation gives nothing roughness of draft floor. But happen in practice and such cases when the crew performs all works completely, i.e. qualitatively twist the basis, choose materials and very qualitatively stack, and the result appears so-so. Experienced masters just are perplexed, is annoying also from the fact that they cannot understand the reason of bad behavior of the smart (expensive) laminate which is laid out with exact respect for all norms. It happens so that in process of operation floor ceases to creak and does not annoy already the owner of the house. But happens and so that work should be redone through some period.

Most of specialists say that the noisy behavior of the laminated floors can be caused not by one, but complex of the reasons. Let’s consider the reasons established in practice it is the most frequent also methods of elimination of annoying problems.

Uneven basis

Equal and rigid base – guarantee of wellbeing of any floor covering, for laminate it is especially critical. At refusal of alignment different deviations in behavior of the laminated floor are quite expected. If the scratch (crunch) appears only in certain, same zones, then it means that in these parts the basis has deepenings. For lack of dense joint of the laminated board to the basis the air pocket is formed, and the panel in this place hangs over draft floor. When walking on floor in these parts laminate caves in, making characteristic sound. But if the noisy gait pursues at circulation on all surface of covering, then probably the quality of the basis is very far from ideal.

How to correct?

In the presence of the local creaking sites and if their no more than 2 on 10 sq.m, it is possible to sort covering, previously having dismantled plinth and thresholds. That at the return laying of boards it is easier to be guided, it is better to number laminate marker from reverse side, putting down row and number among, relative any edge. Having convinced available deepening, they need to be closed up quick-hardening mix, to wait for its full drying and to polish surface. Only after that again to lay substrate and to mount panels. Problem places can also be laid cardboard of the necessary thickness.

If floor shakes and creaks in many places, and it strongly irritates you, it is necessary to correct flaws of initial laying. Paule needs to sort completely and, strictly observing technology and the recommendations of the producer of materials, to execute fruit liqueur of floors.

If the wooden floor forms the basis of laminate, then it is necessary to execute the following amount of works: to sort finishing covering and it is good to inspect the basis, namely, to be convinced that elements of draft floor are strongly attached to beams. There should be no movements of sheets rather each other and concerning beams. If in the horizontal plane roughnesses are revealed, then it is necessary to improve, as far as possible, situation, having laid additional layer of substrate, cardboard or other suitable material.

Problems with substrate

Producers of floor almost always specify categorically or in recommendatory form what substrate to use for this or that model of laminate. If in due time your desire to save on additional material has got the best, despite of the recommendations of the producer, and you have applied substrate of the most poor quality, then you had to be prepared for the fact that it to collapse in 2-4 years of operation of floor and will publish peculiar crunch.

The laminated floor can begin to creak and if you have preferred to bulk floor thick substrate. Professionals do not advise to stack substrate more than 3 mm of thickness even if it best quality and has big hardness. Over time it breaks under the influence of mechanical loading and is not capable to level basis surface any more.

How to correct?

Here council can be only one: not to pay attention to noise if you do not wish to dismantle all floor and to redo again all work. If this situation very strongly irritates you, take essential measures: change substrate, previously having leveled floors if height differences are essential.

Changes of microclimate

Sudden emergence of noise when walking on laminate can be caused by changes of microclimate indoors. It happens, usually, in off-season. So, from the beginning of heating season, the indoor air becomes dry and occasionally too warm, at rainy fall in lack of heating, on the contrary, in the house cool and there can be increased air humidity. The floor covering begins to adapt to again formed conditions and therefore creaks. Especially considerably there is adaptation at recently laid laminate.

How to correct?

In this situation you should not hurry, over time the covering to adapt to new conditions and again “will become silent” before the following shift of season. If from summer to winter or from fall to spring laminate creaks, so the reason in roughness of floor and it will be possible to calm down laminate, having only completely dismantled it, and having solved problem of roughness of the basis.

Lack of the place

Only the inexperienced stacker of laminate can mount floor end-to-end to walls, specialists know that on all perimeter of the area where floor gives all the best, it is necessary to leave gaps. At the same time in small rooms of 12 – 15 sq.m this gap has to be not less than 7 mm if room space is more, then it is necessary to leave gap not less than 1 cm. In very large rooms it is recommended to increase this distance to 2-3 cm. In the subsequent the slot between wall and floor covering is closed by plinth with soft edge, and connections with other material protective profiles (thresholds). If this condition not to observe, then laminate can not just rustle, but also be damaged.

What to do?

It is obligatory to fix scratch problem in order to avoid damage of all floor covering: to dismantle plinths and to increase gap between wall and the basis, having filed boards. It must be kept in mind that too heavy pieces of furniture can also provoke noisiness of covering as they interfere with natural expansion (compression) of laminate.

Mounting flaws

As it is paradoxical, the vacuum cleaner is one of important tools of the stacker of laminate. It is necessary to observe extreme purity when laying laminate, since preparation of the basis. It needs to be vacuumed carefully and to ground well. Primer not only will connect all remained parts of dust, but also will prevent, further, hit of small particles of the collapsing tie in locks.
It is the best of all to saw boards not in that room where mounting of floor as hit of sawdust in locks is inadmissible is made. Each ready panel needs to be wiped with wet soft rag that on it there was no trace of sawdust left also.

How to correct?

If there are suspicions that the tie collapses, then the floor covering should be dismantled also at confirmation of fears, the basis needs to be grounded again well, and to put on it polyethylene film even better. The film will not pass part of dust in substrate and further, in locks.

If negligences have been allowed when mounting, then work, of course, needs to be redone and at repeated laying carefully to check all lock connections regarding their purity.

Laminate of doubtful quality

The aspiration to save is not always justified. You should not buy goods from the supplier with doubtful reputation. If you have decided to save and buy cheap laminate, then it will be most reliable to learn the opinion of those who or two got year such model back and use covering from this material. Otherwise, it is possible to be disappointed strongly because of behavior of the floor covering collected from cheap laminate. The poor quality of castle elements in cheap models cannot be neutralized even the most professional laying.

What to do?

“Penny-wise and pound-foolish”, – this saying needs to be remembered always, especially when business concerns materials for long-term operation. Scratches of floor covering from cheap laminate should be suffered before the following repair or to announce extraordinary repair with change of floor covering.

New covering

Again laid floor covering from laminate behaves not as any other. First, it unusually floats under legs, secondly creaks, clinks, and rustles when walking. It is normal as some time in locks still remains tension, and all “island” keeps within on the basis, slightly moving in the space limited to walls.

If when laying all rules of mounting and the recommendation of the producer of laminate, then after a while, sometimes 1 weeks, sometimes 3 months have been followed, floors will calm down and will cease to rustle. Certainly, if the scratch not to stop in half a year, then it is necessary to look for the reason of its whims in another.

Notes: some owners of floors try to fight against creaking floors by means of talc. You should not do it, beneficial effect such action will hardly bring, and here additional problems with locks will be provided to you.

Note: glue types of laminate creak less as glue is peculiar protection of locks against hit of foreign particles in them. But if the roughness of the basis is guilty of noisiness of covering, then glue laminate will also creak, as well as castle.

It is necessary to store laminate until its use on strictly horizontal plain surface. It is not recommended to use the material which is just brought from shop, laminate has to acclimatize 2-3 days indoors where it is supposed to stack it. Especially during the cold period of time, warehouse are not heated and material has to take the normal forms at the room temperature before begin to work with it.

It is important to observe all recommendations of producers of construction materials which you apply. At the time of their use some requirements can be unclear but nevertheless it is necessary to observe strictly everything that is written or to find out the interesting question from the supplier if it raises explicit doubts.

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