Winter garden or greenhouse

Winter garden or greenhouse

Having built the house, we try to make it warm and the coziest that can be promoted by creation of winter garden. In the territory of winter garden can grow, both exotic plants, and the banal tomatoes, onions, garlic which are not so charming there can be eye, but very pleasant on table in the form of salad, especially if outside the window minus twenty, and the prices of import “chemical” vegetables, not poorly “bite”.

There is no special complexity in creation of winter garden. We need the room, the earth and heat. For a start we will decide on the area and placement of our garden. It can be placed anywhere, from the banal warmed verandah to the room in penthouse with glass roof. We want to offer you the most optimum option on the scheme: the price – quality – the size – return.

In our case garden – the greenhouse will be placed in small extension to the house. For heating we do additional contour to house heating services (it is heated by gas boiler). We begin as always with the base for what from the southern (most solar) side of the house the trench under small buried base digs. As to this party there can be windows, placement and the size in each case can vary. The case taken for example has the following characteristics: it is long house walls — 8 meters. To this party there is window (it is possible that it left also in winter garden, but we will not block) therefore it is long greenhouse walls — width — 4 meters is equal 5 meters, according to such parameters we dig also trench under the base. Width of trench is 400 mm, depth is 500 mm. Then in trench sand is fallen asleep with compacting, thickness of sandy pillow about 300 mm.

As it is not important load-carrying structure with small weight, in steel concrete tape there is no need. On sandy pillow we fill up rubble stone and fragments of brick with flushing by liquid cement slurry. If desired it is possible to reinforce different scraps of armature and grid of chain-link, but there is no special need for it.

Above ground level our base has to rise rather highly, half a meter order, on it or using wood form we continue filling, or above ground level we spread brick socle, or slag stones, etc.

Then we start construction of framework of the greenhouse. It can be made of metal section (section 40kh 40mm quite enough), or of wooden bar. Further it is necessary to decide on the exact purposes of use of hotbed. If you want to receive the banal greenhouse for providing yourself and relatives with fresh organic vegetables and greens all the year round, then material polycarbonate will be ideal for walls and slope of roof. If the esthetics is important, and you need full-fledged winter garden, then not to do without double-glazed frames (it is better to use double-glazed windows). As you understand, between these two options huge financial difference.

Anyway, at this stage that material that will be chosen by you, has to be reliably fixed on the constructed framework. At the same time it is necessary not to forget that in the summer your garden “will want” fresh air and a little freedom therefore or we do some elements of walls removable, or opening.

To reduce the price of option of winter garden with glass use, it makes sense to make slope of roof of opaque roofing materials, with the subsequent warming, mineral wool. Light from transparent glass walls, for such garden will be quite enough.

Winter garden or greenhouse

The option with polycarbonate is much cheaper and simpler in mounting, but it is necessary to consider its bearing capacity, for roof slope. The slope can be made rather steep, and transfers of bar more often — 600 – 700 mm.

Then we warm our soil, the main blow of cold will go to winter time exactly from below. For this purpose it is possible to remove fertile layer in perimeter of the greenhouse and the layer of sand of 150 – 200 mm is fallen asleep for its place at first. Then layer of haydite of 200 – 250 mm (haydite is made of slate and clay by roasting, it is harmless). Over haydite we stack the highway of heating by the principle “heat-insulated floors”. The highway can be one or several, it is important that there was uniform heating of soil on all area of hotbed. Then again we fill layer of haydite no more than 25 mm thick. The haydite layer except warming will also take away excess moisture. Further on haydite directly fertile layer is covered. In the earth withdrawn at the beginning, we add mix from peat and manure 1х1. The amount of the added mix can be any, it is important that the fertile layer in your greenhouse was not less than 400 mm in the stamped state. Along external wall it is placed necessary quantity of radiators of heating, most often there is enough banal pipe h100 stretched along all external wall.

The following stage — ventilation. Ventilation is necessary not only as important element of the greenhouse, it is necessary for protection from moisture of wall of your house, especially if wooden house. Ventilation of winter garden in cold time is done forced, at the same time the intake of air is carried out from the house, exit to the street. The highway of ventilation is placed under ceiling, and turning on of the fan is usually done automatic. The simplest option — to make the highway of the 140th plastic pipe. In any shop of home appliances it is possible to buy the household main fan (the order price 500r). The main majority of the offered fans are perfectly included into the 140th vy pipe and easily there fasten in pair of small self-tapping screws or on glue. The simplest mechanical automatic equipment is on sale in the same home appliances, looks as the adapter in the electrical outlet. The fork of power supply of the fan joins in the adapter, it in turn in the socket. On the adapter there are keys of setup of automatic equipment by the principle of the dial what keys are clamped, these hours will switch on automatic equipment. On it the main stages of work on creation of winter garden – greenhouses are ended.

Further it is necessary for you will be defined directly from subjects what cultures you will grow up in the garden. For different plants different conditions are required, and having decided to grow up them together on so limited site costs will take care of their correct arrangement. The area of the garden offered by us is equal to about 20 square meters, but with height at house wall in 4 meters, the greenhouse has height in 2 meters at external wall. All this space from the earth to roof, it is also possible to use. At competent use the landing area of the earth increases to 30 square meters at orientation of hotbed to winter garden, and up to 45 – 50 at its use as winter kitchen garden and flower bed. Racks with pallets of the earth and pots it is the best of all to fix on load bearing wall of the house. The distance between racks on height depending on the plants placed on them varies from 600 to 1000 mm and more. From floor to ceiling width of shelves under pallets with the earth needs to be narrowed gradually, each subsequent level, doing on 150 – 200 mm already.
It is also necessary to consider the different need of plants for the sun, and watering. The structure of the soil in pallets and ridges on the main ground level can be different and prepared especially for different plants. Same concerns also fertilizing by fertilizers — it is necessary to consider it.

Compositions for winter garden there is huge set. Rocks, deserts, tropics and the coast of the ocean – be given to the imagination.

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