Wooden window: installation

Wooden window: installation

Time of general hobby for plastic passes. Traditional wooden windows gradually return to houses. Choosing design for own dwelling all understand that double-glazed windows can be established not only in plastic frames, but also in wooden. And they will serve almost as much how many and plastic, however the quality of construction will be already absolute another. Besides wooden windows quite are subject to independent installation. The patience, accuracy and the minimum joiner’s skills is required.

Why choose wooden windows?

Designs from tree experience, literally, rebirth. The popularity of the material created by the nature speaks very simply. Wooden windows have set of advantages:

  • Environmental friendliness. The glass and tree which are part of design are absolutely safe for human health. They do not emit toxic substances in the normal condition, in case of fire.
  • Excellent heat insulation. Wood has low coefficient of thermal conductivity. Even in the most severe frosts it perfectly keeps heat indoors.
  • Sound insulation. The tree interferes with distribution of sound waves therefore wooden frames have big indicators of coefficient of noise isolation, than plastic.
  • Air permeability. Microscopic time of wood promotes natural air circulation between the room and the street. In the room with wooden frames there will always be fresh air and normal humidity that is absolutely impossible for pressurized plastic constructions.
  • Durability. Natural material is well adapted for severe weather conditions.
  • Different impregnations perfectly protect frames from rotting and other adverse factors that increases durability of design even more.
  • Esthetics and attractive exterior. Natural designs are combined practically with any interior, giving to the room feeling of heat and cosiness.
  • Possibility of carrying out repair. Accidentally put scratches and small dents on frames and window sill can be disguised easily by means of putty and paint.

What to begin with?

If it is supposed to insert window in the stone house, then it is necessary to begin with knocking down of plaster from the upper site of window opening and slopes. Operation is carried out to define whether there is at aperture lintel. Unfortunately, quite often builders, aiming to save time, did not mount this important part. If the lintel is absent, works it is necessary to suspend and ask builders for the help in correction of defect, dangerous to the building.

However, in very old building of lintel it can not appear too. On technologies of that time builders used the so-called lock from stone or brick. Such designs are rather strong therefore the begun works can be continued safely. There will be no lintel and in concrete walls. Made on plate monoliths are carried out with ready window openings and do not need additional elements. Wooden houses also do without lintel. They either are built by felling, or carried out on framework. Anyway window openings are strongly not loaded therefore additional strengthening is not required to them.

As it is correct to order design

Having decided to establish independently wooden window, first of all it is necessary to choose manufacturing firm. For this purpose it is worth getting acquainted with products of the available companies, to communicate whenever possible to their clients and, having analyzed the acquired information, to make final choice. Going to office to make the order, it is necessary to remember what except the desirable sizes should be coordinated some more the moments:

  • The design configuration including ways of opening and quantity of shutters.
  • The wood type for frame, most often is oak, larch or pine.
  • Availability and type of accessories: latches, locks, handles, loops, limiters of opening of shutters and mosquito grids.
  • The number of cameras in the ordered double-glazed window, thickness of glasses. If desired it is possible to choose double double-glazed window.
  • Material for consolidation production.
  • Color, sizes and material for outflow and window sill.

One more important nuance – measurements of future design. The functionality and exterior of window depends on correctness of their carrying out. It is possible to take measurements independently, but if there are though slightest doubts in the forces, it is better to invite the specialist measurer working in the company which will make windows. At independently carried out measurements special attention should be paid on the following factors:

  • The window block needs to be done less aperture. The gap from sides and from above has to make 10-20 mm, it will compensate various roughnesses of window opening. Besides in it heater and sealant for isolation of seam will be laid.
  • In the lower part of design the size of gap is defined differently: to width of window sill we add 10-20 mm as the elbow board will be got under frame.
  • Measurements of height and width of aperture are surely carried out in three points: on the middle and at the edges. For best accuracy it is also possible to measure and diagonals.
  • If slopes are plastered, it is necessary to check, the plaster coat is how wide. Very big it is better to beat off. Otherwise it can turn out that I will eat much more widely, than the frame prepared for installation.
  • The so-called aperture “and a quarter”, that is with ledge of outside part of the wall directed inside has to close frame on 10-15 mm on all perimeter from outer side.

Preparation for installation

Preparation for mounting of new window case begins with full dismantling of old. The design is removed whenever possible accurately not to damage aperture. On completion of works the surface is completely cleaned from dust and dirt. The new window block is attentively examined regarding detection of possible insignificant factory defects: violations in geometry of frame, distortions, etc. Having found, they can be minimized at competent installation, using for adjustments technology gap between aperture and frame.

Specialists warn against rather widespread mistake when mounting when window openings are used as form construction for production of lintel of walls. Thus the window frame “is just immured” in aperture and loses ability of functioning in standard duty. The lack of isolation and gaps in such construction significantly raises loads of window.

One more extremely important point: exact determination of depth of installation of window in aperture. The outside slope should not be less than 10 cm, and internal – 17 cm. Depth of installation has to be coordinated with length frame “thickness”. It has to be such that the dew point has been located between glasses. Only this way it is possible to avoid emergence of condensate at windows. Correctly to choose frame length, it can be equated conditionally to value of average subzero temperature of the coldest month of year in this area.

This size should not be less than 12 cm and more than 22 cm. At value, bigger, than 22 cm additional heat insulation or triple glazing is provided. It is necessary to consider that the thin double-glazed window in long frame will not give any effect. It is better to put double thin glazing, the four-chamber double-glazed window with excellent heat insulation and without problems with fogging will turn out. However, such option will be rather expensive.

Wooden window: installation

Mounting on dowels

Mounting on dowels – one of the most popular ways of independent installation of wooden windows. Advantages of this method are that the box after installation in aperture will not be exposed to mechanical influences (distortions and bends) and will not change the situation, as in case with mounting by means of anchors. Besides, hollow dowels – excellent natural stoppers that allows box to keep at the set level without undesirable shifts. One more advantage of through installation – mounting without use of special purpose tools. Chips about screws, possible in the course of installation, well disappear special decorative stubs.

Works are carried out in the following order:

  • We prepare aperture. It has to be whenever possible equal and smooth. By means of chisel it is eliminated various defects, trying to level surface as much as possible. We clean aperture from dirt and dust. We plan the location of design. We apply sealant on the lower part of aperture and directly we stack sealant on it.
  • We install box and we wedge it wooden pegs. It will be simplest to make it, previously having removed shutters from window design. By means of level we level frame, enclosing if necessary bars.
  • We fix design by means of dowels. We drill profile together with frame to aperture. We insert dowel and we fix the self-tapping screw.
  • We establish the shutters removed earlier on places. We put on them hinges and, having raised, we put in frame.
  • We carry out insulating works. Their carrying out will depend on what material is supposed to be used as the insulator. Most often it is polyurethane foam. It evenly, without interruptions is applied on all perimeter of design. We blow into slot in two or three passes by small “sausages” of foam from the middle and inside, and then also, but from the middle and outside. So the structure will be distributed most evenly and pressure created by it will not lead frame. It is also possible to establish special restrictive strut from board to avoid excessive amount of foam. It is possible to protect gaps from temperature differences by means of correctly picked up hermetic compression tape.
  • We adjust the mechanism. It is necessary to carry out operation at the same time in several points, adhering at the same time to the recommendations of the producer. Surely we grease all metal elements. We establish necessary accessories.
  • We mount window sill and we pass to finishing finishing. We cut off excesses of the dried foam and we cover the insulator with cement slurry. Cuts can be protected in addition from adverse effect of sunshine the special tape providing also and tightness of design. By means of silicone putty we carry out waterproofing outside of frame.

Method with use of mounting blocks

This way of installation differs from already described a little. For work mounting blocks which height of 50 mm are used. They before installation are impregnated with solution antiseptics and fixed on waterproofing so that elements have been located strictly horizontally and parallel to the outer edge of wall. The window case is exempted from shutters and established on mounting blocks. Then laser tape measure or level verify vertical and the horizon of window frame from all directions. If necessary the construction is leveled. After obtaining satisfactory result the box is wedged, watching that distances from construction to the brim of aperture were strictly identical. It is necessary to know that there are several ways of arrangement of mounting blocks in aperture. Each of them is intended for certain design of window.

Mounting on plates

Often window blocks are completed with special plates for mounting, in need of them make the hands. The method assumes strong and reliable fastening of frames. Plates fasten from two parties of box, receding 25 cm from edge. At the same time has to “to watch” element in the room as it will be fixed on internal part of aperture. The window more than 1.5 m high has to be fixed by additional plates from each edge. At first the part is fixed to aperture and frame by self-tapping screws: on the one hand to frame, and with another – to aperture. After installation of box on the place intended to it, it is fixed wedges, leveled and only after that finally fixed.

Features of installation in brick and block houses

In buildings of this kind it is reasonable to begin mounting with window sill. Exception – the subsequent installation of the window block on mounting plates. In that case the elbow board is mounted later. Arrive also in case with added window sill which specialists consider less strong. The cloth is stacked on the cement pillow which is previously established and leveled across. Beat it three or four nails to the mortgage or dowel nails directly to stone. In this case it is necessary to drill in window sill before installation of opening diameter in three quarters of diameter nailing.

There will be enough three openings: extreme have to recede from corners on 150-200 mm, the third – in the middle. On the received marks plan in wall of the space for sleeves of mounting nails. Drill openings and drive in into them sleeves. It is necessary to trace that the outer edge of board was level with outer edge of frame. If the laying is executed and a quarter, it is necessary to execute the following operation. Directly stack isolation from polyurethane foam or roofing material on internal part of quarter. It is possible just to paste it on silicone as later it will be in addition pressed by window frame. Further it is necessary to choose way of installation which depends on aperture type:

  • Equal wall opening of high quality. Having convinced that the aperture represents rectangle, let and with the minimum deviations, it is possible to establish window on mounting blocks. Such way is considered the cheapest and simple.
  • Equal wall opening of low quality. In this case installation of the window block in the way of straight-through joint will become optimal variant.
  • Slanting wall opening of any quality. Owners of such apertures should know that reliably it is possible to mount wooden window in the warped design only by means of mounting strips. Councils for alignment of apertures cement screed before installation of window meet. Specialists warn that it will not give effect. The tie will not be able to stop uneven shrinkage and to fix problem.

Mounting of wooden window in wooden aperture

The technology of works differs from already described. Installation of design consists in landing of the window block to liquid nails. If such way of fastening seems doubtful, it is possible to take in addition frames through self-tapping screws or nails. Internal and outside slots, holes with fixing heads are closed up by liquid nails. Also platbands which without fail in addition are fixed by self-tapping screws or nails fasten.

If the place is warped or does not approach by the size, it needs to be adjusted or leveled. Plates, rails or bars on liquid nails are for this purpose used. Before installation the picked-up parts drive on wedge, using for this purpose small circular saw with crenulate circle, the jointing machine or normal hacksaw, but with very small tooth. In the prepared place establish window box and reliably fix it.

Wooden windows concede nothing in the utilization properties plastic, and on some indicators even exceed. Designs from tree surely gain popularity among builders and those who have decided to repair the dwellings. Window blocks can be installed independently. Attentive studying of instructions, recommendations of the producer and the minimum joiner’s skills will be required. All efforts will be rewarded: accurately established windows will please not one year with the faultless service.

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